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This Minecraft Wiki page is about Version 1.8 pre-release 1. For Version 1.8 pre-release 2, see MCW:Issues/Beta 1.8pre2. For all other versions, see Known bugs.
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This page's purpose is to list all the bugs players have come across in version 1.8. They pertain to the unmodified, unhacked game. Most of the single-player bugs also apply to multi-player.

Version history also contains newer bugs that may not be listed on this page at the moment. Refresh often as well, this page is changing a lot while we get things organized.

Bugs and feature requests can now be logged at Get Satisfaction: Mojang.

Note: For furnace crash which is extremely common on Windows and Mac; there is a reportedly a patch for those crashes on Minecraft Forum, http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/615356-patch-furnace-crash/ - use at own risk.

General Bugs[]

The following seem to affect Windows, Mac, Linux and Solaris, and both game modes. Unconfirmed / unproven bugs have a (?) next to them.


  • FPS is fluctuating (seems to depend on the direction the player is looking at) and is much lower in average on some computers compared to 1.7. This may be caused by a very large number of experience orbs. Switching "Advanced OpenGL" on helps a lot, if supported.
  • Lag increases dramatically after death. This is because the player drops all their collected experience orbs after death, which may be thousands. (This is especially a problem on SMP servers, where people die quite frequently)
  • Very high numbers of entities upon world load. Even higher amounts if the player chooses to explore.
  • Servers still running pre-1.8 maps may experience major lag. (?)


  • Experience orbs never, or take much longer than expected to, disappear with time.


  • Shift-clicking chests from the output of a crafting table does not work (When you have crafted a chest).
  • When cooking a stack of food in a furnace, the entire stack is cooked in one go instead of one at a time.
  • Items that are ejected from a crafting slot after closing it drop twice the number of icons. When the original items are picked up, the 'ghost' items are left behind. The items also duplicate in the inventory, but only allow one use. The 'ghost' items in the inventory can be removed by merging them with real items. The 'ghost' icons on the ground can be destroyed with fire. [3]
  • Trying to place a vine in the Nether will cause the game to freeze. (The game quits most often in the nether, as well)
  • Exploring new chunks often causes severe lag. (note: quitting/reloading is a workaround.)
  • The "Brightness" setting in the video settings menu always resets to "Moody" once you close the game.
  • Using a bed in survival will occasionally cause it to skip to sunset instead of sunrise.
  • Possibly not a bug (?); Holding down right-click will not place blocks continuously.
  • Possibly not a bug (?); Holding down left click emptyhanded (punching) doesn't continually punch entities.
  • This is a bug (?); Middle-clicking (clicking the scroll-wheel button) no longer changes the selected item (in the bottom bar) to the block middle-clicked on.


  • Placing a torch underwater will leave light in that area even after the torch is destroyed by the water. [4][5]
  • Powered Minecarts aren't having lighting applied in torchlight/fire/glowstone. [6] Powered Minecart on the left
  • Paintings with a block directly above them have a light level of 0. [7]
  • Corners of blocks visible next to new types of stair blocks appear darker than they should. [8]
  • Glowstone recessed into a wall appears dark despite being a source of light itself (originally fixed by beta 1.6). [9]
  • Chests will alternate between "lighted" and dark depending on where the player is looking [10]
  • Redstone repeaters' tops are not lit correctly at night.
  • Using F6 and F7 in the Nether causes it to get brighter and darker, as if it was in the overworld.
  • Entities appear as though they are in a dark area for some users [11]
  • Sometimes signs will turn black.
  • (what?) The hand's lighting seems to randomly skip between normal and dark in first person. [12]
  • As you descend towards bedrock, worlds basically have zero light, even with the brightness meter on full. Strange particles also float in the air. Torches do not counteract this, meaning it's impossible to see far even in an open "well lit" area. [13][14]
  • The file light_normal.png does not affect lighting when applied with a Texture Pack


  • Missing "cracking" animation on chests when breaking them.
  • Sometimes, especially in water, digging the block directly below you produces no "cracking" animation.
  • Storage Carts have the chest part in an odd location. [15]
  • Glass panes do not properly line up with / attach to double slabs like they do other solid blocks. [16] [17]
  • When you place a halfblock on top of a glass pane, it causes odd rendering glitches on the top of the pane - but only when the pane is facing north/south (the flat sides, not the edges).
  • When you are immersed in lava, the bright red visibility is missing when you are deep underground. Instead, the visibility is similar to that of a dark cave.
  • Bobbing up and down in water causes the horizon to alternate between visible and absent. Most noticeable when swimming in large oceans.
  • Ice blocks clip with iron bars.
  • The armor bar obfuscates a bit of the bottom of the map (item). [18]
  • When sprinting on wood, wool, or any block with different metadata textures, particle colors use the default texture (example: sprinting on red wool creates white particles). This also happens when breaking metadata-based colored textured blocks since they were implemented, such as biome-colored grass - it appears to be related, if not the same "bug".


  • The game tends to run out of memory more often than before.
  • Another crash seems related to changing the state of a furnace. Simply putting in smeltable items and fuel can crash the game(crash log: [19]). The same happens once the furnace reverts back to the state without the fire animation. This bug will also cause the "timer" of the furnace to become stuck at maximum fuel. Once the last item of a stack is transformed it will quickly lower to zero. (There is no visible change for the first 7 items in a stack, in case you use coal as fuel. Once the last item is transformed, the fire symbol will vanish very quickly.) So the timer might cause an overflow. This can be overcome by placing the object to be smelted into the furnace before the fuel.
  • It appears that, once furnace-related crashes start occurring, other crashes unrelated to the state of furnaces will also start happening. Restoring the original minecraft.jar seems to fix the problem.
  • Sometimes, the game can crash when entering the "Video settings" menu.
  • Setting the Graphics option from the main menu causes the game to crash. Setting it mid game works, though.
  • Setting the Smooth Lightning option from the main menu causes the game to crash. Setting it mid game works, though.
  • Setting the Advanced OpenGL option from the main menu causes the game to crash. Setting it mid game works, though.


  • Mobs that die in lava may drop XP orbs which can cause lag, especially when players frequent an area on the surface where this happens underground.
  • Burnt chickens and cows do not drop cooked chicken/ cooked steak like pigs do, but drop their raw versions instead.
  • Cave spiders appear to be incapable of passing through web blocks, or spawning in them, instead ending up spawning in rooms adjacent to the spawner "nest" (maybe intentional) or trapped behind web blocks, unable to move (much) or attack until you free them.
  • Cave spiders get stuck in a ceilings 1x1 hole, as they can get in but appear to keep jumping in and out of the hole, but instead are actually stuck. They also can get stuck at the ceiling layer if they are outside of a cobweb.
  • Occasionally a spider when suffering damage will glow much more brightly than normal. [20] Textured spiders with transparencies also display a glow, but this is continuous. [21]
  • When an animal is in water, upon attack they simply stare at you, instead of fleeing.
  • When a wolf is in water its texture will become completely black (tested with a tamed wolf at night-time) and will stay black even once it has left the water. This can be fixed by making the wolf sit or reloading the world while the wolf is out of the water (in SMP reconnecting and in SSP clicking 'Save and quit to title' and reloading the world.)
  • If an Enderman carries a Grass block, said blocks textures are incorrect(showing the side texture on the top), presumably since their carried blocks show the same as blocks in the inventory.
  • Squid do not drop experience points upon death.
  • Since passive mobs no longer despawn, they will accumulate in water holes or caves. [22] This also creates a shortage of food if many sheep spawn then move out to the ocean, as no other mobs spawn until those are killed.
  • Possibly not a bug (?), Passive Mob spawning is bugged, mobs spawn in very specific places in large groups (7-12 mobs per group spawned, all of the same type). Killing those mobs will likely spawn mobs of the same type again.
  • Possibly not a bug (?), Certain passive mobs will not spawn at all in some places. This can be seen in mountain biomes where only sheep will spawn.
  • Possibly not a bug (?), Chickens rarely drop feathers.
  • Possibly not a bug (?), Endermen will destroy player-placed blocks in the same fashion as every other block; randomly. This includes chests. Endermen can even pick up obsidian, TNT and bedrock. These blocks are lost forever when they are killed.[23]
  • Possibly not a bug (?), Skeleton are too hard to kill, especially when in "easy" mode.


  • Rain always has the same intensity and volume, beginnings and ends are sudden. This bug also happens in 1.7 versions and before, but only in multiplayer.
  • Rain appears in places where it shouldn't be until the player moves closer to it (for example, through the ground or in a desert area).


  • Cacti may be invisible.
  • Using bonemeal on a mushroom to create a giant mushroom will cause the block under the mushroom to change to dirt, no matter what type of block the mushroom was initially placed on.
  • Bonemeal does not work on melon or pumpkin stems.
  • Giant mushrooms are not flammable (may be intentional).
  • Placing vines in nether causes a crash
  • Mossy and Cracked Stone Bricks drops smooth Stone Bricks when destroyed. When they are placed in the world by the player (with INVedit or similar programs) they appear as smooth Stone Bricks.
  • Brick and Stone Brick Stairs have a weird lighting bug if they placed next to walls.[24][1]
  • Block 97 is broken much faster with fists than with any tool.
  • If a vine is close to a glass block and you are on the opposite side of the glass, you will not see the vine through the glass.
  • When you grow a giant mushroom in the Nether (maybe in real world too), the top blocks are sometimes invisibles... Can be fixed by add/remove a torch close to the invisible zone.
  • Place or remove a block directly near a mushroom will cause it to "depop" (as if you break it).
  • Probably not a bug(?); You can collect Tall Grass with Shears.
  • Possibly not a bug(?); Silverfish-spawning "block 97" stone doesn't drop anything.
  • Painting have a light level of o when a block above it.
  • Red flowers do not generate

World Generation[]


  • In Ocean biomes there are occasionally cubic underwater pockets of air. These can form inside rock faces, on the ocean floor, or even in the middle of the water. [25]
  • In NPC Villages, houses' doors can be generated buried by other blocks, even the gravel roads. Further, they can be placed significantly off the ground, so they're inaccessible. [26]
  • In NPC Villages, gravel roads can fall into caves, the ocean, and go too quickly up a hill. [27]
  • Villages can be generated in shallow water [28]
  • Torches placed by the terrain generator (in NPC villages as well as in abandoned mineshafts) sometimes fail to light the surrounding area.[2] Forcing a relight, e.g. by placing another torch (which can be removed afterwards), will solve the problem.[3]
  • Ravines seem to generate after abandoned mineshafts, causing mis-placed blocks and inaccessible areas.(i.e. floating support beams, floating tracks, floating chests, etc.) [29]
  • There is no snow in any worlds generated after the update.
  • In biomes, there is almost no middle ground between 'no trees for miles' and 'trees everywhere, for miles', making it difficult to gather wood for crafting when you have an unfortunate spawn point.
  • If a ravine is generated in (or next to) a swamp biome, it sometimes cuts through a body of water. In that case the water will not update and flow into the open space, leaving an area that looks like the border of a chunk error. If a block next to the water is updated it will flood a part of the ravine, thus creating a waterfall. [30] (This bug existed in 1.7)
  • Torches generated in the stronghold rooms are sometimes not correctly aligned to their block. (An example of this can be seen in the Yogscast stronghold video.)
  • Ground is less likely to have an even coat of topsoil in mountainous regions. [31] (may be intentional)
  • NPC Villages may be suddenly cut-off and have missing walls which may be glitched and block movement. (An example of this can be seen on the Yogscast NPC Villages video).
  • Tall grass is also generated on non-grass blocks (dirt) [32]. (Bug present since 1.7)
    • Red flowers(Rose) don't generate

Control Bugs[]

  • The F8 mouse smoothing key does no longer work. Possibly intentional.

General Survival Bugs[]

The following seem to affect Survival mode on Windows, Mac, and Linux. Unconfirmed / unproven bugs have a (?) next to them


  • F6 used in Creative mode to fast forward the day/night cycle also works in Survival.


  • Major Item Duplication Bug: put an item into the crafting table's interface -> double tap E -> when the item ejects from the table and you pick it up automatically, move the item/stack in your inventory, another of that item appears singularly in your inventory. The singular item is infinite, the initial stack is not.
  • Also, items ejected from the crafting table produce extra bouncing icons (sprites?) that seem to adhere to the standard decay timer of dropped items. This may be tied to the duplication issue.
  • Works with crafted items and blocks, even dirt.
  • Workaround: Wait for the extra dropped items to decay and put the duplication item on top of an incomplete stack.


  • Cube-shaped blocks in the inventory no longer have shading applied to them. This may be intentional as they are the same as cubes in Creative, which in turn roughly emulates the inventory in Classic.


  • When the player is in a boat, the food bar does not drain.

General Creative Bugs[]

The following seem to affect Creative mode on all operating systems. Unconfirmed / unproven bugs have a (?) next to them


  • A number of items/blocks are missing from the inventory menu (Water, Lava, Monster Spawner, Jack-o-Lantern, Snow, Tall Grass, Fern, Mossy Stone/Damaged Stone Brick and all the dyes expect for the Ink Sac)
  • You can break Bedrock, and falling into the void causes player death.
  • There appears to be no limit to the height that can be flown up to. This is possibly not a bug.
  • After ascending to a certain y-value (about 107-109) during a rainstorm, you can no longer hear the rain. (Possibly not a bug as rain in reai life barely ever makes noise unless it is hitting a block)
  • You may drop and pick up blocks. This may be intentional, as it is the only way to test certain kinds of redstone creations that require items to activate a pressure plate.
  • Not a Bug (?); If you pick items when your hotbar is full, it will go into your inventory which you can access with a furnace, workbench, or chest.
  • Not a Bug (?); Going with the above you cannot wear armor or 2x2 craft.
  • Not a bug (?); You can attack mobs from a very long distance and through objects.
  • Not a Bug (?); It is possible to be lit on fire, although it does no damage.

General Multiplayer Bugs[]

The following seem to affect CMP/SMP modes on Windows, Mac, and Linux. Unconfirmed / unproven bugs have a (?) next to them


  • Parrying doesn't work. (Parrying may not be included in the 1.8 update)
  • Player doesn't make hand movement animations when using entities. (Doors, Chests, etc.)
  • Experience orbs dropped by player's death cause massive server lag. Since players die frequently on SMP servers and XP orbs never disappear (not even in lava), the lag is even worse. Twitter: jeb_ supposedly has fixed this. For release of an updated pre-release or the actual 1.8
  • Experience orbs do not make a "pop" sound when collected.


  • Destroying blocks is server-sided, causing delay between left clicking a block and destroying it. It is unknown if this is a bug.


  • Endermen do not respond to visual interaction and only become hostile if the player attacks them.


  • Stone blocks destroyed by a wooden pickaxe turn into Iron ore immediately after being destroyed. Stone blocks drop cobblestone before turning into Iron ore. If you destroy the Iron ore you will receive the drop. If Iron ore is left alone it will disappear after a few seconds.

Frequency of occurrence: Every few blocks.

  • Doors (that are placed by other players?) can be opened and closed, but do not play a sound effect, nor do they cause your arm to swing.


  • When it starts raining there are places where you can see the rain but not the bouncing particles and sound and places where you can see the particles but not the rain. See here.
  • Connecting to a server that is in the middle of rain will cause rain to appear in all empty spaces, including in areas with a roof (I.E. player houses, caves, arches, etc.). If blocks are broken in areas with a roof, the space created by breaking the blocks will not have rain.


  • If a player is flying and then is moved from Creative to Survival he/she will be able to stop flying, but will take severe damage or even die upon touching the ground.
  • When players put maps into their inventory and look at them, the maps may have the same id (map_0) and the client will disconnect with an "Internal server error" message
  • Falling to death (with /gamemode playername 0) can disconnect a player with an "Internal server error" message


  • Trying to change visual settings in the main menu will provide an error message and a black screen.
  • All mobs can have lighting issues.
  • Steps placed perpendicular to blocks create an odd shadow on the block
  • If you walk into or near to a wall that is next to iron bars or glass panes your view slips into the wall and goes black
  • If you mine, the blocks get a brownish tint, and when you place a torch in the brownish tint, the sides mess up
  • Ghasts don't glow like they are supposed to. Possibly due to new lighting engine. (More than likely exists on all OSes.)


  • There are some instances of floating minecart tracks in strongholds.


  • Punching while in bed before the sun rises will break the bed. As a result of this, the player gets ejected from the bed and has the ability to noclip through the ceiling and walls around them. They are still affected by block ejection, forcing the player out of the blocks it moves into, and still take suffocation damage.
  • The FOV is too close to your head when you're falling asleep, causing you to see inside your own head.

OS-Specific bugs[]

  • On Linux, when Minecraft freezes, it may keep capturing the mouse, making it difficult to do anything. Depending on the desktop environment, this can be fixed by opening the console mode with ctrl+alt+F2, then logging in, and entering without the quotes: "export DISPLAY=:0;nohup metacity --replace & 0". And then returning to the X-Server by using ctrl+alt+F7 or ctrl+alt+F8.