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If you're unsure of an issue, it's good practice to post about it on the talk page to see whether others can reproduce it. Make sure you're testing the bug in the correct version (for this page, that's 1.2 Preview) with no mods installed. Also, make sure to proofread your issue report before submitting it; unintelligible issue reports come off as inconsiderate and disrespectful. Finally, please determine which game mode(s) your issue appears in, and flag it with the appropriate label(s).[1] (Also, note that if, for example, a minor annoyance appears in both single-player and multiplayer, and in both creative and survival modes, you should label it as [A] , not [A] [SP] [MP] [Su] [Cr] .)

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  • [!!] = {{bl|!!}} = Critical bug that can crash a Minecraft client or server.
  • [!] = {{bl|!}} = Major bug. Use this tag sparingly; if there is consensus your bug is not major, it will be downgraded.
  • [A!] = {{bl|a!}} = Major annoyance. Think very carefully before flagging an annoyance as major. Is it really more important than most minor bugs? Use this tag sparingly; if there is consensus your annoyance is not major, it will be downgraded.
  • [X] = {{bl}} = Minor bug.
  • [A] = {{bl|a}} = Annoyance.
  • [?] = {{bl|?}} = Potential issue that you are unsure of or that the community (on the discussion page) believes requires further vetting. Note: do not use this label to indicate this-is-not-a-bug; instead, replace the issue's current label with [A] or [A!]. Furthermore, it is inappropriate to use this to flag something you disagree with; instead, express your opinion in a comment. When you apply this label to an issue, place it after the issue's existing labels; do not remove those labels.

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  • [SP] = {{bl|sp}} = Single-player.
  • [MP] = {{bl|mp}} = Multiplayer.
  • [Su] = {{bl|su}} = Survival mode.
  • [Cr] = {{bl|cr}} = Creative mode.

Labels for indicating that an issue is restricted to a particular OS:

  • macOS = {{OS|OSX}} = Mac OS X
  • Windows = {{OS|Win}} = Windows
  • Linux = {{OS|Linux}} = GNU/Linux

Labels that Mojang (not you!) uses: (Please place these tags in front of existing issue labels; do not remove the existing labels.)

  • [F] = Issue for which a fix will appear in the next update.
  • [N] = Not a bug; intended behavior. By definition, this label is inapplicable to annoyances; annoyances are not bugs.
  • [S] = Issue that will not be fixed in the next update.
  • [U] = Issue that Mojang has tested but was unable to reproduce.

To produce these labels, use the following code: {{bl|c}} where c is the code of the label you wish to use. (e.g., a for annoyances, etc.)

The default issue type is minor bug; you can produce this label with the shorthand {{bl}}.



[!!] [SP] [Su] Windows Placed a block on a stone brick stairs and i got a "saving chunks" crash and the game lags terribly before i did that tried to copy error message but it goes black so i cant copy it.

[F] [SP] [Cr] Created a single column of Glowstone up to 256, and got a "saving chunks" crash, logged back in and it kept crashing, shortened the render distance and still crashed.--Sxerks 17:51, 29 February 2012 (UTC)

[!!] [?] When you go to options and click on controls the game crash.

  • Could not reproduce, mod related?
  • Only mcpatcher for hd textures that most of the players use... ill try whitout the mcpatcher...
    • Tested whitout the mcpatcher... still crash...
  • Try removing .minecraft/options.txt , see if that fixes it. -- Orthotope

[F] [SP] [Cr] Created a single column of stone up to 256 in nether and was able to place lava on to of it and got the "saving chunks" crash, logged back in and it kept crashing.


[A] In the video settings menu when cycling/clicking through the gui scale option, clouds will be toggled on/off.

[A] In the F3 menu the system usage spikes that scroll across the screen cover over the text of the game, including the buttons from the escape menu. This isn't problematic on fast systems or large screen systems but smaller screened and slower laptops it is unreadable at times. Should be behind text and menus.

[A] In order for a directory in the texturepacks directory to show up as a texture pack in game, it requires a pack.txt placed in that directory. The text in that file is not displayed in game. Minecraft uses the pack.png and pack.txt that are in the minecraft.jar file. RobotHacker 08:41, 1 March 2012 (UTC)




[X] [SP] [Su] Piston heads frequently fail to push the player. The same occurs with items.

[X] When you stand on upside down slab and push it up by piston, you will fall through the slab.

[X] [SP] Standing middle of block that piston pushes sideways, makes you fall through pushed block. (tested csp, cmp)

[X] If you use piston to break redstone signal that powers another piston, signal goes away but piston does not retrac. (tested csp, cmp)

[X] This kind of 1-2 tick clock gets jammed after save/load sometimes. (tested csp, cmp)


further instructions and statistics on [edit]


[A!] Redstone torches burn out promptly upon receiving power, and will continually burn out immediately after being powered.




[X] [Cr] [SP] When breaking the top half of a wooden door in Singleplayer Creative, the door drops as an item, when you break the bottom half though, it doesn't drop as an item. 18:30, 29 February 2012 (UTC)

[X] [Cr] When you break TNT in Creative it drops as an item.

[X] When placing blocks on vines, it replaces the vines.

  • Might be intended, like with snow layers. -- 07:23, 1 March 2012 (UTC)

[A] Upper slabs cannot be placed above redstone for a flush covering. -PurpleTarget

  • Not a bug; you can't put two blocks in the same cubic-meter space. -- Orthotope
  • Sure it's a bug: Can put two half slabs of same type in same cubic metre space, so it follows that not being able to place two different type half-slabs on top each other or redstone bottom, slab on top is a bug. It may be a bug no one wants to fix, but it's still a bug.
  • Single and double slabs are different blocks (IDs 44 and 43 respectively). You'd have to make a new block to have a slab over redstone. For consistency, you'd also need new blocks for slab over snow, slab over cake, slab over flowers, slab over mushroom, slab over repeater, etc. . Getting the proper behavior when breaking them would be difficult: you'd either have to drop both blocks as resources, or be sensitive to which part of the block is being targeted, neither of which is possible in vanilla Minecraft AFAIK. While this would be a useful (and realistic, for what that's worth in MC) feature, it would require a lot of effort to implement. Maybe good for a mod, but I'd rather have Mojang spend their time fixing actual bugs. -- Orthotope
  • I think you just made my point my friend. It's a data and coding bug, and is likely a non-trivial fix. But if a mod could fix the problem, so could Mojang. The decision to put in that effort to change it or not lies with Mojang. But it's still a bug.
  • No. A bug is when a feature is broken and not working as it is intended to. There has never been any intention to permit more than one object in the same space. For instance, you also can't put a torch or a pressure plate on top of a (regular) slab. Sure, it's an annoyance, but it isn't a bug. -- 22:42, 1 March 2012 (UTC)
  • Not really the place for a debate about this. Not a game breaker, not a bug in the sense that it is not a prior feature, nor a current feature, and therefore is not technically a bug in something that was intended to be a feature. Can we move this to Annoyances and clean up the dialog moderators? -- Kittani1977

[MP] [Su] When placing a brick slab from below, a normal smoothstone slab is created instead of a reverse brick slab.

[MP] [Su] When crafting brick slabs, the crafting window shows a 3 slab product for a 3 block line in the grid, but the actual product is (at least) twice more.


[A] Upside down stairs and slabs are generally difficult to work with since the only way to get one is to place the stair/slab on the underside of a block. If you place a slab on the side of an upside down slab, another upside down slab should be created instead of a normal slab. This will allow for faster upside down slab roof creation.

  • For placement of upper slabs, being able to place upper/lower slabs based on targeting the upper/lower half of a block side would make things much easier.
  • Alternatively a keyboard shortcut command (like holding a key down) to place the block in the upside down position in the normal block space would be likely easier, more extensable, and be able to allow for more up-side-down blocks going forward. Having to divide each block in half to determine targeting would be more difficult to implement without breaking or making difficult other block placement.

[A] In 1.2, you added the ability to place torches on top of upside down stairs. However, one cannot place a torch on a upside down half slab, though this makes no real sense. Note that one can place a torch on a double-slab block, and the upside down half slab is at the same level as it is. -otto4242

[A] Many other blocks/items (redstone and doors for example) cannot be placed on the topside of upside down slabs.

[A] They can make another crafting recipe for upside-down half slabs like this ;

hs hs hs
xx xx xx     hs = half slab  xx = nothing
xx xx xx 

[A] While staring at any body of water (in any render distance), 1 by 1, a water block will randomly become shaded (as if a block is above it).




[A] Instant Damage Splash Potion II does not hurt skeletons and zombies, only creepers. It does heal the skeletons and zombies to max health. Been like this the last few snapshots. Not tested in single-player. Video of bug: /watch?v=r-eSgN0-R8E

  • This is intentional. Undead Creatures like Zombies and Skeletons are healed by Damage potions. They are damaged by Healing potions. --
  • Downgraded to annoyance. CaMoreno3 08:54, 1 March 2012 (UTC)

[Cr] When you throw a item/block directly from the item interface in creative mode on the ground and u pick up the item without closing the item interface, items/blocks in the item interface are temporary replaced by the item u just dropped. (I think it's on the same spot as the item would appear in your normal inventory)

[A] You can not select various enchantments in creative mode. You should be able to select what kind of enchantment you get and then the power of the enchantment. Also, you need exp in creative mode, but (1) you cannot see the exp bar at the bottom and (2) it is creative mode! you should not have to obtain things in creative mode!


[A!] The enchanting system has always, and continues to be frustratingly unfair. sometimes producing Efficiency III when a level 50 enchant is used. Considering you need to kill NINE HUNDRED AND TWENTY FIVE zombies/creepers etc, to get to Level 50, users are naturally in consensus that, to quote Yahtzee Croshaw, the ratio of difficulty to find versus actual usefulness is completely arbitrary. While we respect the mystique Mojang have tried to create about enchanting, the numbers need serious review. Kizzycocoa








[!] [Cr] When flying in liquids, horizontal movement is slowed to a crawl, while vertical movement is very fast. This is an old bug that has been around since Creative was implemented.

[X] [Cr] When dyeing sheep, taming wolves and cats, and healing wolves with meat, the items are used up.

[A] [Su] If you exit your game inside a boat and enter again, you automatically leave the boat.


[A] Mushroom Stew doesn't stack, despite being effectively the same as stack-able cooked meats.

  • This is a feature. But i agree it is slightly annoying, (you could drop the empty bowl if your inventory is full like you do when filling bottles with water). ZuppaHD
  • It would have been a feature when it had separate healing powers and deserved to be treated differently from other food. Not any longer.-PT





[A] [MP] Captured animals seemingly appears outside 1 block thick 2-3 block high room, mainly the roof. If there is no roof they appear top of 2-3 block high wall. You can collide these glitching animals. (pics from 12w04a)


[A] Since pigs' meat is equal to cows', and they drop less meat than cows (and even have a chance of dropping no meat at all) there is no good reason to keep pigs rather than cows.

  • Not a major, bug-level annoyance. -- Orthotope

[A] Mobs utilizing the new AI system will wander directly into the Void if it is 1-2 blocks below. This appears to be due to only checking the amount of air blocks they would fall. The old AI system would prevent mobs from wandering into the Void.




[MP] [Su] Endermen spawn in artificially lit places (under sea level, in my case) and generally spawn much more frequently than before.

  • meaby they teleport into a lit area?


[A] Spiders climb walls using their face.

  • Yeah, the Mo' Creatures mod fixes this well with the rats/mice. They climb up and change 90 degrees and climb with their feet. Would like to see in vanilla.

Whenever I start a new world, Ocelots keep constantly spawning in front of you, both adults and babies. They keep teleporting towards you in enormous packs every few times you place or remove blocks. Killing them doesn't fix the problem.


World generator[]


[!] When you use the seed 142258357 you are surrounded by about 100 wolfs when you spawn.

[!] Mushrooms spawn on top of the Nether.

  • The Nether generator should use the entire height to avoid that (so bedrock at level 0 and 256, then it would be awesome, by the way).

[!] Big mushrooms don't spawn on mushroom islands.

  • I went to a mushroom biome that was rather large and there were two or three large mushrooms on a very large biome area. It could be that they are generating but only rarely, similarly to the occasional pine in the Taiga biomes. Combined with other things in this area it seems the issue is with tree distribution on biomes and not the biomes themselves. -- Kittani1977

[!] No snow biomes(Forests with snow) --Kain837

  • [SP] Could not reproduce Minecraft5025 23:36, 29 February 2012 (UTC)
  • Minecraft5025, you should not be using the [U] label. Please read the instructions at the top of the page, as some labels are reserved for Mojang use only. I have removed your use of the label. CaMoreno3 02:44, 1 March 2012 (UTC)
  • The Taiga Biomes are there but no trees in them or just the occasional, probably has to do with the tree bug below --Kain837
  • Confirmed on seed 98769856965959 x-299 z207 Taiga labeled biome with no pines. Single player survival generation with structures. --- Kittani1977

[!] Again, Birches and pines spawn rate is very low. --Galaxy_2Alex (Talk)

[!] [SP] Windowsoffline. There is definitely something broken in the biome code since the map height is extended at 256. In the normal forest there are no birch trees (I can't find one in about 10 maps in creative) and the trees are all the same height (no big trees). The swamps are broken too, the trees mostly stand in the water, so no mushrooms can spawn. I also couldn't find a pine tree forest. In some snow taigas there were isolated pine trees. The biome generation is not as it was before the extension of height.

Some examples for normal tree forest with same trees and no birches. 6203567990940513874 x:-239 z:256

6562840201062392468 x:9 z:-233


[!] No Trees growing in Tiaga Biome, or on land in Swamps (Which also impact mushroom populations in the latter) - PurpleTarget

[!] Worlds from before McRegion do not show up in the saved files screen and so will be lost for players without access to versions between Beta 1.3 and 12w06a. Pareidolon 03:27, 5 March 2012 (UTC)


[A] There should be a second superflat world type but populated with resources (so a normal world, but flat, with all biomes and grass at level 64), because, at the moment, it's making the Survival mode pretty useless.

  • This is not the place to suggest new features. -- Orthotope
  • So what's the place to suggest new features?
  • Could be considered an Annoyance in that "Superflat World Survival", an available selected game mode, is unplayable. Kittani1977
  • It is playable. Villages will give you items to start with, and with cobblestone generator you can get infinite stone. — MiiNiPaaT|C 07:42, 1 March 2012 (UTC)
  • You'll need lava for a cobblestone generator, which is not an available resource in superflat survival.
  • Lava is obtainable from the Blacksmith's house in many villages. Iron can also be harvested from the Iron Golem to make a bucket. The superflat world is very survivable. That being said, this is not the place to discuss features. CaMoreno3 08:32, 1 March 2012 (UTC)
  • But griefing the villages will never let you find all the natural blocks, then it's missing the End Portals (no End Dungeons). And I though the Nether would also be flat...

[A!] [mp] in worlds that been generated in 12w03a, the jungle is still no green leaves. it is swampy or taiga. this is realy anoying for smp servers.




[X] Mining clay from directly above does not show mining damage texture (cracks) as you're mining it. As seen here: http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/109/cracks.png/ EsOne

[X] Redstone lamp switching repeatedly (e.g. by clock) on sunlight makes lag, but switching in dark area not.

[X] There is some light glitches with upside-down slabs, if there is a block over, and upside-down slabs around, like in this picture: http://www.pixenli.com/images/1330553927012625800.png ~~R-One

[X] Stairs have displaced textures on their sides when placed in north-south direction, like in this screenshot: http://i.imgur.com/u6leo.jpg They have proper textures when placed in east-west direction. This is true for all stairs, but mostly noticeable on stone brick stairs.

[X] Weird dark lines on water surface: http://i.imgur.com/jdSTQ.jpg (there is nothing above the water casting a shadow). This is a world converted to anvil by 1.2 preview. --TheMan 00:15, 1 March 2012 (UTC)

[X] Dark shadows appear along the edges of generated terrain layers, and sometimes cut through the layers (most visible in deserts). The lines disappear when a torch is placed, but reappear when the torch is removed. Screenshot: http://i40.tinypic.com/ofpybq.jpg

[X] Light pass through grass block as if there was no block at all. Drakray 19:41, March 29 2012 (UTC-05:00 Eastern Time)

[X] Black area when placing a torch in a ceiling recess 1 block deep: http://imgur.com/WbFT8 (before placement: http://imgur.com/SM4ku)

  • This bug was first previously reported for version 12w07b at link reference: http://www.minecraftwiki.net/wiki/Known_bugs/Version_12w07b#Graphical.2FLighting The bug was introduced starting with version 12w07a. The original submission was: "On a converted map, all torches that were previously placed or are currently placed in a 1 block large space above you creates a "dark" space. http://i.imgur.com/z1URb.png If you chip away at the adjacent block, this "dark effect" goes away. This never occurred prior to versions 12w07a / 12w07b." It now occurs on both converted and unconverted maps. Eugeniusz 13:11, 02 March 2012 (CET)


[A] An old glitch, hoping jeb or dinnerbone will read and fix that : when sneaking, if the player skin has a hat or head accesory, it will be offset one pixel up. Also, when looking down, the player head will pass through it, removing the front face.

[A] Using the new top-half slabs to create a ceiling causes the undersides of the ones on the inside to become completely black. ~~Minecrafterambesten

[A] In-game maps don't show snow anymore. ~~spiderboy4




[!!] Server is throwing error on connection:Failed to handle packet: java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 16

  • Deleting the player folder from the save folder will sometimes fix the problem.
  • Client side will say: Disconnected By Server, Internal Server Error.
  • Also happens when you die on the server.
  • No player can connect making the server useless.
  • Clinet must also be restarted after players folder is deleted, other wise the server will have to be restarted again.

[!] Several sound instances do not play:

[!] A few graphical elements are missing:

  • Fishing rod "line".
  • Fishing rod "line" in held item. It shouldn't appear when the line is casted.
  • Other Player breaking animations.
  • Magma Cube animations.
  • Other player's enchanted items don't shimmer.

[!] Mining takes longer in multiplayer than in singleplayer. This is caused by a click-mining 'fix' that was added in Beta 1.3 and is not needed.

[!] Slimes and Magma Cubes randomly warp up and down when they have a ceiling above them.

[!] Knockback and damage screen calculation is often wrong in multiplayer, actually dealing knockback when it shouldn't (like drowning or being on fire).

[!] [MP] Huge Mushrooms planted with Bone Meal are invisible until reconnecting to the server (affects all players on the server)

[X] Player movement is not smoothed enough (the client does this) in fairly or very laggy conditions.

[X] Arrows "warp up" when shot on walls. They also disappear and become impossible to collect when shot on ceilings.

[X] The anti-spam does not really prevent spam.

  • I can type 4-5 messages a second as non-op and I do not get kicked. Calinou - talk × contribs » 23:43, 24 February 2012 (UTC)

[X] Arrow shooting is buggy and sometimes "resets" the charging progress.

[X] The 3 second invincibility on reconnection can be exploited to be invulnerable to falls/lava/PvP/...

  • Could be intentional to be prevented being killed by griefers or by accident. ZuppaHD

[X] Having trouble making tamed wolves change from sitting position.

[!] Fire Aspect bows and swords light other players on fire, when PVP is toggled off.


[A] Instead of saying "Outdated Server!" when going on a 1.1 server, it says:" Internal Exception: java.net.SocketException:Connection reset"

  • Maybe that is completely comething else. Minecraft5025 23:37, 29 February 2012 (UTC)

[A] When connecting to an outdated server/client, protocol version/game version should be shown.

[A!] Hitting mobs is harder in multiplayer because of lag. It is also much easier for monsters to hit players. Probably a delay before attacking (based on lag) should be added...

  • This is an annoyance, not a major bug. Orthotope
  • This is especially true with large slimes, but the issue seems to have to do with the hitbox being shifted. Some slimes can be hit (melee) from fairly far away, while others are literally impossible to hit even when the slime is jumping on the player. Shadowx4ffc 04:09, 1 March 2012 (UTC)

[A!] Sometimes the hunger meter will instantly drop to zero and possibly negative(where if you eat nothing happens)

[A] Wooden half-blocks are broken quickly with a pickaxe instead of an ax.



[!] Rain sounds don't play in the Extreme Hills or Extreme Hills Edge biomes.

[!] Rain makes note blocks silent.

[!] When dispensers or Blazes shoot Fire Charge no sound is played.






[A] The Quenya translation for lever is still "Mechanic Penis"
[A] The British English translations have all been reverted back to Jeb's original American English translations.