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The second release-candidate for Minecraft 1.0 has been recently released by Jeb.

Use the Discussion page first before adding any bugs onto this page. Bugs can be confirmed by checking into the discussion page and make sure other people reply to your report and have the same problem. Please specify if the bug is in singleplayer, multiplayer, or both.[1]


There is no need to place bullet points before issue labels. Use bullet points only for comments. Be sure to leave a single totally blank line before each new issue (but not before comments), unless the issue appears directly beneath a header.

Please ensure that the bug is tested on a 'vanilla', installation of 1.0RC2 with NO MODS installed

Please specify whether the bug was found on SSP, SMP or Creative and if it is repeatable on other modes.

Please mark your issue with one of these issue labels: (listed from highest priority to lowest)

  • [!!] = {{bl|!!}} = Critical bug that can crash a Minecraft client or server.
  • [!] = {{bl|!}} = Major bug. Use this tag sparingly; if there is consensus your bug is not major, it will be downgraded.
  • [A!] = {{bl|a!}} = Major annoyance. Think very carefully before flagging an annoyance as major. Is it really more important than most minor bugs? Use this tag sparingly; if there is consensus your annoyance is not major, it will be downgraded.
  • [X] = {{bl}} = Minor bug.
  • [A] = {{bl|a}} = Annoyance.
  • [?] = {{bl|?}} = Potential issue that you are unsure of or that the community (on the discussion page) believes requires further vetting. Note: do not use this label to indicate this-is-not-a-bug; instead, replace the issue's current label with [A] or [A!]. Furthermore, it is inappropriate to use this to flag something you disagree with; instead, express your opinion in a comment. When you apply this label to an issue, place it after the issue's existing labels; do not remove those labels.

Labels for indicating that an issue happens only in a particular game mode: (These labels cannot stand alone; you must use them in addition to, not instead of, the ones listed above.)

  • [SP] = {{bl|sp}} = Single-player.
  • [MP] = {{bl|mp}} = Multiplayer.
  • [Su] = {{bl|su}} = Survival mode.
  • [Cr] = {{bl|cr}} = Creative mode.

Labels for indicating that an issue is restricted to a particular OS:

  • macOS = {{OS|OSX}} = Mac OS
  • Windows = {{OS|Win}} = Windows
  • Linux = {{OS|Linux}} = Linux

Labels that Mojang uses:

  • [F] = Bugs that have been fixed in the next update.
  • [N] = This is not a bug. (It is intended behaviour and will not be changed)
  • [S] = Bugs that will be skipped/ignored for now.
  • [U] = Bugs that Mojang tested but was unable to reproduce. Append this tag to the end of existing issue labels, instead of replacing them.

To produce these labels, use the following code: {{bl|c}} where c is the code of the label you wish to use. (e.g., a for annoyances, etc.)

The default issue type is minor bug; you can produce this label with the shorthand {{bl}}.

Be sure to sort issues by category, type, and priority: redstone issues go in the Redstone section, etc.; bugs go in the Bugs subsection, with major bugs listed before minor bugs, annoyances in the Annoyances subsection, with major ones before minor ones, and issues that Jeb has marked as fixed or skipped are moved to the Fixed/Skipped section. Issues that Jeb cannot reproduce, however, are to remain in their original place.

Please sign all issue reports and comments by typing ~~~ (three tildes; tilde may be found above Tab ↹ on USA keyboards, and to the right of @ on British keyboards).

Finally, please do not spontaneously delete an issue report or comment, unless it is patent nonsense submitted by someone who has not logged in. If possible, contact the submitter by user-talk first and tell them about your concerns. They will almost certainly oblige. As always, assume good faith.



[!!] Windows If one player makes a BOW in, Vanilla Survival Server, and then gives it to another player, that player automatically crashes out of the server and the server will never let that player back in. JackDawson & ScorpionDrivers tested this on two different servers and found this to happen because of Jack making a BOW and giving it to Scorpion who then could never log back into the server. JackTDawson

macOS If you are using Minecraft on a Thunderbolt display/ screen that does not have the dock on it, when trying to access any GUI ingame will cause Minecraft to crash. You can fix this by opening the GUI on the screen with the dock, and then moving it to the screen you want to play it on.

[!] When you dock a boat on a half stone slab, you automatically die. This is due to the "make players recieve fall damage when riding something" fix, which exists since Beta 1.6.

  • Anyone else having this problem?
  • I have seen this is in previous versions after 1.8.1, on SMP, but haven't tried it lately.
  • I can confirm this - 2x3 slabs at a shore line, floated onto in boat - died, boat survived. But it is worse, I also died in a boat with 2 block water clearance that touched a cobble wall - again boat survived (can't recreate death in 2 blocks of water, slab death works every time)

[X] When An Endportal Frame is put ontop of ice (or other way around) Walking ontop of the frame makes you slide

[X] Pet Wolves Are Black When Wet or submerged in water until they shake off.

[X] Feeding Wheat to animals in "Love mode" wastes the item.

[!] Clicking/right-clicking while moving the mouse may cause the screen to lose focus. Seems to happen in all OSs but it happens even more in Linux with the Fluxbox window manager. The cause is that whenever you click or right-click, the game loses cursor focus for an instant (you can even see the cursor blink over the screen). If the cursor is moving enough fast, it is not relocated in the center of the screen in time. Very easy to reproduce (easier in Linux&Fluxbox window manager): Just spam right-click while moving the mouse fast. - This bug is rarer than in the previous version but still exist.

  • In previous Minecraft versions, this was a bug in the old version of lwjgl minecraft uses. Xorg would steal the mouse cursor for a split second every time it was clicked, providing a split second where keyup and keydown events are also ignored, causing actions such as movement to be 'stuck' if the user releases the key during this period. Updating the lwjgl jars and natives in the minecraft bin directory fixed this input bug. Does this fix still work, or is this a different problem? -Veyrdite

[X] You can't hold down the left mouse button to continuously attack any more, or break a minecart any more; instead, you have to click it repeatedly.

  • Well, I believe that it was a balance issue for attacking mobs, but the minecarts/boats should definitely fall into the bug category.

[X] Doors are open and on the right side when placed if the left edge or frame of the door contains an air or a glass block. The door then works in reverse with a pressure plate.

  • In addition to this, placing pressure plates in front of two wooden doors causes one to stay open all of the time. This bug has been around since at least 1.6.
  • This bug is a result of how doors work. You need to invert one of the outputs so doubledoors are not compatible with pressureplates, as when the doors are placed one door is in fact placed sideways (automatically), which makes it seem that the door is open when the door is in fact in its closed state.
  • As of the RC2 release, Double Doors now have one side open all the time. Even if you attempt to close the other side, the one that is closed opens and the one that was open closes.
  • The text above me is partiality wrong, Its a new feature.If you click on the left door twice both will open, if you do it again on the right door both will close.(this is if you are outside)(I.E click on the left twice both left and right will be open, then click twice on the right and both will close.(its the left from the outside for opening and the right on the outside for closing, from the inside its right for opening and left for closing.))(i use this all the time now!(handy for spiders))) it can be confusing some times.

[X] I Threw an Enderpearl then charged my bow and when I teleported my bow was unusable, i have not tested this on smp but it is on ssp.

[X] Assuming 1 Block = 1 Meter, Killing a skeleton from 50+ blocks does NOT give the achievement. (Tested at 55 Blocks distance) BlackDragonIV

  • 1 Block = 1 Meter is stated in the very first minecraft vid on YouTube, and I don't think it ever changed, so it should be a bug. Sure that the distance was 55 blocks? Maybe sceleton moved while you backed away? GALAKTOS
    • Actually I was 55 blocks away (Counted and marked by 5's), and trapped the skeleton so it couldn't move, additionally this bug was confirmed when this achievements was originally released BlackDragonIV

[X] Doors do not have a place block sound.

[X] Villagers and Squids do not have any SFX. We know they are unfinished, but should play at least the "hurt" sound when hurt.

[X] Villagers do not spawn in worlds created before RC2. They will, also, not spawn even when the world keeps rendering as the player keeps going on.

[N] [MP] Spiders can draw line of sight through glass in smp.

  • This isn't a bug. Spiders have the unique ability to draw line of sight through all blocks. --OSX2000
    • I don't think that this is likely, since OP believes that this bug is restricted to MP. Do you have evidence for what you've claimed? —Immute [talk]
      • Their ability to see through walls is noted on the Spider Wiki page. Many people have done testing with all mobs and their line of sight, and it is well known that spiders (including cave spiders) are the only ones with this ability. --OSX2000
        • Actually it's true. It also happens in SP too. Have you ever noticed how if you go into a building, a spider will follow you on to the roof of it (if it can climb it), then in daytime (as long as you haven't gone out of its range) it'll jump off the roof of the building and attack you as you exit (because it still has line of sight, it doesn't become neutral, even though it's daytime). –User:Ultradude25 (User:Ultradude25/t|User:Ultradude25/c)
          • Spiders can see through walls in SP and MP, this is no bug. Although i was able to confirm spiders attacking you when it's day...--Aconitin

[X] When the player takes damage you can hear the general damage type sound, but not the player pain sound, whereas with mobs hitting them off a cliff or them falling a distance will result in the "brake bone" sound effect as well as their original pain sound.

  • I don't believe this is a bug, I think it is more-so to remove the identity of the player you control, so it feels more like it was you are the one getting hurt, not your character. BlackDragonIV

[X] When you're going by boat and it hits a lily pad - it breaks like hitting a normal block.

[X] If the player exits the game while on a boat, the boat will be far away and the player will fall into the water upon reloading. --Haseo, Boats#Bugs

[X] Windows On the title screen, when you click the Start button on Windows, the background flips sideways when enlarged or looks like stone in the regular dimensions.

[X] You cannot activate Fence Gates with redstone/ levers etc. Fair enough, however shouldn't Pressure Plates be able to activate them?

[X] Linux keyReleased behaviour incorrect when using WSAD to move and/or SPACEBAR to jump. Occasionally the game will not recognise that a key has been released. This is a well documented Linux only problem for Java however there are workarounds that are equally as well documented. This bug has killed me many times. Have tried updating LWJGL (as per Tutorials/Update LWJGL) but this creates an issue where you are stuck with the in game menu on screen. When experiencing this problem, pressing escape does not remove the menu, nor does clicking 'Back To Game.'TheSTAGcast


[A!] [MP] Blocks are not always what they seem to be. For example, a Dirt block can look like a Stone block. It seems that the cause is that the client got one chunk with wrong data since it can be fixed by rejoining the server. The bug is very rare and very old (at least a half year). For video evidence of this, or a bug related to this, see this video at time index 23:10. This video is from Beta 1.2_01 and doesn't depict the exact manifestation of how this bug appears now. The video linked shows a diamond block appearing as stone. Once broken, it is reformed as a diamond block, which could then be broken into a diamond item. This is slightly different than how it manifests now, which is, that the diamond block would appear as stone, only to break into a diamond item without the intermediate diamond block being refveral blocks and items aormed. Note to Jeb, you were unable to recreate the bug in pre4, new information was added for pre5, detailing how this was largely SMP, new chunk related. I think after marking this as "unable to recreate," it got ignored even though there were new details. I just wanted to draw your attention to that. --Inertia

  • Now observed in RC2: Some blocks may appear to be one thing client-side, but then when updated change to another block entirely. Using the seed "-5882048973877337000" and heading to coordinates "X/Z -569,-546" then digging straight down will land you in a stronghold area with some dirt as part of the lower floor (and walking over it makes the dirt noise). However placing a torch on one of the "dirt" blocks will transform it into either stone brick, cracked stone brick, or mossy stone brick (whichever it's actually supposed to be), complete with stone noises when you walk over it. Example.
  • May be the same bug that was present in 1.8 with wells, where cobblestone on the inside of the well still appeared to be what ever block it was before the well was updated unless you force an update of that block.

[A!] In Hardcore mode, after sleeping, compasses point to the original spawn.

  • It has always been like this, and I do believe it's intended behaviour.
  • Well, resetting spawn point is quite obsolete, but I think it would still be useful if the compass pointed to the last used bed, in case you got lost and your home is some distance away from your spawn. I think the problem is not with the compass but rather that the game doesn't bother to change spawn point when sleeping at all. GALAKTOS
    • I believe that resetting the spawn point is not supposed to happen, because player is supposed to spawn in the original spawn point in case the bed is destroyed. --Kimitsu
      • Negative, in hardcore mode there is no respawning. When you die you stay dead, so there is no need for the compass to show the original spawn. -- anon (diab0l [at] speedcoding [dot] de)

[A] Wooden Half Slab Still needs a pickaxe to mine, it should be an axe because it is made of wood.

[A] The bone breaking sound applies to all forms of damage taken even though that sound would only apply to damage taken from a fall.

[A] Items/Blocks are shown over GUI Text. Example.. (Ignore the other items, Hardcore Survival Mode is the answer.)

  • Don't you mean that the GUI text is shown above items/blocks? That's what it looks like for me, and that's the way i would find it annoying. GALAKTOS

[A] Several blocks and items are not stackable for no reason and therefore need extremely many space in the inventory and in chests:

  • [A] Signs
  • [A] All types of Doors
  • [A] Beds
  • [A] Boats
  • [A] All types of Minecarts
  • [A] Buckets (Empty)
  • [A] Eggs and snowballs are only stackable to sixteen per slot.
  • [A] Mushroom soup
    • Though I would argue on the basis that stacked consumables will turn all of the stack into the leftovers (filled buckets), the filling of water bottles technically nullifies this.
  • [A] All types of Music Discs
    • These aren't bugs/annoyances, it's being too lazy to carry around a few extra items.
      • disagree. some of these are valid. signs, for example. they are much smaller than wooden planks, yet cannot be stacked for some unknown reason. the other do also have validity, though I disagree with mushroom soup, as technically, stacking bowl on top of bowl would displace the contents of the bowl underneath. --Kizzycocoa
  • Every item in the game except those that are damaged can become stackable. If an item needs to change state while it occupies a slot in the inventory, a new stack could be created in a different slot. Even items like picks and swords could be stackable before they are used. Once an item is damaged, it could be moved to a new slot where no more items can stack with it.
  • (Add any more if found, NO tools, armour, and weapons.)

[A] When placing a torch near ice there there is a "fight" between the torch melting the ice and ice regrowing. Ice blocks appear and disappear every second.

[A] In bed, moving the mouse rotates all shown particles/effects (can be seen if a torch is near your bed, for example).

  • I've confirmed this in Beta 1.8 as well. They also show at the wrong angle before you move the mouse, as well. --Qwertygiy

[A] Texture packs with a tile size other than 16*16 can be loaded but cause graphical issues (see the discussion page for more details).

  • Not a bug as minecraft was never designed to support any textures beyond 16x16. Look to mods to solve this.--Valiantiam

[A] You don't get the "Monster hunter" achievement for killing the Ender Dragon

[A!] Because of the new Redstone Connectivity, T-Flipflops don't work. I have tried it many times. The Redstone just stays as the little dot instead of connecting to the torch. I do not know, but assume the same goes for multiplayer, correct me if I am wrong. -juicysteak117 (That is my MCF and IGN name, I don't own a MCW account)

[A!] [MP] When the block under a rail is broken the rail is not and is suspended mid air samsalot007

[A] Seen in SSP and creative, with graphics on "fancy", clouds revert to "fast" setting (flat) whenever a block is highlighted.

Jumping up and down while moving on a powered rail makes the walking on cobblestone sound. When not jumping, it sounds like the material it was laid on.

Escape button doesn't work when standing in a portal.

  • Neither do chat, nor opening the inventory, chests, etc. Seems to be intentional as the game has to go to the "Loading nether" screen. It basically acts as a failsafe to keep you in a controlled state while you are warping. -- anon (diab0l [at] speedcoding [dot] de)

[A] After using a portal your selected tool always resets to the first slot.

[A] Redstone can be transferred through note block. (Example) If you have note block connected to redstone and another note block next to it. They both will make noise. This caused many doorbells/songs to break.

Redstone and Pistons[]


[!] Piston Quasiconnectivity Bug, Revisited A piston can be powered by a block that is not directly adjacent to it, but diagonally above or 2 blocks above, but changes to these blocks will not propagate updates to the piston*. Nevertheless, when the piston is caused to update by other means, it will take into account the state of these nonadjacent blocks. (*This has been fixed) See this image for a better description along with a visual explanation.

  • (Please do not delete this bug or this comment. It's fine if you disagree, but deleting is immature and petty.) Jeb marked this bug as skipped a while back, but since time has passed and new evidence has come up, I would like to ask him to reconsider. I've stated my reasoning here; please leave any comments you may have there so as not to clutter up this page. Jeb, please read before deciding. ;)
  • I really hope he reads your statement, it sums up the facts very well!

[!] Redstone torches when placed on a wall will power diagnally downwards. But will stop powering if you break and replace whatever is being powered

  • This is specific to powered rails. They have the same diagonal power feature/bug as pistons, and the same lazy update issue.
  • I believe this is intentional, just like the piston quasiconnectivity 'bug'.
    • The Piston Quasiconnectivity Bug was not intentional; rather, it was intentionally skipped for reasons other than difficulty of fix. Both of these bugs result in behavior that neither simple (easy to explain completely in 15 words, without a picture) nor orthogonal. Moreover, the functionality provided by each bug (e.g., BUD switches, in the case of the piston bug) is easily reproduced without using the bug. (You can make compact piston BUD switches without using the Piston Quasiconnectivity Bug! Yes, really! So there's no reason we need to keep this bug around!) —Immute [talk]
      • I know what orthogonality means thanks. I also understand why the bug exists. However your solution for an alternative BUD design just depends on a different bug (the one bellow). --Incanus uk
        • Ok. Good to know. But what's the other bug? —Immute [talk]
          • You know which bug, you commented on it. --Incanus uk

[!] Trapdoors do not close if powered by a repeater. Same with a repeater powering the block a trap door is connected. If you power the repeater the trap door will open. If you unpower the repeater the door stays open.

[!] Piston can "burn out" in a state simultaneously powered and un-powered. When it's in this state, it can be repaired by destroying the extended piston head. This will destroy the extended piston head but not the rest of the piston. --Munin295

  • thumb To reproduce: The image shows two different 1-clocks (powered by the same torch). If you attach a piston and block to the right 1-clock, it works fine. If you attach a piston to the left 1-clock, it works fine until you add a block—then it "burns out" in a state that appears to be both powered and un-powered. It's then actually possible (in Cr at least) to reset the piston by destroying the extended arm (without destroying the piston). --Munin295
  • To reproduce: create this BUD flip flop, place a block here, the piston will now be in a bugged state. --Scwizard
  • Another way to reproduce the same bug. (the torch is on the ground, not attached to the block with the redstone.) --User42

[!] If a piston is powered but cannot extend because of the amount or types of blocks in front of it, the piston will still not extend after the blocks have been removed, even if its power source remains. (this should become a large bug, not a minor, as it could mess with auto building bridges and other devices that use a max pistons push amount. This could break a lot of things!)

  • Absolutely not. This property is crucial for building legitimate BUD devices, and all sorts of existing creations depend on it. Do not remove this feature! (Instead, remove the Piston Quasiconnectivity Bug, which messes many more things up, and is a terrible abstraction.) —Immute [talk]
    • That is true, but this is still a bug. Many devices that use BUDs can be built other ways that do not rely on the glitch. A possile fix to this bug may be to tell pistons to update if a block within thirteen blocks of its front side changes state.
      • That would require Minecraft to search 78 blocks every time another block changes, possibly involving loading extra chunks. It's also one of the easiest-to-understand piston glitches and allows some interesting behaviour - specifically BUDs - as opposed to the quasiconnectivity bug which is hard to understand. Immibis
        • It would only need to check eighteen blocks around the piston: one block on each of the five sides made of cobblestone and thirteen blocks on the side of the wooden arm. (Pistons can push up to twelve blocks so it would be important to keep track of the thirteenth block that might be preventing movement.) Also, anyone who has been using BUD devices should have known not to heavily rely on a bug that exists in a game that is in development. You should have been expecting bugs like this to be fixed eventually.
          • You don't understand how block updates works in minecraft. Immibis is right. T would need to update 78 blocks (13 in every direction) to make sure, that pistons, that can be there, update status. And this can accidently break some old-style BUDs (like a water which changes flow if block nearby is updated). — MiiNiPaaT|C

[X] When walking into a solid block and onto a redstone repeater while standing in an area that is two blocks tall, the player falls into the block beneath the repeater.

[X] Redstone repeaters can prevent the player from entering areas that are two blocks tall, but it is possible to step onto repeaters while already standing under a low ceiling.

  • Are you sure this is a legitimate bug? The Repeater takes up some space in the front, but the arrow behind it allows walking, I'm probably misinformed please correct me if I am.
    • Yes it is. Same with trapdoors. Don't know, if it should be fixed, it allows you easy one-way doors. — MiiNiPaaT|C

[X] Sticky pistons can be used to pull minecart rails off of the ground.

[X] If you put some redstone, a lever and redstone torch like this: http://i.imgur.com/RKjjC.png the torch don't invert when you flip the lever, and when you flip again it makes a fast pulse.

[X] If a piston in a BUD state is updated by placing a piston that is then pushed or pulled by the BUD piston it will turn in to a block which is rendered in ever direction as the piston head. (Some Examples: http://i.imgur.com/Ox0Yg.png) --Incanus uk

  • Confirmed and I would like to add that the mis-rendered block does not drop a piston when broken, which leads me to believe its deeper than just a rendering issue and the block actually changes. -kiba_urufu

[X] Standing next to an elevated pressure plate (such as those used to generate tables in the villages) will activate it. No, what happens when you bump into a table in real life? This behavior is useful for detecting players in minecarts during a vertical descent.

[X] If redstone is travelling downwards on a block, and a piston is placed in a position that would intercept the connection, the redstone travels through the piston. Example

[X] Redstone materials can no longer be placed on top of glow stone; there was a comment in regards to block type changed, however, until officially confirmed by Mojang, this is an unintended side effect and is a bug. Chiisana

  • Known_bugs/Version_1.9pre6#Blocks scroll down to "Fixed/Skipped/Non-Bugs" and find jeb's comment. — MiiNiPaaT|C
  • It still breaks tons of great lighting designs and should be reconsidered.
    • That's secondary; it contradicts Notch's decision to make them into stone type in 1.6.6, so it must be reconsidered. Chiisana

[X] [MP] Using /time set will cause redstone torches to burn out.

When using a clock circuit on an RC2 test server, the circuit contained an inverter in which the torch failed to light after approximately 5 cycles after the /time set command was issued. Reproduced the bug multiple times by deleting the world and recreating the clock.

The circuit was tested at varying times between 10 minutes and 1 hour before the command was issued in each test, never failing until after the /time set command was issued.

How to reproduce:

1. Make a simple clock circuit containing an inverter(or even just a torch that turns on and off with each cycle)

2. Allow the circuit to run for a few minutes to verify the torch is stable.

3. Issue a Time Set command to the server.

4. Observe the torch failing to function within a few cycles of the command.

Replacing the torches causes them to burn out immediately in one cycle, but if the circuit is left in place for approximately 15 minutes the circuit will begin functioning again.

[X] If a chunk is unloaded whilst a wooden pressure plate has an item on it then it will stay in the on position forever, Jeb_ fixed it for logging out and back in but it still happens for chunk unloading when moving farther away.


[A!] Ice is no longer obtainable with the Silk Touch enhancement; water is produced as usual.

  • Jeb said he "fixed this in an unsatisfactory way" by removing it from silk touch. He might improve on it. I suggest that upon entry to the Nether, water buckets turn to plain buckets, ice and water (8, 9, 79) simply disappears from inventory, and a loud hiss and particle effect similar to lava touching water emanates from the player. This way players are allowed to keep ice in the Overworld and End, and enhances the atmosphere of the Nether.--PlNG
  • Ice no longer being obtainable makes silk touch nearly worthless. When it was introduced, I was so glad that finally there was a legitimate way to get spawners and ice to build cool structures out of them. Especially cool, was that it was quite difficult to get silk touch, so not everyone would have this. And same is with water in the nether. It is really cool if it is not easy. but possible to set water there; some kind of reward for all the effort to get silk touch!
    • Agreed. If anything, perhaps there could be a small check before ice melts that does not let it melt if it is in the Nether.TorchicBlaziken
  • Why can't ice just work the same as water i.e. you can't place it in the Nether? or the ice could melt then the water block vanishes?
  • I don't see what the big deal is with allowing the player to use ice in the Nether or anywhere else for that matter. If the player wants to farm the holy bejesus out of xp to get some rare enchant just to go on a several hour ice farming expedition just to build a grinder in the Nether, what's the harm really? I mean, at that point half a dozen hours have been spent on the task and it really isn't hurting anyone.
  • If you want to discuss this it should be taken to the discussion page—not here. On that note, only the first two bullets are relevant to this "bug."

[A!] Fence gates can not be powered by redstone.

[A!] Glowstone is like glass now. Power won't go through glowstone, making almost all light switch systems using a swap of blocks obsolete. This was changed very late (in Beta 1.9pre6) and conflicts with previous decisions, where glowstone was changed from "glass" to "stone" in Beta 1.6.6.

[A!] XP Orbs can get stuck in Glowstone (now that it acts like glass).

[A!] If you build a Gravel/Sand tower(> 2 blocks) on a Piston (connected to a clock) most of the Gravel/Sand will disappear after a couple of pushes. (Update: instead of disappearing they will plop as item instances) This is especially annoying when trying to build sand/gravel doors.

  • "Upgraded" to Major annoyance because this bug ruins a lot of piston creations.
  • Appears in both SP and MP
  • this has been happening for quite a while already (don't remember when i first saw it; 1.8? i've only played since 1.7 and didn't build anything that would have shown it), so it's not due to some recent change. Piranha
  • Its more a bug than an annoyance...--Aconitin
  • Pretty sure this is done intentionally to address the sand / gravel duplication bug with piston and sticky piston... As a result of that, we are left with this unfortunate side effect. Chiisana
  • Worked hours on a huge gravel door just to find out the gravel vanishes when the door closes oO

[A!] If you lay in a bed and then break it whilst still when you walk into any walls you get hurt

[A!] When you have 2 wooden doors together and you click the left one the right one moves into the opposite stage of the one on the left. Then if you click the left one again it will work. Then this will happen with the right wooden door. xMakerx

  • Its a new feature.If you click on the left door twice both will open, if you do it again on the right door both will close.(this is if you are outside)(I.E click on the left twice both left and right will be open, then click twice on the right and both will close.(its the left from the outside for opening and the right on the outside for closing, from the inside its right for opening and left for closing.))(i use this all the time now!(handy for spiders))
    • Evidence? This feature seems highly improbable, since opening double doors by hand has never been a problem (interaction with redstone is the problem). Moreover, new behavior is nonsensical. I suspect that this new behavior is the result of a slightly botched fix to the "wooden doors can't be opened by hand" bug, as are the new problems with hatches. Recommend changing tag to [!]. —Immute [talk]
  • It's very confusing. Certain constructions are impossible now. --Mrheat
  • It is but i have gotten accustomed to it.

[?] When a sticky piston is moved by another piston, the block that should be stuck to it does not move.

  • This would be great, but it's a new feature and not a bug. --Mrheat
  • This isn't a bug at all; the stickiness of a sticky piston only comes into play when that piston is directly interacting (pushing or pulling) the block. Just look at piston doors - pistons are required to push both the sticky pistons and the blocks that the pistons are attached to. - Shadowx4ffc
    • This behavior is not new. It has been like this since pistons were added. I am not saying that it is a bug; it just seems a bit weird that pistons are only actually sticky when it is moving its own arm.



[X] The "Sniper Duel" achievement does not register when completed.

[X] You don't get the achievement called "monster hunter" when you kill the ender dragon.



[N] The name "Patrick Geuder" has the wrong color, compared to the other names.

  • I'm marking this as not a bug because you are not playing the correct version of the game. I redownloaded RC2 from assets.minecraft.net and verified again that the color was white, not gray. /jeb


[N] If you re-enter the end after seeing the credits for the first time, and you jump back in the portal to leave you will see all the credits again (discussion moved to the discussion page).

  • We wanted people to have the chance to revisit the credits without replaying the game. /jeb
Could you not, perhaps, add a "Credits" option to the main Menu? I'm actually shocked you haven't done that, to be honest. It seems like a real no-brainer. It allows people to see the Credits even before actually beating the game. As many times as they would like! Mackinz

[A] It's not obvious that pressing Esc will skip the credits. Add a "Esc to skip" note to show players it can be skipped, and prevent players who want to see it from accidentally pressing Esc. This feature is in many other video games where cutscenes are skippable.

You could add an achievement for watching the entire credits, rewarding the people who do finish wwithout skipping, while still not forcing it. It could branch off the end-game achievement.



[!] Glowstone drops glowdust if you break it with your hand.

  • Blame Jeb for going against Notch's decision of making Glowstone a stone and made it a glass instead. This really need to be reverted, and have an alternative solution for the obscure shadow bug Jeb tried to fix with this change!

[!] With a set of double doors, clicking the left door opens the right one (though clicking the left door again then opens it). Additionally, with both doors open, clicking the right door closes the left one first.

[!] If you place double iron doors one will always be open. You have to use power to close the door (redstone torch, lever and so on). The double door thing (wood and iron) is very strange.

[!] Soulsand no longer holds minecarts in place. Before you say "that behavior made no sense," remember that soulsand is 15/16 m high (try walking onto it from a normal block). Half slab holes most certainly do hold minecarts in place, so soulsand should too. Many engineers have made useful mechanisms that rely on this behavior, so it should not be removed. (Jeb made this argument for keeping the Piston Quasiconnectivity Bug, so it must apply here as well; if not, the argument was invalid when it applied to the piston bug too.) —Immute [talk]

[N] Mob Spawners can't be mined by pickaxes with silk touch.

  • That was a bug. It was intentionally fixed by Jeb a few prereleases ago because infinite pigs was OP. TorchicBlaziken

[X] [MP] Chests sometimes don't close after being opened, persists thru client restart Cboz718

[X] Fence Gates STILL have their collision boxes as the entire cube.

  • In addition to this, blocks where multiple fences meet (corners, for example) also take up the entire block with their collision box. Invisibool

[X] The collision box of activated powered rails is too small when the rails are on a slope.

  • Which allows easy and reliable occupied minecart detection. Fixing this bug requires adding a legitimate way to detect occupied minecarts.
    • Occupied minecarts are faster than unoccupied minecarts, so with detector rails and a timed redstone circuit you can legitimately detect occupied minecarts.

[X] Blocks fail to update when the wire powering them is removed. This was in 1.8 but still happens in RC 2 [1]

[X] Beds, levers, fire, signs, wooden/iron doors cannot be placed on snow (should replace the snow like all other blocks do).

[X] Enchantment Tables cannot be blown up with TNT.

  • I don't see how this is a bug. They're made out of 4 blocks of obsidian. I'd expect them to be almost invincible. –User:Ultradude25 (User:Ultradude25/t|User:Ultradude25/c)
    • Agreed. Anyway, going from one extreme to the other is Notch Trolling 101.--Inertia
      • I only put this as a bug because the fact enchantment tables can be so easily mined, despite the "4 obsidian blocks" as you so aptly put. Unless it's protected by magic...

[X] A melon can be placed onto the side of a block when there is noting beneath it. Pumpkins can only be placed where there is a block underneath.

[X] Dead bushes cannot be collected with shears.

[X] When in a stronghold. When a torch is placed on a Smoothstone block, the block with change to any 3 of the stone Brick (normal/mossy/cracked) Happens around 80% of the time

  • Did you observe this on SMP in a newly generated chunk?--Inertia

[X] [MP] Only in SMP you can't write on a sign that is on/near a block that is periodically been updated. To reproduce, make a simple clock with a redstone torches and a repeater. Then put a sign on the block of the torches. If you write on it, your text will be erased an every block's update.mooviies

  • this happens even if the block isn't being updated, but you are looking at any blocks being updated that are in the background. Jamslambs

[?] When you shoot a bow, the green bar displays that is has durability, but the durability is endless so it shows a full green bar once it has been shot.

  • Unable to reproduce. Durability goes down with each use for me. — MiiNiPaaT|C
  • I am able to recreate the endless bow durability. Possibly SMP related. Perhaps it happened because I carried two bows (only used one, the other was a backup). There's a remote possibility it's Nether related. I'm not sure if the Nether has anything to do with it, but I was particularly conscious of my bow's condition while in the Nether. I never needed to use my backup bow no matter how much I used my primary one. Went through at least three stacks of arrows.--Inertia

[X] Blocks that are broken adjacent to tilled plots cannot be picked up if elevated by another block from a 1x1 hole. The broken block is then attracted and attached to the tilled block until the replaced, blinding block has been removed.

[!] In all game modes, when a block is removed from under a fence a floating block you can pick up gets stuck under the fence. Now, when you place another block under the fence, if there is nowhere for the floating block to move, the block will jump up and get stuck in the fence, blacked out, unobtainable - especially if there are multiple floating blocks you can obtain. Also, the same thing happens with glass - when a block is floating in a 1 block hole and you place a piece of glass in the hole, the floating block gets stuck in the glass, unobtainable.

[X] Lilly Pads break boats upon contact, making exploring ocean hazardous.


[A!] Glowstone cannot have items attached to it, such as redstone, buttons, levers, rails, pressure plates, etc. I realize Jeb recently said, "this is the new property of glowstone", but it makes no sense, and adds nothing to the game. When this happened before, in 1.6, Notch confirmed it was a bug; he made a pickaxe necessary to mine it, and reinstated its abilities to have objects attached to it in 1.6.6. Glowstone should not be like glass…it is a stone. Jeb, please reconsider. --OSX2000

  • It might as well be called "Glowglass" if it's meant to be a glass. TorchicBlaziken

[A] When a door is open and you right click to place an item on the first block beyond the door (i.e. click through the open door) the block/torch/etc is placed but the door also incorrectly closes.

  • I can confirm this. I think this is related to the new (but confusing) behavior of doors. Clicking a door sometimes opens or closes an other door instead of the door you clicked. --Mrheat

[A] The sides of mycelium blocks use the old dirt texture.

[A] Sidesnow texture uses the old dirt texture. [2]User:Ultradude25 (User:Ultradude25/t|User:Ultradude25/c)

[A] All ore block textures still use the old stone texture. –User:Ultradude25 (User:Ultradude25/t|User:Ultradude25/c)

[?] Nether bricks cannot be crafted.

[?] Activated TNT blocks are not affected by flowing water. J1k3

  • Activated TNTs aren't blocks. They're Entities. --Sammko
  • That is the point: they are entities, so why they didn't affected by flowing water? They was affected by water previosly, it was used in TNT cannon, for examle. — MiiNiPaaT|C
  • Yes, that was exactly my point. Sorry for the confusion. J1k3

[A] Blocks can be placed upon tall grass, it's annoying when i try to flatten an area.

[A] Leaves seem to take longer to deteriorate

[A] There is not the breaking particle when mining a chest.



[!] Drowning with an armor will permanently damage the armor at the same rate as health is damage. Crafting a new armor will show a damage armor, there seem to be no way to get a full armor back. Screen: [3]

  • Not a bug, and not related to drowning. The behaviour of armor has been changed in the 1.9 prereleases, and armor of the same material now always gives the same amount of armor points regardless of its remaining durability. A full set of iron armor gets you 7.5 armor points; only a full set of diamond armor gets the full 10 armor points now.

[!] You can get infinite items by riding water into a Portal with the Crafting GUI open. As seen here: [4]

[X] After crafting a stack of 4 bowls, in a mushroom biome, then right clicking the stack on a Mooshroom, a single bowl of mushroom stew is created and the other 3 bowls are lost. Currently tested on the well known Seed#: 4 (Coordinates: x=416, z=-500). Not sure if this is a result of the specific seed or if it occurs in other mushroom biome seeds. Tagged as a bug in the meantime. Kabookee

  • Confirmed in a different seed. Solution is to do the same as filling a stack of glass bottles from a cauldron. Ie, for the mooshroom, a bowl of mushroom stew should appear floating and the bowl count in the player's inventory decrease by one. --Haseo

[X] [MP] When water bottles are filled from cauldrons in SMP, they do not appear immediately in your inventory. They will appear after a few seconds. This does not seem to happen with regular water sources on SMP, or on SSP at all.

[X] When thrown in a dark area, Eyes of Ender appear to light up, yet they are dark when dropped.

  • Not a bug. This is similar to "hand held torches". Not possible at the moment. --Mrheat

[N] Hoes break only by using them to make fields, but they can infinitely dig.

  • They don't dig better than anything else. When anything other than swords, pickaxes, shovels, shears, and axes is used to break blocks, it is treated like you are using your bare hands. TorchicBlaziken
    • Would be nice if they could be used to harvest melons and pumpkins faster, would give it more use in the farming scene. Kedama
      • not a bug because they have always been like that. it is not the same type of tool as everything else Doctursea
  • They don't dig better, but other tools take damage too, by misusing them for digging.
  • Swords does mine some blocks faster too, like planks. And all the other tools except hoes are used to mine blocks, that's why they all take damage...

[N] Pumpkins seeds are back in Abandoned Mineshaft chests (removed in 1.8.1?). Screeny: [5] --Skud

  • not a bug because they are supposed to be there, them not being there in 1.8.1 was a bug Doctursea

[X] The bow will take damage to it whenever you use it to melee/punch them with it.(might have been intentional due to that previously there was no damaged bow item entities, and had to be created and added for this to work)

[X] Shears are not damaged when collecting wool blocks.

[X] TNT wont blow each other's around anymore, normally you could get TNT to blow another TNT away! (Bug and Annoyance!)

Throwing an egg down may cause 3-5 baby chickens to pop out. -DomoKun123

  • Not a bug. It's a feature that has been around since basically forever now.

[X] When I right click a bed in single player, it doesn't look like I'm in the bed. It looks like my body is in the ground. (Bug and annoyance.)

[X] [SP] Placing torches under water breaks the torch off as it normally does, BUT, the torch is destroyed so you DON'T get it back!


[A] When you have a double door, some of the time when you go to open a door the other door opens. This also happens when you have a door on a block that touches another door even if they ant connected. [A] There are two potions that share the name "Mundane Potion", but do not share the same properties. There is no way to differentiate between them before using them in brewing recipes. The first is made from a Water Bottle and Redstone Dust, the second is made from a Water Bottle and any defining ingredient (e.g. Sugar, Ghast Tears, Blaze Powder...). Both versions can be mixed with Fermented Spider Eyes, with differing results, and only the second can be mixed with Gunpowder. Their names should probably be different, so that players don't get confused.

  • Background: The Mundane Potion made from redstone has a different metadata (64) than the mundane potion made from any other ingredient (8192). Unlike Mundane 64, Mundane 8192 can be made into a Splash Mundane Potion by adding gunpowder that is, like its base potion, without any effect.
    • Ah, good to know. I suggest that Mundane 64 (the Redstone Dust potion) is renamed to "Thin Potion" or "Thinner Potion", to correlate with the Thick Potion made from Glowstone Dust.

[A] When using a bucket of lava for a fuel source in furnace the bucket disappears and does not come back empty as in 1.8.1

  • It has always been like this Doctursea
    • That doesn't make it not a bug. Also, even if it isn't a bug, it's a waste of iron, and certainly an annoyance for those who want to use lava as fuel.

[A] Typography/Item Names:

  • Rename "Lava bucket" to "Lava Bucket". (the "b" is currently not capitalized)
  • Rename "Golden boots" to "Golden Boots".
  • Rename "Milk" to "Milk Bucket".
    • I vote it be renamed to "Bucket of Milk"
      • In that case, other buckets should become "Bucket of Water" and "Bucket of Lava".
        • That's ridiculous. I'm fine with just normal "milk" and lava and water. It's obvious it's in a bucket... that's not what's important.
  • Rename "Seeds" to "Wheat Seeds". (there are multiple types of seeds now)
  • Rename "Stone Stairs" to "Cobblestone Stairs". (they are made of cobblestone)
  • Rename "Bricks Slab" to "Brick Slab".
  • Rename "Stone Bricks Slab" to "Stone Brick Slab".
  • Rename "Flower" to "Dandelion". (roses are not called "Flowers")
  • Dandelion will turn white and spread automagically, where as the yellow flower will not. Perhaps a better name is needed (not sure what) Chiisana
  • Add "Brown" and "Red" adjectives to mushrooms.
  • Add "Wooden" and "Stone" adjectives to pressure plates.
  • Add "Mossy" and "Cracked" or "Broken" adjectives to stone bricks.
  • Add "Oak", "Birch" and "Pine" adjectives to wood, leaves and saplings.

[A] Fences don't connect to Glowstone, but in 1.9pre6 they did.

  • this is because glowstone was made transparent in RC2 Doctursea

[?] Fences will not connect to the back of stair blocks. Zapk

  • Same with torches not connecting to stairs. This was never possible. It's a new feature since it will require new code (one of the four sides of a stair block needs to behave different). --Mrheat



[!] All Mobs (and minecarts and large chests) are flickering black on certain graphics cards, e.g. Intel or Radeon X1650 (screenshot, more details on the discussion page).

[!] Swamp Boundary Grass Gradient Bug Gradients in grass color are correct for all biome boundaries except for those involving swamp biomes. You can tell that this is a bug, rather than an unimplemented feature, because swamp grass does have a gradient at the boundaries, but the gradient goes to the wrong color (fades from putrid swamp green to a grayish-purple), as can be seen in the screenshot below:

[!] More z-fighting!

  • Z-Fighting on glass panes and iron bars (screenshot).
  • Some texture overlays on entities, such as glowing eyes or hurt colors, are Z-fighting with the underlying texture: [6] --Barracuda
  • Z-fighting on the point where the chest lid connects with the bottom of the chest.

[!] The change to Fullscreen Blackscreen Bug is back it was fixed in Pre 5 (Pre 6?)

[!] Although minecarts no longer z-fight with blocks they are touching, they still look wrong: One side of the minecart is always on top of the block, and the other always behind. This looks quite silly. (Jeb, it looks as though you just shifted the position of the minecart rather than narrowing it...) Instead, both sides should be behind the block. —Immute [talk]

[X] When in third person mode or when viewed by another player, lily pads, grass and ferns in your hands are gray.

[X] The side texture for swamp coloured grass isn't swamp coloured [7]

  • Are you on fast or fancy graphics?

[X] The glint overlay on enchanted items and golden apples shows through when the item is held over the bottom of the enchantment book in the enchantment GUI. [8]

[X] Trapdoor textures are not aligned properly for custom texturepack support [9] [10] [11]

[X] The fishing line does not appear to meet the rod correctly when the field of view is increased. This includes while sprinting and flying.

[X] If the inventory is open when the player dies, he appears to fall over and the skin reverts to the default texture.

[X] Armor Legs don't fit right since it shows them in the sitting style, even when standing up

[X] The bottom of head/head-accessories in skins are rotated 180 degrees from what they were like in earlier versions, like 1.8 or classic.

  • Jeb commented on in in pre6 bug list. It's intended. — MiiNiPaaT|C

[A] The lightstone picture in your inventory has a shadow on its side. Lightstone emits light, it cant have a shadow.

[X] [A] After I am in my mine and am breaking stone, I'm walking back to the surface and see bluish-white specks around some blocks. You can see these really well if you move the courser slowly. VERY annoying. Has anyone else seen this?


[A!] blocks don't disappear when destroyed/mined etc. So don't know where you've mined.

[A] The particle effect from torches passes through any solid block directly above the torch. Most noticeable in buildings on the floor above a room with torches near the ceiling. (Not new to RC2) [12]

  • Same with fire (e.g. from netherrack). Don't fix. This is used as a feature in certain contraptions. For example, you can create a sauna with steam emitted from the floor. --Mrheat
    • Certain contraptions? this isn't a contraption defence, as nothing mechanial/restoney can be made from this. it's an aesthetic request. and personally, I agree with OP. needs fixing. it's really frustrating. --Kizzycocoa
      • Nothing? That is incorrect.--Inertia
        • I stand corrected. However, that IS a bug. and once removed, would render the argument invalid. You cannot validate torch particles going through blocks being good, due to a bug in arrow/wooden pressure plate interaction. that's like justifying that boosters are ok because it was in a lot of things, but it was fundamentally a bug. Also, this strange glitch seems rare in the modding community. I'm sure they'll live. --Kizzycocoa
          • Torch smoke going through blocks is the same as lava and water dripping down through blocks. If you remove one, you have to remove the other. I don't consider this issue a bug...it is a suggestion.
            • that made absolutely no sense whatsoever. that was a feature added, as water and lava can soak through, and drip out of blocks underneath IRL. smoke does not have that ability. smoke does not travel through solid matter. smoke doesn't care what's on the other side of blocks. it's perfectly content to stay right where it is. this is why it is a bug. --Kizzycocoa
              • I think it's the distinction of intentional vs. unintentional. Smoke passing up through a block definitely looks unintentional. Liquids dripping down are most certainly intentional. Personally, I don't think either one makes sense, but I like them both. The idea that any fluid can permeate solid stone is kind of silly.--Inertia
                • agree. I guess it was just so players know where lava was better, so to maybe remove the "never mine up" mentality. solid stone perhaps needs mdifying. but, nevertheless, this is a different annoyance which would likely get a lot of discussion as its own "bug"--Kizzycocoa
                  • Maybe this could be changed similarly to opening chests. The smoke particles wouldn't pass through full blocks, but they could pass through partial blocks like slabs. That way it would be easy to block the particles, but they could still be used for things like the sauna example. Aesthetically using slabs makes more sense any way since saunas usually seem to have a step down.Zer0ce

[A!] On the Play Multiplayer menu, the server motd (message of the day) text overlaps the player count (if the motd is approximately 40 characters of more).

[A] When the game is paused "Saving level.." appears in the lower left corner. This should probably be changed to "Saving level..." to complete the ellipsis.



[!] [A!] macOSOn many Mac OSX systems there is harsh visual lag, and you can see through blocks partially (not due to textures) as well as at night the lighting inside is blue as well as odd strips going through blocks -this is probably caused by the power pc processors that apple used in old models (the extreme lag is happening to me on an 2.8Ghz Intel Core2Duo in a mid-2008 iMac. the FPS goes below 1 if I turn quickly and is unplayable for 2–5 seconds.), just as there were graphical bugs in ppc macs in every versions before Beta 1.2, not only that but there are bugs letting you see through blocks when it is dark even in smp - giving the player an unfair advantage over other players when mining, and searching for caves. as well as be a major annoyance. as well as it is like having mods to see in all light levels as level 15. again unfair and annoying advantage.

  • this does not only happen on powerPCs and older machines; i occasionally experience it on my 4core intel. the fps problem more often than the visual glitches, and it gets resolved by me closing some (other) greedy apps. ssp, smp, creative.
    • The FPS bug could just be a specific computer problem, aside from the continuous need to optimize on Minecraft. (i.e. It's probably the computer being unable to run it fast enough, as multiple factors, not just raw CPU speed come into play with FPS.)--
      • fps and fps freezes are different when a freeze happens it is a java error not the computer.

[!] If there is a block directly behind glass or iron bars, it appears dark even though light should pass through the glass. [13][14][15]

  • This is likely what caused the bug where glowstone was dark behind glass. Please change glowstone back to having the properties of stone, not glass.
    • Agreed, glass was causing the dark-glowstone bug. It's the glass that should not be casting shadows. Jeb seems to have fixed the dark-glowstone by changing the wrong block.
      • Glowstone may have been made transparent because it fixes another bug, where smooth lighting is applied to it even though it shouldn't (since it casts its own light, smooth lighting doesn't make sense here), however glass should be transparent anyway. –User:Ultradude25 (User:Ultradude25/t|User:Ultradude25/c)

[!] The lighting of the player's arm is buggy, especially in low light, and flickers between blue, black and normal colours. This does not happen for held items and blocks.

[!] In certain conditions depending on the player's position, signs, chests and enchantment tables may appear to go dark. The lighting changes as the player looks at different areas, sometimes acting as intended or going dark or flickering. This occurs in both fancy and fast modes, as well as smooth lighting on or off. (Untested for other items and blocks).[16][17]

[!] Light leaks through the corners of stairs when the open part is blocked [18]

  • The light source is located directly underneath the stairs block, and there is an empty air space directly behind the stair blocks.

[!] Light does not pass through the open corners of stair blocks where it should. [19]

[!] Light leaks through the corners of pistons [20]

[!] Light does not pass through the gaps in slabs, and causes buggy lighting. [21]

[!] Water and minecart rails do not use smooth lighting.

[!] Some torches generated in abandoned mine shafts or NPC villages don't light anything up, until the lighting or torch block is updated (e.g. by placing another torch, or a block next to the generated torch). thumb

[X] You can see chunk borders in ice in Fast graphics. Example

[X] Some small areas of complete darkness can be found in places that should be bright. This is especially common in overhanaging mountains and in cave entrances

[?] Brown mushrooms produce a very small amount of light.

  • I don't think this is a bug, considering that it has been this way for quite some time. (Maybe it makes caves more mysterious?)
    • I don't think it's a bug at all. I hate to be the person to use an IRL example in Minecraft, but they do exist. Anyway, it is a really nice nuance to the game if you find yourself trapped in a deep dark cave with very little in the way of resources.--Inertia
      • Brown Mushrooms emit a light level of 1, red ones don't. This is not a bug, i marked it as "N" --Aconitin
        • Please don't mark anything as N, F, U or S unless you are mojang staff.


[A!] on the older ppc macs the lighting system is really messed up. torches don't light up more than 2-3 blocks away from them. and in some places it can go from a good orange light to a really deep blue even if it has a torch set right in the middle of it. very annoying. makes it practically impossible to see when your in a mine at night.

[A] Glass panes appear much brighter than glass blocks. Example



[!] Arrows no longer appear to be sticking in mobs.

  • I believe this was removed due to scaling issues with large mobs such as ghasts making the arrows look weird. NobbyChicken
    • That's what I recall. Large Slime would have a giant arrow sticking out of them. It's interesting that no one cares that scaled mobs on fire have the same problem, but I guess fire can scale indefinitely. I hope the fix is to just test if the mob is scaled and only if not, allow the stuck arrow to show. --Inertia

[!] When the end credits are completed, there will be Creepers and an Enderman in daylight, and they don't attack

  • This could actually be a feature. Spawn a cake too, the player can enjoy a minecraft-day of peace for his/her heroism.

[!] Chicks spawning from eggs thrown against a one block wide wall may spawn on the other side Proof. If the wall is thicker than one block, the chicks will be stuck in the first block Proof. Viciarg

[!] When many (30+) mobs are confined in a small space (e.g. a 2 block XP farm trap), after the user logs out and logs back in, a mob or two will glitch through the walls confining them and they escape to space outside the 'trap'.

  • They don't have to be that confined. I've had this happen with only 8 mobs in a pen with a 7x5 block interior. It happens when the chunk reloads, not just on login. I believe this and the 2nd bug below it are the same bug. Zer0ce

[!] [MP] In multiplayer if the server has hostile mobs disabled and you find a dungeon there still will be zombies and/or spiders.

  • I actually like this feature - it lets players experience peace above-ground but still have difficulty in caves and dungeons. Bukkit disables this feature and I had to create a mod to restore it. Paril

[!] [MP] Animals in 1 block thick pens glitch through fences, walls, roof appearing to be outside.

  • This is a very annoying bug if i might say. Maybe a solution would be to make mobs not try to climb fences? Make them think its a 2 high block. - KrisEike
    • It happens to spiders climbing walls too, if they hit an overhang. Immibis
  • Downgraded to major bug, unless it crashes Minecraft that label should not be used.--TheFinalBiscuit
  • I'm not sure if this is the same glitch, but mobs also glitch up walls if there is a fence on top (the wall is 2 high + a 1.5 high fence) Example Randomouscrap98
  • I want to point out that this happens on walls without any fence on them at all. I got a nice little shack for my sheeps, but they all just appear on the roof of the shack. It's really annoying.
  • This happens in SP as well, and the mobs can glitch through multiple rows of blocks. (e.g. Several times, I have either logged out or walked out of range of the chunk and returned to find one of my pigs out of its pen and in the cow pen. There is a walkway between the two pens.) I can confirm the no fence walls as well. I tried building a barn and replaced all interior fencing with solid blocks and the animals still get through. I believe this and the 2nd bug above it are the same bug. Zer0ce
  • I'm not sure what you meant, but this is bug about fake appearing, not about animals actually getting out. If later case is what you meant, it should be reported bug of its own. EDIT: And it is. Sorry for inconvience. --

[!] [MP] Mobs glitching up and down (may be the cause of passive mobs seeming to jump fences)Most annoying with slime, they glitch through floors and ceilings, pushing and injuring the player but hard to hit as they are often glitched away. This no longer appears to be a problem in SP but has remained in multiplayer (was in 1.9.6 pre also)

[!] Hostile mobs (mainly creepers and skeletons) spawn at high light levels, making previously safe and well lit places no longer safe. I have seen this in both creative and SSP, and in maps created before and after the 1.9 pre-releases.

  • Can't confirm this. Both my home and my mine are lit up with torches and are perfectly free of hostile mobs. My home in particular is just barely above light level 7 in some places, but I have never had hostile mobs spawn there. Just put down more torches.

[X] Fog is too thick on spiders and endermen, which makes them appear to glow when they are at a great distance.

[X] Chicken will look down instead of up when trying to look at the player—JonHa97

  • Appears that the y-axis is inverted. Ie, they look up when the player is below them; and look down when the player is above them. --Haseo

[X] I have seen Endermen spawning in my house, which is very well lit all over and is completely sealed off. Only Endermen have been spawning indoors, so far. I am playing creative mode with difficulty set to normal in single player mode on Windows 7.

  • Note: This is probably not a bug. Endermen are capable of teleporting into well lit areas. It is likely Endermen spawned near water then immediately teleported into your house. --Inertia

[?] Large numbers(5-9) of sheep will spawn in Plains and Hills biomes

  • How is this a bug? You just were lucky enough to have a moderately large amount of animals spawn at once.
    • In my case, there are a lot of sheep (~20) in the biome, but only a few chicken (~4) and no pig or cow.
      • Still not a bug. It's random.
        • I've actually experienced this too. In certain location in my world, I can spend all day killing sheep, but there will always be more, with a distinct lack of anything else. --

[?] [MP] In multiplayer, the only villagers I ever see are farmers. I can play the same seed in single player and get a variety of villagers. Wasn't sure whether to classify this as a bug or an annoyance, but it certainly seems off. Zooathome

[X] Chickens(not sure about other passive mobs, will test later) will jump near the fences trying to get out. Its really annoying when you try to breed them.


[A!] [MP] Chickens in pens seem to take damage randomly, making it nearly impossible to raise chickens in captivity.

[A!] [MP] Animals sometimes despawn in multiplayer, even though they should not.

[A] Wool does not regrow on sheep.

  • It's been that way since beta 1.6. Wool does not currently regrow on sheep because the coding is too difficult.
    • How it's difficult? Also downgraded to Annoyance. — MiiNiPaaT|C
      • Probably not difficult at all, many mods have been created which perform this task pretty easily actually. I guess breeding was one of the responses to this issue, but I really hope wool eventually does regrow and has multiple levels of growth (the longer you wait the more wool you get). Paril

[A] Non-naturally dyed sheep (lapis lazuli, etc.) can give birth to same-color sheep, imbalancing dye collection. Perhaps make only natural colors breed colored sheep (brown, white, black, etc.)

  • I kinda' like this feature, though I do see how it causes balance problems. —Immute [talk]

[A] Endermen do not drop the blocks they hold when they die or despawn.

  • I agree, imagine an enderman took a diamond block and despawned with it... They should drop the block they're holding (if any) and some Ender Pearls. --
    • I'm not so concerned about diamond blocks. After 1.8, Endermen pick up only a handful of block types. But if an Enderman is holding a grass block or a melon, it's a great way to get those blocks without silk touch.--Inertia

[A] Flaming mobs do not give off light.

[A] Pigs will not drop sattles after they have been equipped with one.

[A] Passive mobs panic when set on fire, even when hit by a potion of fire resistance and not taking any damage.


[!!] Starting an SMP vanilla server, setting online-mode to false, and then connecting with a non-premium account will cause the server to crash (This requires mods but is probably worth mentioning...)

  • No, unless you can replicate it without mods, it is not worth mentioning. As heading states: Please ensure that the bug is tested on a 'vanilla', installation of 1.0RC2 with NO MODS installed Chiisana
  • Just to clarify, are you saying the server is perfectly vanilla with no mods, but can be crashed by a modded client? If so, that's a DOS exploit and a valid bug Frymaster

[!!] macOS Maximizing the window and moving it to another monitor before logging in will result in the game crashing with the "Saving Chunks" screen upon pressing 'E' or right clicking any interface in Mac OS X.

[!!] [Cr] Occasionally opening map will result in the game crashing with the "Saving Chunks" screen

[!!] Pressing the "Pick Block" button on an Ender Crystal results in the Saving Chunks screen, followed by a black screen.

[!!] pressing the "Pick Block" button on Tall Grass with a Bow results in the Saving Chunks screen, followed by a black screen.

[!!] On a 32-bit Windows XP with 32-bit Java, the game randomly crashes anywhere between instantly and about twenty minutes of playing, leaving only an hs_err_pid file in its folder. Sometimes this crashes the entire system, causing the world that was in use during the crash to become corrupt and generally making the game rather unplayable. I just recently upgraded my RAM and bought a new GFX card (ATI Radeon HD 3600 series) with up-to-date drivers, but neither fixed the problem. This problem has existed for quite a while now, but Minecraft used to work fine earlier during Beta. I believe the constant crashing started with version 1.5.

  • Since literally millions of people using the same spec can play the game without issue, how can this be considered a bug? Typically, hs_err_pid files are created when the JVM terminates unexpectedly. You might want to look at the version of Java you're using and see if there is a newer version available for your platform.--Inertia
    • I always use the most up-to-date java version available, yet it doesn't fix the problem. Changing from Java 6 to the developers' release version of Java 7 doesn't help either. The people at Java told me it's more likely a bug in Minecraft, yet when I ask the people here, I get directed back to the Java people instead. I wouldn't be reporting this in the first place if it was an issue I could solve on my own; however, if you think that this doesn't belong here, go ahead and delete it.

[!!] Clicking on a dragon egg causes "saving chunks" error, Wasn't in the end, tested singleplayer only

[!!] On SOME computers opening the video settings tab in the option causes saving chunks then a crash

  • I had this problem too, but it was a mod problem. Are you sure you were playing vanilla? --

[!!] Minecraft will randomly crash whenever any sort of entity is on the center of the screen (whenever the entity is under the crosshair). Does not happen every time an entity is under the crosshair though; it's simply random. Only tested in SMP while running a clean install of Minecraft with Java 64 bit and latest gfx drivers. This does not happen in 1.8.1, nor in 1.9 pre6, only in RC2. No error messages are generated after crashing either.

[X] LWJGL related crash when clicking the new Quit button in windowed mode. Does not occur when in full screen. Currently only verified with 64-bit Linux with Intel/Mesa graphics. Other users please check if this bug occurs for you too. After the crash, the game screen will just go black. See pastebin.com/Yazm1n4s for the error log.

  • Worked fine for me on Win7 64-Bit, Java7 64-Bit, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560, both with and without Vista Glass, and in windowed or fullscreen mode. GALAKTOS
  • Confirmed with 32-bit Linux with Intel/Mesa graphics. Also found that the error log shows the same thing when exiting with the X button, but the window actually closes when you do that.
  • Since the Stack Trace contains "LinuxDisplay", i think it is a linux-specific bug rather than a graphics-card-specific bug. Please confirm! GALAKTOS
  • Works fine here with nvidia card (proprietary drivers) on 64-bit ubuntu 11.10, OpenJDK 6 64-bit. (With java 7 it crashes on startup trying to use 32-bit LWJGL) --Oln

[A] Crash when clicking "Video settings...". Can be fixed by deleting options.txt. This only happens when updating from an older Beta 1.9. It does not happen when updating from the latest official Beta 1.8.1, so it's just a low priority annoyance.

The End[]


[!] [MP] In multiplayer when you teleport to the end it kicks you off the server saying, "Moving too quickly. Hacking?" And when you log back in after a few seconds you fall in blackness and die from supposing the void.

[X] The bug is either that the Enderdragon is hurt by snowballs, or that Snow Golems will not attack it.

[X] When you grow a giant Red Mushroom in The End it appears invisible until you hit it.

[?] [MP] In SMP, The End doesn't generate.

  • It does generate on my server properly. – xPaw


[A!] The enderdragon pushes the player around even if the spawn point is underground. This might be intended but is very confusing since the player does not see the dragon and does not know what happens.

[A] [?] The enderdragon destroys player placed blocks (e.g. glowstone). This is intended but confusing if the glowstone block is underground (e.g. in the little room underground where the player spawned) and everything is covered by end stone.

[A] [?] In creative, when the enderdragon swoops in to attack the player, any endermen hit by the enderdragon will attempt to chase the enderdragon and ignore the player.

World Generator[]


[!] Snow biomes do not generate properly.

  • Can't confirm. Seed -906731100029805462 starts in a snow biome and looks fine here (Win 7 64bit). --Viciarg
    • This looks like an edge-between-generation-code-change problem... If this entire map was generated in RC2, please provide seed and coordinates. If this was an old map carried forth, this happens because of the changes in generation code. Chiisana
      • I can conflim it. I created new world in RC2 and found some missing chunks in snow biom near spawn point. I wasn't as fatal as it is shown on the picture but it still doesn't look right. seed: -6695289574079824854
        • I generated -6695289574079824854 and there isn't any snow near the spawn point, and everything was okay. Can someone else confirm or deny? --Haseo
          • (first time poster, be gentle please) New world in RC2, Seed 5463838108012868211 x:401.6 y:73.6 z:510.6 f:3 There's a chance I may have found another occurrence of this issue but I'm not sure. There's a large rectangular cutout in the world between biomes, trees cut in half, ditch in the ground with completely flat straight walls, lilly pad items laying on the ice where it killed them (is it supposed to do that?), etc. Tried reloading the seed and visiting the same spot again, the cutout still shows up. --IceWolfX

[A!] Endless oceans for worlds made in a pre-1.8 update are still not fixed

[!] Only three strongholds are generated. This means that you can't ever reach The End if the three portals are incomplete either as generated or from user actions. (such as in Creative Mode where you can destroy Ender pedestals but can't place them, or when you pour water on an already activated portal) This is particularity annoying in older maps where the terrain where the strongholds would be has already been generated. Infinite srongholds were supposed to be generated in 1.9.[2]

  • How do you know this hasn't already been implemented? Kedama
    • Generating a whole lot of new chunks, then sweeping through them with an offline map viewer. Rinse and repeat. Alternately, people have checked the source at least as recently as 1.9pre6 and found the "3 per world" code still present.

[!] Nether ruins can generate skewed Example

[X] Sugar cane is sometimes naturally four blocks tall, but it can only grow to three blocks.

[X] Sometimes when a pond forms in a snowy biome, some snow may be floating above the water.

[X] Ferns are never found naturally.

  • I've seen plenty of natural ferns. Are you sure you're on RC2? Kedama
    • I am sure that I am using RC2. Are you sure that they were ferns? Ferns look like tiny pine trees and drop seeds like grass. What kind of biome was it?


[A!] Biomes are very monotonous while at the same time the edges between biomes are very harsh. For example, there is not a single tree for kilometers and then, like a wall, all is full of big trees. All grass in one biome is the same color, but on edges the color changes very fast within a few blocks. Also, deserts can't be side-by-side with a rainforest. It needs a transition biome.

  • The biome-code needs to be made smarter generally. For example a desert next to a snow- or swamp-biome doesn't make much sense. It should be changed so that only biomes with a small temperature-difference can be next to each other. I also agree with the missing variations and the borders.

[A!] Almost no trees are generated on big mountains. They look like piles of dirt, not like natural mountains.

[A] Since the world generator changed, only very small patches of sand can be found on beaches. This is odd compared to the big beaches in the old world generator.

  • I think this is intended to make people go into desert biomes to get huge amounts of sand and sandstone, but i agree, it looks stupid. Maybe make beaches that have only 1 block thick sand? Then it would look fine and people still have to go into deserts for much sand/sandstone.

[A] Melons are never found naturally.

  • Pretty sure this is intended. Melons are only supposed to be obtained by finding Melon Seeds in an Abandoned Mineshaft. Kedama
    • I guess this could be intentional but it is still very strange to have to look for melon seeds deep underground.

[N] Sponges are never found naturally.

  • Natural sponge formations underwater, perhaps? --TorchicBlaziken
    • Sponges were purposely removed by the game devs, and have no plan to be re-introduced. This does not belong here as it fits more of a feature request, not a bug.

[A] Abandoned Mineshafts may be cut by Caverns, but the wooden parts are still in the air.



[!] [SP] In single-player, wolves discriminate based on username, which is a feature meant for multiplayer. This becomes a problem when wolves are befriended in offline mode (where the player is named "Player") and then do not obey the player when logged in, and vice versa. This is not a new bug and has existed as long as wolves have.

[X] [SP] Wolves still turn black when they are in water.

[?] [SP] Wolves can spawn in an abnormally large pack (20+). I've experienced this using the seed: 3679380549527139408

  • I can confirm. Using this seed I found a large group of wolves. However, I don't consider this a bug. --Mrheat


[A] Wolves will enter Love Mode (only when neutral to the player) but will not breed. Wolves are only found in taiga biomes, and spawn extremely rarely outside of being generated with the chunks. If all the wolves in a taiga are killed, then players usually have to explore very far until they can find wolves again. If wolves could be bred, then wolves could be renewable.

  • In RC2 wolves will also spawn in forest biomes. We encountered multiple packs in the same forest biome in a newly generated MP map. I think the rare spawning was a bug in 1.8.1 which has now been corrected. Zooathome



[?] The "Fortune" enchantment does not increase the mining yield of iron ore or gold ore. This appears to be because "Fortune" only works when mining blocks that drop items rather than blocks. This makes sense algorithmically but not logically—the "more valuable" diamond ore is affected by this enchantment, but the "less valuable" iron ore is not. I'm not sure whether this is a bug or a mere idiosyncrasy, but "Fortune" would be more worth the significant effort required to obtain it if it worked on iron ore, much less gold ore.

  • Well, iron or gold can be placed and mined again, so dropping more is a bad thing :S. That is, unless placed ore can be differentiated from generated ore.
    • You are exchanging levels for the enchantment for ore. I think it's a fair trade. It maybe wouldn't be so fair if you could duplicate diamond blocks, tough.
      • A more minecrafty solution might be to change what iron and gold ore blocks drop to an unplaceable ore item unless the pick is enchanted with silk touch...
        • Actually, if they really wanted to, they could probably just make Fortune cause Iron and Gold ore to drop nuggets/ingots in addition to the usual ore block. However, IIRC, they stated before that the current behaviour is intended, so I wouldn't hold my breath.
          • I think you mean instead of the usual ore block? If they dropped the nuggets/ingots in addition to the usual ore block, you have the same problem. I like the more minecrafty solution. User42


[A] If you mine a double-slab block with a silk touch enchantment you will only get one slab back.

  • um its spoose to be like that
    • Don't think so. If you mine a double-slab block without silk touch, you will get TWO slabs back (see: Slab#Behavior) --Mgr
      • You fail to understand how Silk Touch works, you're MEANT to get back what you mine. Grass-Grass, Stone-Stone, Double-Slab-Double-Slab. Qata
        • Basically you're supposed to get either 2 slabs or 1 double slab back.
          • I looked into it I didn't get a double slab, it gave me a single one. Doctursea



[!] Rain sound is missing when particles are turned off.

[X] Fire damage and drowning is playing the fall sound effects (newsound/damage/fall*.ogg), where newsound/random/hurt.ogg would be more appropriate.

[X] Walking on lily pads makes "wood" sounds but should make "grass" sounds (currently you have to jump to hear it, see the related bug below).

  • This was reported by two people (including me) but currently I can't reproduce it. Now it's playing the grass sound. --Mrheat

[X] Walking on lily pads or trapdoors (with air or water below) does not make a sound. Walking and jumping over a series of lily pads/trapdoors makes a single sound in the moment the player leaves the block (by jumping).

  • These items also make the correct sound when you walk across the top of the block containing these items. This means the y-axis of the top of the item does not correspond to the y-axis for sound generation. --Haseo

[X] In some areas (biome-dependant?) the rain to ground collision effect isn't attached to the rain, which also means the rain sound doesn't play while it is raining.

  • Can not confirm. Too little information. Particles turned on? --Mrheat
  • I can confirm this. It does seem to be biome specific. In my cases rain was heard only in swamp biomes. (particles were turned fully on).
    • Are you sure you are on the ground and not flying in creative? Rain can't be heard from a distance. --Mrheat
  • Confirmed. Occurred three times in extreme mountain biome (separate worlds). All particles were turned on and I was standing on the ground. --Haseo
  • I can confirm this too. It Happened in the extreme mountain biome on hardcore mode. (Seed: 8656018933489344520) :NOTE: I was standing on the top of the mountain right next to the spawn, and particles were on. If I moved around I could sometimes hear the rain; however, other times I couldn't.

[X] Ambient lava sounds never play.

[X] [MP] Experience twinkle sound is missing in SMP.

[X] [MP] When you close a door in Multiplayer (might have been the lag) the door closing sound goes twice.

  • Can confirm - this has happened to me like 5 times in a row on someone elses server. Is indeed related to lag, however.

[?] [MP] Ambient cave sounds never play in multiplayer.

[?] [Cr] The game music sounds never play on Creative Mode.


[A] Note blocks are far too quiet, especially at a (even relatively short) distance. This makes alarms/notifications virtually useless.

Minecarts & Rails[]


[!] Minecart Collision Bug Minecart collisions are not elastic. In fact, minecart collisions do not even conserve momentum. Examples: (Do not remove these or the related discussion, as they will be helpful to Jeb!!) (When I refer to "velocity" or "momentum" below, I refer to "true velocity"/"true momentum", not the quantity that is capped at 8 m/s ("travel velocity"), but the quantity determined by kinetic energy.)

  1. Two minecarts are on a straight track. Either both are empty or both are full. They collide. Observed behavior after the collision: No matter what their velocities were before the collision, Minecart A and Minecart B will rebound with equal and opposite velocities; their speed does not depend on initial conditions. (Observed results the same for both x-axis and z-axis directions.) Expected behaviors for two scenarios:
    • Minecart A collides with stationary Minecart B. Expected behavior after collision: Minecart A is stationary, and Minecart B has momentum equal to Minecart A's old momentum.
    • Minecart A has velocity v, and Minecart B has velocity –v. Expected behavior after collision: Minecart A has velocity –v, and Minecart B has velocity v.
  2. Two minecarts are on a straight track. Minecart A is occupied, while Minecart B is empty. (For the expected behaviors, I will operate under the assumption that the mass of an occupied minecart is "much greater than" the mass of an unoccupied one. This simplifies the computations the game has to perform substantially, in addition to resulting in very desirable behavior: e.g., first bullet point.) Expected behavior for two scenarios:
    • Minecart A collides with stationary Minecart B. Expected behavior: Minecart A's velocity is unchanged. Minecart B's velocity is set to twice the velocity of Minecart A. (For this to work best, consider increasing the travel velocity cap for unoccupied minecarts from 8 m/s to 16 m/s. (Minecarts going that fast pose little threat to game performance, since no one's riding them.) If the player hops into a cart traveling at 17 m/s true velocity (16 m/s travel), recompute travel velocity to 8 m/s without changing true velocity. I understand this may be difficult to get right, but it's important that A not repeatedly collide with B, and slowing down A is not an acceptable solution.)
    • Minecart B collides with stationary Minecart A. Expected result: A remains stationary, while B rebounds with equal and opposite velocity.

Since no reasonable specification exists that could account for the observed behavior, it follows that the current behavior does not abide by whatever specification Mojang has in mind. Hence, it is a bug. —Immute [talk]

[X] Activated detector rail will provide power after it is moved by a piston even if the minecart has been removed. The power goes away after some set amount of time (longer than a minute).--Incanus uk

[X] Detector Rails output doesn't get longer when it is activated and a second Minecart drives over it.

[X] The old minecart boosters (before powered rails) work again.

[X] Probably related to this one: Several minecarts stacked into a single place will stay together, ride at decent speed over non-railed floor, and evade walls. Source video for both Additionally, when in water, they sometimes manage to glide over one-block-wide holes without stopping.
[X] Probably also related to this one, "integrated boosters" (three minecarts stacked in a single place) also work, as shown in this video. They are a lot more unstable, and usually glitch out after the first successfull turn, but they work. The "direction key start" even works with only two minecarts, but they will separate instantly. If you don't enter the minecarts, they will complete one round and then stack perfectly just as in the video.

Creative Mode[]


[X] Fuels used on powered minecarts are lost from the inventory.

[X] Wheat and dyes used on animals are lost from the inventory.

  • Please explain; you do realise that the animals are eating the wheat and changing colour with the dye, right? That requires them to be used up, they're finite resources. Qata
    • Creative mode. Resources should be infinite. Barneygale
      • This seems more like an annoyance, though.--Inertia
        • Eggs, snowballs, and Eyes of Ender used to be finite in Creative, but that was a bug and was fixed, which sets a precedent for this being treated as a bug and fixed as well. TorchicBlaziken
          • Didn't realise the snowball issue had been fixed, I was treating it thusly. This would be classed as an annoyance, however. Qata

[X] Even though bows can be fired without arrows, firing bows still removes arrows from the inventory when arrows are present.

  • Isn't this rather an annoyance? Your "real" inventory, where these arrows (i suppose) would be taken from, can only be accessed when using chests, stoves and dispensers, and afaik, this is considered a bug and you're not supposed to have any access to this "real" inventory at all, so it would make no difference as soon as this was fixed. --GALAKTOS, not logged in as
  • If you place arrow in your hotbar slot, it get fired too. — MiiNiPaaT|C
  • Okay, that's annoying. GALAKTOS
  • Actually, that is what I meant. Arrows are taken from the hotbar.

[X] Shears are damaged when used on sheep.

[X] When right clicking on a block, even if the item that is currently held cannot do anything to the block, it is animated in the player's hand.

[X] Tools are damaged when used to attack mobs.

[X] Bows and fishing rods are damaged when used.

  • Fishing rods have been damaged since forever. For bows, their durability is a new feature. TorchicBlaziken
  • I know, but this is creative mode. All items should last forever.

[X] Empty spaces in your inventory are filled with the default items when entering/exiting the nether

Blocks drop items when destroyed in creative, when they're not supposed to:

  • [X] When you destroy the block underneath redstone dust in creative mode, the redstone dust will drop as an item.
  • Same with flowers, rails, saplings, signs, torches and so on
  • Also happens when water knocks the items off
  • [X] Destroying the top of a door (any type) drops a door item.
  • [X] Minecarts and boats will drop a minecart when destroyed in creative mode.
  • [X] Monsters drop loot.
  • [X] TNT drops a TNT item when destroyed
  • [X] If the player hits an extended piston arm, the piston will drop.
  • [X] Basically, a block removed any way other than being directly punched by the player will create an item.
* At least some of these drops are intended function, _not_ a bug. It's possible for one person on a server to be on creative and another on survival - they share the same world, so the blocks need to function consistently regardless of who is closest. Even in single player creative, to make the blocks function differently (than survival mode) would prevent many machines and circuits from being built. Such a restriction would sort of invalidate the point of creative mode, wouldn't it? --R b bergstrom
* This could be used in various redstone contraptions. E.g. a piston pulling a block form beneath a flower, causing it to fall below onto a pressure plate; or when water would knock a flower off and push it onto a pressure plate. Not only including flowers of course, But manually destroying a part of a object and still getting drops seems like a more of an annoyance or request since it wasn't intended to work that way in the first place. --MrsBeefy


[A] When flying, horizontal movement through water and lava is very slow.

[A] When flying, movement is very slow when the bow is charged (instead of being faster like normal flying)

[A] The map in the creative inventory is always the same (the center of the map is always the spawn point).

Creative mode inventory missing items:

  • [A] 18:3 Spruce Trees' Coloured Leaves
    • Same thing as the 44:6 slab, here's a screenshot of that block.
  • [A] 31:0 Dead Bush placeable on dirt and grass
  • [A] 44:6 Alternate Stone Slab (ID 44:6)
    • I have posted a screenshot of the alternate stone slab (44:6) and double slab (43:6) on the left, and the normal ones on the right. As the alternate double slab provides an alternate appearance, it would be useful to have for aesthetic purposes. -Gravemind2401
  • [A] 52:* (Working) Mob Spawners
    • They could at least put it in Creative Mode as a "Pig Spawner".
  • [A] 60:0 Farmland
  • [A!] 78:0 Snow layer
  • [A] 90:0 Portal
  • [A] 97:0 Silverfish Stone
  • [A] 97:1 Silverfish Cobblestone
  • [A] 97:2 Silverfish Stone Brick
    • The Silverfish Blocks are obtainable via Silk Touch, and while they have no tooltip, they can be used as traps, particularly in the design of survival maps.
  • [A] 99:* Huge Red Mushroom
  • [A] 100:* Huge Brown Mushroom
  • [A] 119:0 End Portal
  • [A] 120:0 End Portal Frame
  • [A] 122:0 Dragon Egg
  • Obviously you're not intended to be able to acquire some of those blocks, as they are technical blocks (Portal, End Portal, etc.) or are not fully implemented yet (Dragon Egg). Also mushroom blocks are textured differently when generated, thus requiring many different blocks in the creative inventory to have all those combinations of textures. But I do agree with you on some (End Portal Frame, Snow). --MrsBeefy

[A] Armor cannot be equipped in Creative Mode. Thus, the presence of armor in Creative Mode is pointless. This could be solved either by removing the armor from the Item Selection or adding an equipment menu.

  • Actually This is still convenient for those who are using creative to create an adventure map, or use it to spawn items for other players. Inventory can still be accessed by using a WB or a chest or any other similar block. Though, an inventory menu would still be handy. Perhaps a button located somewhere at the top of the items page, so it works kinda like tabs? Valiantiam
  • Although the player's inventory can be accessed through a crafting bench, furnace, etc..., the GUI's given do not allow for armor placement.
  • Valiantiam, you are correct with the armor for maps, but an Inventory Tab would be under suggestions not bugs, sir. --MrsBeefy

[A!] Like all the other blocks, End Portal frames are destructible. However, they cannot be placed. This means that destroying even one End Portal Block before activating the Portal means that the player has to go in search of a new portal (with the Eye of Ender being no help) if they want to go to the End. Availability of End Portal frames in Creative Mode would also facilitate creating stuff in The End. It can be very useful, creativity-wise, because of the whole "outer space" effect the endless void gives off, which is buildable and with no naturally generated structures to have to dismantle first, after having finished building off the initial islands.

[A] Experience and levels are actually useful in Creative Mode when enchanting, however, they do not show up on the HUD.

  • Confirmed. I killed a dragon, enchanded some swords, then couuldn't anymore. Bluesword



[!!] Once you enter The End, attempting to destroy a regeneration tower with a sword causes the sound effect to play, but nothing to happen. I relogged, and I found myself cloned, holding an eye of ender when I was holding an iron sword. Also, the dragon is frozen in place and cannot be killed. Soon after, server crashed. Upon relogging, again and attempting to kill myself by falling into the "Void", nothing happened, even switching in between Creative and Survival gamemodes. Hence, stuck forever. SoggyTaco 9:54PM (PST)

[!!] Opening some chests on a server will disconnect client with error "Internal exception: java.io.IOException: Received string length is less than zero! Weird string!"[22]. I haven't got this error myself from the same chests but I've seen at least four people get the same error on two different servers, one of which was started on RC2 so it shouldn't be corrupted in any way. I haven't yet figured out any consistency on what causes it.

[!] [MP] Many missing sound effects:

  • Shooting an arrow
  • Footsteps of another player
  • Mining sounds of another player
  • Lever sounds
  • Pressure Plates sounds
  • Exploding sound (TNT, Creeper, Ghast)
  • Ghast's sound when shooting a fireball
  • Another player placing a block
  • Chicken "pop" sound when laying an egg
  • (Add any more when found)
  • If you install Minecraft RC2 for singleplayer, then go back to 1.8.1, the sound of the TNT from RC2 remains the same.
    • You do realise that when sound was updated for RC2, it was also updated for Beta 1.8?

[!] [MP] Many missing features/animations:

  • Particle effects when riding a boat
  • Creeper puffing up when about to explode
  • Endermen do not open their mouths when aggressive
  • Endermen do not shake when aggressive
  • Endermen do not turn aggressive when looked at
    • The "trigger point" for aggression is actually above the Enderman. Looking above it turns it aggressive
      • That is a bug in itself then, because you should have to look at them not above them.


  • Spiders climbing walls are glitchy
  • Destroying particles of another player don't show up to you
  • Magma Cubes don't show their "accordion" jump animation
  • (Add any more when found)

[!] [MP] The server still often displays: Connection Lost The server responded with an invalid server key when trying to connect.

[!] [MP] Sparks fly from a player if they're hit from a far distance while flying above the ground.

[!] [MP] Mobs can only be hit on their upper parts using melee attacks. Hitting their legs has no effect.

[?] [MP] Biomes can change after Server Crash (Bluescreen)

  • This is minecraft doing an attempt to "repair" the level.dat file after an instant crash, and most of the time will give the map a new seed, generating that seed around the chunks you have already generated. (Biomes are tied to the seed not the chunks themselves) To fix this, after a bluescreen crash, simply delete your level.dat file BEFORE starting your server up, and then replace it with a level.dat from a working map that was not being loaded when your computer crashed. This is not a bug, it's actually just a fail safe designed to keep your maps playable even after a bluescreen crash.Valiantiam

[!] [MP] The "ore-smelting" and "fuel-burning" clocks of furnaces sometimes become out of sync, such that if a player puts 6 logs and 4 planks in a furnace, leaves, and comes back a minute later, they may find 5 charcoal and one log instead of the 6 charcoal that should have been produced. This has been around for an EXTREMELY long time.

[!] [MP] When you log out with barely suffice headroom (i.e.: 2 high hallway/tunnel), you may find yourself logging into a different place (typically on top of your old location, but not always the case).

  • I believe headroom has no bearing, only proximity to walls. In a 2x1 hallway, the player has a higher chance of being next to a wall that reaches to a new location. Upon logging back in, the anti-suffocation logic kicks in and transports the player up to a new space.--Inertia
  • This problem could be fixed by placing the player in the middle of the block on witch he's standing, when the player disconnects.

[!] [MP] When creating a new world with the server, the Nether and the End don't generate (and empty region files are placed in the DIM1 and DIM-1 folders). It last worked correctly in 1.9pre4. Morlok8k

  • I generated a new world using 1.0 RC2 server and the nether was generated fine. I didn't test the End. Is this specific to a certain seed?

[!] [MP] Many entities appear commonly as client side ghosts. For example TNT, falling sand and gravel, mobs and flying arrows. This is a client end issue, as re-logging will typically remove any ghost entities. Chiisana

    • For mobs, this bug appears most notably when more than 20 are killed at once using a splash potion, in an XP girder, for example.
  • I found that in creative mode, taking splash potions out of a brewing stand then using them then going back to the brewing stand the potions reaper in your inventory

[!] [MP] Fishing rods do not change to "fishing rod without string" texture when cast. They also lack the curved black line when fishing.

[!] [MP] Walking or jumping into an End portal kicks you from the server with a "You moved too quickly :( (Hacking?)" message.

[!] [MP] Protocol spam of packet 0x69 when using the enchantment table.

[!] [MP] Once you enter The End, attempting to destroy a regeneration tower with a sword causes the sound effect to play, but nothing to happen. I relogged, and I found myself cloned, holding an eye of ender when I was holding an iron sword. Also, the dragon is frozen in place and cannot be killed. Soon after, my server crashed. -soggytaco

[!] [MP] Enchantment table window incorrectly claims it has 9 slots in packet 0x64 (should be 1)

[!] Getting a "The server responded with an invalid server key" message when connecting to any server. This appears to be intermittent. --

  • This also happens quite frequently when the server is on the same subnet as the client (tested on subnet mask, DHCP issued IP addresses in 10.0.1.n range; the same server when accessed from the internet yields no 'invalid server key' error).--Inertia
  • This appears not only on local servers, and is intermittent. I am guessing the error is caused by a communication error between minecraft_server.jar and minecraft's central authentication server. Chiisana
  • Reproduced on my Linode hosted server with RC2. This is not limited to localhosts. Current solution is to try over and over again, possibly we should upgrade this to a major annoyance or bug.
  • I think it is more related to both client and server being behind the same external IP address. I have two subnets behind a single external IP, the server on one subnet and client on the other subnet but still get this error a lot. Possibly placebo effect, but it appears to happen less if I use the "Direct Connect" option with the server IP rather than a DNS name.
  • Happens on internet servers as well, on and off. Entry in logfile just says "/xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:xxxxx lost connection". Might be related to problems with authentication server?
  • Confirmed as a bug by Jeb here Chiisana

[X] [MP] All mob spawners show a rotating pig instead of the correct mob in multiplayer.

[X] [MP] EXP orbs are invisible to the client. They can still be collected, but they are not visible and don't make sounds when picked up.

[X] [MP] Mining is slower in multiplayer due to the click-mining fix, even if you don't click-mine.

[X] [MP] Seeing other players moving or jumping is very choppy, even when the server is not lagging.

[X] [MP] Boats and minecarts are very hard to control, especially in tight spaces.

[X] [MP] Arrows "warp" about a block upwards when they land on surfaces.


[A!] Parsing the 1.9/1.0 protocol currently requires a list of enchantable items, due to the differing nature of the "slot" structure. This means the protocol is no longer context free, an annoying and needless issue for those developing third-party servers, wrappers and clients. This could be solved by writing an additional short after (block_id, count, uses) containing -1 for un-enchantable items. See here for details: [23]

[A] There is no flag in server.properties to allow/disallow travel to The End

[A] There is no flag in server.properties to enable/disable the generation of structures (Villages, Mineshafts, etc.) like in single player

[A] Minecraft_server.jar needs to be multi-threading to offer better performance for multi-core servers. A server.properties configuration setting the amount of threads to create in a thread pool used by the server would be really nice, too; so minecraft_server doesn't eat up resources on all cores when server admin feels there's need for other things to co-exist. Chiisana

Discussion on this is still available here

[A] RCON bugs

  • Newlines from command output are not relayed (try help)
  • Often command output is not relayed at all (try save-all).
  • Code exists to split responses into 4KB chunks, but elsewhere the code assumes a maximum length of 1460 bytes.
  • Unknown commands are not indicated as such

[A] Query (GS4) bugs

  • In the basic stat, port should be encoded as a null-terminated string
  • In the full stat, "motd" is mislabeled "hostname"
  • The player list format breaks the GS4 protocol standard. The section beginning \x00\x01player_\x00\x00 should be replaced by (k, v) pairs, e.g. player_1\x00notch\x00\xplayer_2\x00jeb_\x00.

[A] Left-clicking with an item sends a string of multiple 0x12 (Animation) packets. Before 1.8, it only sent 1. This makes the left-click event harder to catch in server wrappers (e.g. bukkit)

[A!] Region file r.0.0.mcr will save to disk once every 30 seconds on SMP, even if no one is logged in. This is most likely because spawn chunk is loaded in memory, so that when people log in, they don't need to wait for server to fetch that chunk. However, this causes excessive Disk IO, and should be avoided. Instead of such frequent writes, perhaps consider having a state where chunks are loaded in memory, but not actually updated. This way, it would not require a disk write process (on a 5.6MB file at that!) every 30 seconds. Chiisana

Water & Lava[]


[X] At least in SP, creative mode: water flowing on top of lava does not always generate cobblestone which makes it look weird. This only happens when the lava is on the lowest level (so e.g. 4 blocks away from a source). Position of water source does not seem to matter. The water acts if it flows down (it doesn't continue flowing once passed the lava), but it doesn't actually enters or alters the block below. I just tested it, and it was present in older versions as well (at least 1.9 pr4).


[A!] Some floating lava blocks never disappear, even if all source blocks are destroyed (screenshot, also see the discussion). As far as we know this is intended but annoying since it makes removing a single lava source very time-consuming. Turning lava off with pistons becomes impossible in some cases (depending on how the lava flows).

[A] If you're in slanted water it still adds the blue tinge as if you're fully submerged.

[A] You can jump on the edge of block in water.

[A] When lava goes trough Grass Blocks, it is not converted to dirt, which feels weird since blocks placed above Grass Blocks generally became.



[A] Villagers and players alike often accidentally fall in the village wells, rendering players unable to escape the well without desecrating it. I always place ladders on the inside of the well so that villagers and players can escape if they fall in. I think that ladders should naturally be generated on the inside of the well. TorchicBlaziken

  • The walls of the well could be made of slabs.
  • Alternatively, fill water to the brim of the well so entities can get out. Chiisana(on mobile)