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Welcome to Minecraft Wiki! The majority of you are likely to have been arrived just now, so if you are willing to help, in the continuation, some important points to take during the editing period are shown. Since the site is built voluntarily, follow the main and recommendable advice if you start to contribute to the site and become familiar with it.

Communication and tips

The best way to start helping is by talking to other users. When they discuss, they learn from each other and listen to their opinions, suggestions and proposals. They are important as a community, which allows us to be connected. The best advices are:

  • The Gamepedia Help wiki and the Community Central wiki contain some general tips about wiki editing.
  • Be open, natural, and contact a user on their discussion page in case of doubts.
  • Look at the list of recent changes to see the last one that has taken place and if you need to improve.
  • Check out the community portal to see what the community is working on to give your opinion and feedback.
  • Join the Minecraft Wiki Discord server to comment and discuss things about the site, everyone is welcome.
  • Read the legal notices, which are important to know since they explain how the wiki works:
  1. Copyrights
  2. General disclaimer
  3. About
Improving content

If you want to improve any aspect of any page that already exists, read it more and analyze its content. The pages can be very complicated to organize, but with a little practice if they can improve. You could consider it as follows:

Adding content

To start, the first thing you can do is look for a page you want, and if it doesn't exist, you can start creating it. The wiki constantly grows and each day it increases its contents. You can take the following advices as references:

  • Add all the information you separate that might be beneficial to the readers.
    • If something doesn't seem quite right, feel free to improve on it.
  • Find and document the precise version in which a given feature was changed - see Category:Unknown version history for currently missing information.
  • Follow the style guide, which is the way to order the articles.
  • There are projects made by users to improve the wiki. Feel free to help out or even create a new project at Minecraft Wiki:Projects.