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Protection for The Player

Edit warring by an IP ( (talkcontribslogsblock log)) inserting unsourced speculative information. Skylinerw (talk) 14:40, 23 October 2017 (UTC)

Just ask for the user to be blocked; no need to go so far so as to request a protection (especially since there's only one user involved). VeenM64 (talkcontribslogsblock log) 🐷🥕☮️ 17:50, 23 October 2017 (UTC)
Mmm, I was debating whether or not to request that instead. I figured that if the page were protected for a short time, it would potentially prompt the user to go to the Talk page to discuss the issue instead of ignoring us and continuing their edit warring. Blocking them would prevent discussion, but of course is another option. Skylinerw (talk) 18:17, 23 October 2017 (UTC)
Sure. Protected it for a week. -Xbony2 (GRASP) (FTB Wiki Admin) (talk) 19:35, 23 October 2017 (UTC)
And the problem continues again, with a slightly different IP. This time as (talkcontribslogsblock log), the Player page is under the exact same persistent attack and the same nonsense / unrelevant info is being edited in about the goatee. What else can be done than protecting the page for a while? – Jack McKalling (tcp) 11:50, 31 October 2017 (UTC)
Maybe protecting it for a slightly longer unit of time. -Xbony2 (GRASP) (FTB Wiki Admin) (talk) 19:40, 2 November 2017 (UTC)
Not that an edit war has started again yet, but the first edit has come in again (and reverted it). Now by yet again a slightly different IP, (talkcontribslogsblock log). Will they ever stop? – Jack McKalling [ 16px 16px 16px ] 17:07, 22 December 2017 (UTC)
I can 99.9% guarantee all those IPs are the same person; the known IPs there show a very small subnet mask, and a quick spot-check of the edits from them don't suggest any unrelated editing activity (though I didn't examine any edits in detail). That being said, since I can't seem to find a decent CIDR subnet calculator anywhere, I've just reprotected the page for six months. User:Dinoguy1000Special:Contributions/Dinoguy1000? · ☎ Dinoguy1000 17:27, 22 December 2017 (UTC)
http://whois.domaintools.com/ (solve the really simple CAPTCHA to view the output) — the subnet is " -"; https://ipaddressguide.com/cidr — the mask is "". These are just the tools I used, there are definitely many others. --AttemptToCallNil (report bug, view backtrace) 17:40, 22 December 2017 (UTC)
The subnet for the IPs we've seen so far is smaller than that. More recent versions of MediaWiki have (finally!) added support for viewing contributions across an entire subnet at once (it's had support for blocking subnets for many years); unfortunately, Gamepedia isn't running a new enough version to benefit from that (I'd really like to see what it would turn up). User:Dinoguy1000Special:Contributions/Dinoguy1000? · ☎ Dinoguy1000 18:44, 22 December 2017 (UTC)
The Human page just got edited about this smile/goatee thing again, now by (talkcontribslogsblock log). I suggest permanently protecting both pages to autoconfirmed priviledge, as this problem will (apparently) not end. Thanks. – Jack McKalling [ 16px 16px 16px ] 16:43, 26 January 2018 (UTC)
Extended protection to a year. -Xbony2 (GRASP) (FTB Wiki Admin) (talk) 21:44, 26 January 2018 (UTC)

Anon invasion of the Russian Minecraft Wiki

The anonymous vandals and spammers are plaguing the Russian Minecraft Wiki. Our project perhaps never has seen consecutive blocks of so many IP address ranges. At least three types of malicious actions are being done: advertisements, actions related to the recently blocked user Rusy233 ms, and actions related to the long-ago blocked user EnderMamix. Some IP addresses say that these users don’t have anything to do with the spammers and their accounts were hacked, but it is impossible to track every IP address and confirm these words. Vandals are using a multitude of VPNs and possibly other anonymizing utilities to evade blocks. I even had to engineer a new abuse filter to fight against a specific type of vandalism (it was later patched by AttemptToCallNil). This is terrible.

I request Curse administration (Game widow) and GRASP (Pcj, xbony2) to help our project in taking care of these mysterious bad guys. But beware: after my message they might target you too! — user:BabylonAS (talk | ru.Wiki Admin) (fka NickTheRed37) 14:24, 26 November 2017 (UTC)

OK — Game widow (talk) 14:25, 26 November 2017 (UTC)
I will check the RC periodically to look at anything suspicious. -Xbony2 (GRASP) (FTB Wiki Admin) (talk) 16:03, 26 November 2017 (UTC)
I wonder if it is possible to enable Captcha (or similar) for IPs and users who haven't been autoconfirmed for as long as this spam attack may last...? --:nl:Gebruiker:DarkShadowTNT NL Admin (:nl:Overleg gebruiker:DarkShadowTNT:nl:Speciaal:Bijdragen/DarkShadowTNT) 19:02, 26 November 2017 (UTC)
Nothing's really been happening, probably because you put in a good abuse filter. -Xbony2 (GRASP) (FTB Wiki Admin) (talk) 12:30, 27 November 2017 (UTC)
No, we weren’t messing up with abuse filters in the last 24 hours. It may just be a break between attacks. — user:BabylonAS (talk | ru.Wiki Admin) (fka NickTheRed37) 14:25, 27 November 2017 (UTC)
I thought you said you did but whatever. Will keep an eye out and stuff though. -Xbony2 (GRASP) (FTB Wiki Admin) (talk) 23:38, 27 November 2017 (UTC)

This is terrible. The vandal adapts to any upgrades of the abuse filter (it already includes some obscene words of Russian language, de facto enforcing one of the rules’ points), pushing his edits out of any filter’s pattern range. AttemptToCallNil suggested on the Russian wiki’s Discord channel to block all open proxies based on information from Wikipedia with the aid of Curse or an admin bot. The problem is will Curse allow such a radical action or not, but the Replicators (as we call the vandal IP addresses in Discord after Stargate creatures) are already a nagging issue interfering with our project’s normal life. — user:BabylonAS (talk | ru.Wiki Admin) (fka NickTheRed37) 15:28, 2 December 2017 (UTC)

To clarify, just today we've already blocked twelve proxies used by the vandal to make over 40 edits. --AttemptToCallNil (report bug, view backtrace) 15:37, 2 December 2017 (UTC)
@Game widow: could you please have Extension:TorBlock installed for the Russian wiki? Some administrators suspect that at least some of these proxy IPs are Tor exit nodes. --AttemptToCallNil (report bug, view backtrace) 15:03, 3 December 2017 (UTC)
Installed — Game widow (talk) 17:13, 3 December 2017 (UTC)
The extension is now on Special:Version. Thank you for your assistance. --AttemptToCallNil (report bug, view backtrace) 17:20, 3 December 2017 (UTC)

As of now, the Replicators are mostly dormant. Some evidences suggest that Rusy233 ms is actually behind this mess, and a indefinite block has been proposed for him in Discord. Also, I have coded a program that allows to consequently block IP addresses en masse, which would allow solving the issue of open proxies. — user:BabylonAS (talk | ru.Wiki Admin) (fka NickTheRed37) 13:46, 15 December 2017 (UTC)

Rusy233 ms has been indefinitely blocked by AttemptToCallNil just right now. — user:BabylonAS (talk | ru.Wiki Admin) (fka NickTheRed37) 16:49, 15 December 2017 (UTC)
Sorry, but it was not me. Please, so that this does not happen again. Rusy233 ms (talk) 17:30, 15 December 2017 (UTC)
What's up with this drama? I translated Rusy's talk page from the Russian wiki and the best that I can understand is that their account has caused much vandalism, which Rusy has said is because hackers got into the account. But that's generally odd since no one else has ever had a problem with that since MediaWiki is pretty secure. I'd assume Rusy would have tried changing their password to something not used on any other account. -Xbony2 (GRASP) (FTB Wiki Admin) (talk) 22:31, 15 December 2017 (UTC)
Evidence against that user:
  1. Multiple accounts of vandalism, provocations, and other disruptive activity (such as changing names of game concepts to variants only he uses; repeating the same baseless statements like "this name is not natural" in discussions)
  2. Inquiring about anti-vandalism abuse filters during the vandal invasion in a manner which suggests he has triggered those filters, but no legitimate edits were affected by the filters;
  3. Using the same misspelling of vandalism ("vandalizme") as the vandal;
  4. Inquiring about Tor being blocked just after the extension was installed, the most likely way to find that out was to attempt to edit via Tor (and there was no legitimate reason to do that, his primary IPs were not blocked)
Then there's this: :ru:Special:Diff/645051. Rough translation: "I found out something unexpected: even if substantial security measures are applied, the account will still be hacked because the hackers are using bots to instantly hack accounts regardless of their security measures." Some administrators believe this is convincing evidence of that his "hacking" claims are trolling.
--AttemptToCallNil (report bug, view backtrace) 06:05, 16 December 2017 (UTC)
And now he claims that this message about hacking was written by hackers who hacked his account. --AttemptToCallNil (report bug, view backtrace) 08:49, 16 December 2017 (UTC)
Changed the account password by 20 characters. Most likely, crackers will use more complex scripts for hacking. Rusy233 ms (talk) 16:48, 16 December 2017 (UTC)
To me it sounds as if to me, even if you are innocent, you are a liability. Do you have a little brother or something that uses your computer? If you can't deal with this problem I don't see what anyone can do but block you. The homophobia (which I have a natural bias against since I am bi) and seemingly personal attacks (it looks like Babylon and AttemptToCallNil are being targeted in particular) really aren't helping your case I may note. -Xbony2 (GRASP) (FTB Wiki Admin) (talk) 19:07, 16 December 2017 (UTC)
Is there any kind of CheckUser process on Gamepedia? Because at least two Russian wiki administrators suspect that User:Vandalizme is a sockpuppet of User:Rusy233 ms, and that this user may be the vandal who attacked the Russian wiki in late November / early December. --AttemptToCallNil (report bug, view backtrace) 06:35, 17 December 2017 (UTC)
It's pretty much just asking Gamepedia staff. You should be on the Gamepedia Slack btw, which is the best way to quickly talk to the staff. Babylon refused to join when I asked him long ago, but maybe you are less stubborn; it would be a lot easier to respond to disasters such as this if you were. -Xbony2 (GRASP) (FTB Wiki Admin) (talk) 13:50, 17 December 2017 (UTC)

I request a global indefinite block of Rusy233 ms and related accounts. Also, I have already sent requests to accept me into GRASP twice and I’m now on a line to join the Slack channel (also, why Slack, not Discord?). I’m determined to crush the Replicators in reach once and for all. — user:BabylonAS (talk | ru.Wiki Admin) (fka NickTheRed37) 14:19, 17 December 2017 (UTC)

Handled via the RU wiki. --Pcj (talk) 16:16, 17 December 2017 (UTC)
You forgot to set the email blocking option. Also, the Rusy233 sm and Vandalizme accounts are also to be blocked. And, a suspicious account Virys233 appeared yesterday, apparently impersonating VirysD25. — user:BabylonAS (talk | ru.Wiki Admin) (fka NickTheRed37) 16:23, 17 December 2017 (UTC)
I will leave that to you. You need to unblock and re-block with the proper settings to get the global block to show up properly. --Pcj (talk) 16:43, 17 December 2017 (UTC)
You've sent two applications and they're both on the books :P the staff have sort of taken the route of accepting GRASPers when they need them tbh you probably would have accepted you if you were on Slack, but because you weren't they don't really know you. Slack is being used over Discord mostly just because there's ~650 users on Slack and migrated them all would be difficult at this point. Also, the way they have it set up, the channels would be difficult to do on Discord. There's a hundred or so of them and the way Discord is, they'd all have to public, making it hard to navigate, or be private, making staff have to make a role for each channel in order to access it which would be complicated. -Xbony2 (GRASP) (FTB Wiki Admin) (talk) 20:40, 17 December 2017 (UTC)
What are the complete requirements and procedures for joining Gamepedia Slack? Will I have to register an account somewhere else? If so, what kind of info do I have to provide? If I have to provide my real name, will it be publicly available? --AttemptToCallNil (report bug, view backtrace) 06:28, 18 December 2017 (UTC)
All you need is to a email address and a nickname (no need to provide your real name anywhere). Your invitation should be accepted soon after sending it in (by Gamepedia staff, they just confirm you are Gamepedia user). More information can be found in here. piotrex43 (Talk page) 07:25, 18 December 2017 (UTC)
To clarify, Slack accounts are not shared among Slack communities, right? --AttemptToCallNil (report bug, view backtrace) 08:42, 19 December 2017 (UTC)
As far as I can tell, you have to register at each workspace individually with an email address and password. I have a Slack account, but it doesn't allow me to login globally into Slack. So I guess they aren't shared, no, to my surprise I might add. – Jack McKalling [ 16px 16px 16px ] 08:49, 19 December 2017 (UTC)

A new abuse filter (ID 24) has been created specifically against the Replicators on the Russian wiki (the previous filter was revisioned as a general vandalism filter). But, the actions there are way smaller than on this wiki right now. I think that creating new abuse filters here should significantly help, as with the Russian section. And, of course, don’t forget to include “Rusy233 ms”, “Vandalizme” and “Alisa Selezneva” phrases into the filter should one be created here. I would like to personally supervise its creation (so it becomes compatible with the Russian filter) but I don’t have enough permissions, and I won’t have them even if I would be accepted into GRASP. — user:BabylonAS (talk | ru.Wiki Admin) (fka NickTheRed37) 14:11, 23 December 2017 (UTC)

Rusy233 ms and EnderMamix were previously temporarily unblocked as part of an experiment. But it didn’t produce any productive results, and they were reblocked again. The Replicators were last seen putting advertisements in their Curse user profiles, which again confirms their spam potential (see also an ancient topic). — user:BabylonAS (talk | ru.Wiki Admin) (fka NickTheRed37) 14:04, 13 January 2018 (UTC)
And now the Replicators are again trying to do their typical activity (advertisements, complaints about innocence, reverts) although the scale of vandalism is now less severe because of a properly configured abuse filter, which also checks the summary (such a setting was successful in repelling the January 6 wave). — user:BabylonAS (talk | ru.Wiki Admin) (fka NickTheRed37) 14:11, 14 January 2018 (UTC)

File :File:Biocraft124.png doesn't work anymore (fixed)

For a different reason as the file from previous section, this file is broken too. It cannot be viewed on its own page or even its history, but the only page it is linked from (Texture_pack/Native) does render the image itself correctly, see "Biocraft" in the top table. I'm getting an internal error on the file page and history, Wikimedia\Assert\ParameterAssertionException, which makes me completely unable to check what's going on. The error seems to imply that the database cannot select it or something, possibly due to invalid characters somewhere but not sure. I have no access to the source code so I can't check myself what the error is exactly referring to. – Jack McKalling [ 16px 16px 16px ] 22:39, 14 December 2017 (UTC)

I attempted to ask about this in the #general channel on the Gamepedia Slack. Pcj, the WOWpedia wiki manager and a GRASP member, replied that we need to create a ticket and emphasized bringing it to the attention of our wiki manager, who I believe is Dinoguy1000. Apparently, the problem was caused when a user with a wonky user name updated it in 2012. – Auldrick (talk · contribs) 17:11, 17 December 2017 (UTC)
You are thinking wiki guardian. Your wiki manager is your liaison to Curse, in this case I believe Game widow. --Pcj (talk) 17:43, 17 December 2017 (UTC)
Actually, I'd never heard of either one, wiki guardian or manager. Where was I, an ordinary editor, meant to hear of them? No, I was going by what people had in their Slack profiles, and I misread Dinoguy's; I read "wiki manager" where it says "wiki admin". But I gotta say, getting help from Gamepedia or Curse is like making a black market deal. You have to hang around the wiki's dank admin ghettoes advertising that you're looking for help until a passing geezer in plain street kit susses you out and murmurs cryptically where to look for the guy who can get what you need. It shouldn't be this hard! – Auldrick (talk · contribs) 20:32, 17 December 2017 (UTC)
I'll send the support ticket. That's always worked for me. Thanks for your efford though, I wouldn't have known how to approach this issue without your help. – Jack McKalling [ 16px 16px 16px ] 20:40, 17 December 2017 (UTC)
I created a formal ticket for it this morning — Game widow (talk) 14:26, 18 December 2017 (UTC)
Thanks for that! I just got a reply from the GP community manager as well, confirming that an impermissible username caused the database to error out. Hopefully it can be fixed. – Jack McKalling [ 16px 16px 16px ] 14:43, 18 December 2017 (UTC)
Actually, I had not noticed but Alianin had already created a ticket, so there are even two in at the moment — Game widow (talk) 14:54, 18 December 2017 (UTC)
Seems to be fixed now, thanks guys. – Jack McKalling [ 16px 16px 16px ] 10:39, 13 January 2018 (UTC)

Archive time

This page is getting pretty big. – Nixinova 16 px 16 px 16 px 02:06, 17 December 2017 (UTC)

The last archive was made almost six months ago in July 2017, and since then, 94 (now 95) sections have accumulated on this noticeboard. Taking a look at all the archives, this is the most amount of sections the Admin noticeboard has held, with the next five archives with the most number of sections are archive 24 at 72 sections, archive 21 at 66 sections, archive 19 at 59 sections, and archive 9 and 10, both at 54 sections. I think we are past due for an archival of the Admin noticeboard, since many the old sections above have already been resolved and hence no longer need to be on this page. 11:31, 20 December 2017 (UTC)
I agree, but the sections that haven't been solved yet (which are solved?) should be isolated first. – Jack McKalling [ 16px 16px 16px ] 12:34, 20 December 2017 (UTC)
I'm wondering whether any of our bot operators would be interested in running an archival bot, preferably one that's able to archive any talk page that's opted in to auto-archival, like the system used for Wikipedia. User:Dinoguy1000Special:Contributions/Dinoguy1000? · ☎ Dinoguy1000 15:16, 20 December 2017 (UTC)
That would be possible. In my case, Pywikibot even has its own archival script. As for the archival itself, how should we archive at all? Copy and paste old topics into a brand new page, remove them from the current page afterwards, or move the page itself and then move current topics back into the original place? The first method is simpler, whereas the second allows to keep the flow of history intact. — user:BabylonAS (talk | ru.Wiki Admin) (fka NickTheRed37) 15:39, 21 December 2017 (UTC)
I was wondering myself as well. I haven't been around enough to know how pages are archived, but the latter sounds better to me. Preserving history is good. But the active discussions, yes I see them as a problem for the process, like I said, I don't know how it's usually done. – Jack McKalling [ 16px 16px 16px ] 16:08, 21 December 2017 (UTC)
Copying is preferable to moving. It's far simpler for a bot (or an editor) to manually select and copy old topics to an archive than it is to move the whole page and have to copy individual, active topics back, and that breaks the premise of keeping history with the associated topics anyways, since unless you're an admin and feel like polluting the delete log, there is no way to split a page's history in order to keep the history of a particular discussion all together (and even if you are an admin and don't mind polluting the delete log to do that, in the process you'll also add to individual diffs: each diff is associated with a full page text, and when you split between diffs like that, then any intervening changes still have to be represented in the resulting, split history, which means suddenly diffs will have extra changes associated with them). All things considered, it's far preferable to keep all relevant history on the main talk page (needless to say, I've never liked the habit on this wiki of moving talk pages to archive them, mostly for these reasons).
The real solution, of course, would be to have a forum-style talk page solution, but the Wikimedia Foundation (the organization responsible for developing MediaWiki, the software which runs this wiki) has been working on that for a decade or more with LiquidThreads and more recently Flow, and they still don't have much to show for it. User:Dinoguy1000Special:Contributions/Dinoguy1000? · ☎ Dinoguy1000 19:59, 21 December 2017 (UTC)
Wow, a lot of that I couldn't follow I'm sorry. But I think your main point is that when a page is archived but still has active discussions, either the active or inactive ones are going to break history. I get that much and it's sad. Then what about this idea. Instead of archiving the whole page, have individual sections semi-archive themselves by keeping them hidden on page, by collapsing the text. I imagine it would work like adding {{archived}} between the === symbols and the title of the section's header, and it would automatically collapse the section's text and convert the header into a toggle link. It would be nice if that'd also automatically reposition the section into a collection box on the page, similar to how reflist works. I wonder how all that would look/work. – Jack McKalling [ 16px 16px 16px ] 20:50, 21 December 2017 (UTC)
Something like :wikipedia:Template:Hidden archive top with its bottom variant, although that would not solve the page getting too long to load. – Jack McKalling [ 16px 16px 16px ] 22:12, 21 December 2017 (UTC)
That doesn't actually solve any issues: the content is still on the page, and still has to be loaded every time the page is viewed, or every time someone needs to edit the entire page instead of just a section, for whatever reason. And if the idea is to hide concluded discussions until all the current discussions on a page have been concluded and the page can be "safely" renamed, then that won't work for pages like this one or the community portal where discussion can be expected to happen continuously. No matter how you look at it, the simplest, sanest solution is to just archive individual sections as they become inactive.
Don't worry too much that you couldn't follow my comment; I did a terrible job at explaining myself. =) The main takeaway should be that the history issues are a red herring and generally shouldn't dictate how archival is done. User:Dinoguy1000Special:Contributions/Dinoguy1000? · ☎ Dinoguy1000 13:32, 22 December 2017 (UTC)

Someone? It's already 2018. – ITechieGamertce 14:43, 18 January 2018 (UTC)

I think we should start ticking all the unfinished problems as quick as possible. Then archive it. Skylord wars (talk) 09:20, 21 January 2018 (UTC)
Yes indeed. I've made a start. I've separated the currently still active subjects and moved them to the bottom of the page with explaining message boxes and due editor warnings in the source. Please help marking other subjects as still active, by moving them into this new section if you see they aren't resolved yet. I've done those already of which I know are still unresolved, but I'm not sure about the rest. After we have consensus about all of these someone can archive the above section.
The reason why I chose for this approach is because this way archiving is reduced to copy-pasting one continuous section of content without the need of modifying it. Just move each subject between the two sections to make the distinction. – Jack McKalling [ 16px 16px 16px ] 21:19, 30 January 2018 (UTC)
All right, I went through all subjects on this page and I believe all remaining ones in the above section, are resolved and ready to be archived. If anyone can tell I made a mistake with any of them, please correct me. I'll leave the archiving itself to someone else, I'm not sure how to do that. – Jack McKalling [ 16px 16px 16px ] 22:25, 30 January 2018 (UTC)
Archiving is just copying and pasting into a new subpage. Pick a date to be the cutoff (the first/last day of a month is generally good enough), then copy all the discussions that ended before that date to the subpage. User:Dinoguy1000Special:Contributions/Dinoguy1000? · ☎ Dinoguy1000 10:47, 13 February 2018 (UTC) (talkcontribslogsblock log)

Continuously adding unsourced information to 1.14 and Update Aquatic. --Pepijn (talk) 13:03, 1 January 2018 (UTC)

Delete Oasis

A more direct request to delete the page Oasis before an edit war happens with people removing and re-adding the delete template. Oases in 1.14 are unsourced. --Pepijn (talk) 13:24, 2 January 2018 (UTC)

It has been deleted apparently. — user:BabylonAS (talk | ru.Wiki Admin) (fka NickTheRed37) 13:38, 4 January 2018 (UTC)


In light of this edit: does this page need to be semiprotected? --AttemptToCallNil (report bug, view backtrace) 18:38, 5 January 2018 (UTC)

Vandalism on that page seems very infrequent (last one was 2 months ago), and there have been helpful edits from anons, so I am not sure it is needed at this time. User:KnightMiner · (t) 19:12, 5 January 2018 (UTC)

Candidates for semiprotection

  1. :File:Creepercloak.png
  2. :File:Minecon 2016 Cape In Game.png

Many anon edits in history, not one is constructive. --AttemptToCallNil (report bug, view backtrace) 14:43, 12 January 2018 (UTC)

I restricted editing to autoconfirmed users — Game widow (talk) 14:51, 12 January 2018 (UTC)

Delete request for Bedrock_Edition_1.2.10

An anonymous user created this page about a non-existing and unannounced version and has tried to remove the delete template, so here is a more direct request to prevent an edit war. --Pepijn (talk) 15:56, 20 January 2018 (UTC)

 Done by Orthotope. --Pepijn (talk) 17:02, 20 January 2018 (UTC)

Requesting semi-protection for Better Together Update.

The page is being vandalized constantly by anonymous users. --Pepijn (talk) 12:50, 21 January 2018 (UTC)

 Done by Dinoguy1000. --Pepijn (talk) 21:03, 21 January 2018 (UTC)

Unclosed HTML tags breaking pages?

Breaks on Minecraft Wiki, does not break on Terraria Wiki (linking oldid so you can inspect a static revision). What's special about Minecraft Wiki? Which behavior is more correct? (The non-breaking behavior is convenient because it allows custom formatting to be applied to the entire user talk page dynamically, as seen in the Terraria Wiki example.) --AttemptToCallNil (report bug, view backtrace) 13:46, 21 January 2018 (UTC)

It has something to do with HTML Tidy from what I heard. Good chance it will be fixed as soon as the problem is discovered. User:KnightMiner · (t) 20:15, 21 January 2018 (UTC)
The problem has been fixed by someone already now, but this was an example described by the Cleanup open tags project. There were a lot of pages that had improperly closed html tags like code, div and small etc. This project fixed this for hopefully all existing issues on this wiki but translation wikis might still show issues on rare pages. – Jack McKalling [ 16px 16px 16px ] 10:45, 22 January 2018 (UTC)

Unused accounts

I think of deleting unused user accounts, which has no contributions to the wiki. An example would be the first page of the user list, which has a list of user accounts with weird names. – ITechieGamertce 12:54, 25 January 2018 (UTC)

I've noticed that too - also, when you look at the profile for some of those accounts, it says in the top right corner, "A global user by this name was not found."--Madminecrafter12 (talk) 15:52, 25 January 2018 (UTC)
I went through the first 20 or so, and they are all 5+ year old accounts with no edit history (some have 1 or 2), or not even an account creation date in their public log. I'm assuming a lot of these accounts were fake, spam or just never used. – Jack McKalling [ 16px 16px 16px ] 16:05, 25 January 2018 (UTC)
I don't think there is any urgent reason to delete accounts. Additionally, no, admins cannot delete accounts. This is not a feature of MediaWiki. When this topic got brought up on Gamepedia Slack, staff member have said they don't delete any accounts, that's a rule. piotrex43 (Talk page) 17:06, 25 January 2018 (UTC)
I'm not Gamepedia staff but no, not going to happen. -Xbony2 (GRASP) (FTB Wiki Admin) (talk) 18:38, 25 January 2018 (UTC)

Edit merge bug?

This edit was actually 2 edits; 1 moving images and one linking to monster egg, but they saved as 1 edit. What happened? Is this an issue that has happened before? – Nixinova 16 px 16 px 16 px 02:22, 27 January 2018 (UTC)

You overwrote your first edit by editing an old version of the page, perhaps by opening two edit tabs. I don't think you can edit conflict with yourself, so it will just silently overwrite it. MajrTalk
03:47, 27 January 2018 (UTC)

:File:Education_Edition.svg doesn't work anymore (fixed)

I just happened to come across a missing/broken image on the Command Block page, I checked it, but it's right there. It is the only broken one of its kind in {{exclusive}}. But even on the media page it looks broken. Surely this file wasn't broken when it was uploaded though, I've seen this particular image before. However I do not know how SVG works, could someone look into this, possibly related to the actual database? We've recently had a lot of these issues when Gamepedia temporarily froze it earlier, I think this might be a leftover issue or something. I tried purging, didn't help. – Jack McKalling [ 16px 16px 16px ] 00:07, 8 December 2017 (UTC)

It seems to work fine now. 22:04, 20 December 2017 (UTC)
The image's page does seem to work yes, but it still doesn't show on the above mentioned template or article pages. I tried purging but that didn't help. Ping Oakar567 as you reuploaded the image (thanks for helping). I don't know how to get it to work again. – Jack McKalling [ 16px 16px 16px ] 22:29, 20 December 2017 (UTC)
Often it helps to move the file to fix it, but unfortunately not here :(   16px MarkusRost (talk) 22:35, 20 December 2017 (UTC)
This file still doesn't show up on the pages, anyone? – Jack McKalling [ 16px 16px 16px ] 10:43, 13 January 2018 (UTC)
I was able to resize the display of it on Education Edition by 1px to break cache. --Pcj (talk) 21:22, 30 January 2018 (UTC)
I know, I've seen that. However it has no effect on the page I had liked to above. On the exclusive template, it still shows a broken image, even after I just purged it. – Jack McKalling [ 16px 16px 16px ] 21:24, 30 January 2018 (UTC)
I just corrected it on the exclusive template as well. --Pcj (talk) 21:27, 30 January 2018 (UTC)
Ok thanks, it's finally fixed. I don't know if there were other pages with the problem, but I think it cascaded there because its also fixed on the Command block page. I'm marking this issue for archival now. – Jack McKalling [ 16px 16px 16px ] 21:33, 30 January 2018 (UTC)

Rollback Tutorials/Map downloads

Could someone with rollback privileges (such as an administrator) please revert to revision 1165630 for Tutorials/Map downloads? IP address vandalized the page, and can't be undone by a normal user because of the 2 edits after that. As for the 2 edits after that, they were both IP addresses - one of them undid 1 word of vandalism by, which would be undone anyway if it were rollbacked, and as for the other edit, I'm not quite sure what that user did - it must have been a space removed or added but that had no impact on the outcome. It would be possible to revert all 4 revisions, but it would be easier just to rollback, especially because one of the revisions actually undid a little bit of the vandalism.--Madminecrafter12 (talk) 23:44, 31 January 2018 (UTC)

Rollback undoes all edits by the last contributor to a page (at least in default MediaWiki software; there may be third-party tools that allow rollback to a specific revision). Anyone can revert multiple edits by going into the page history; it doesn't require any special privileges. Fixed this particular instance. -- Orthotopetalk 01:16, 1 February 2018 (UTC)
Great! I never realized that it was possible for a normal user to revert multiple edits! I experimented a little bit with rollbacking in my sandbox.--Madminecrafter12 (talk) 15:26, 1 February 2018 (UTC)

Reconfirm email address

It turns out I have to reconfirm my email address. After reconfirming it, it showed up that I still have to reconfirm it, according to Special:Preferences. This causes the "PRO" badge to disappear before my user link, although Gamepedia has given me a free subscription to GamepediaPRO. Game widow, can you fix this please?

Not only does it happen here, but on all Gamepedia wikis. It also shows this line of error code after clicking the link inside the email: – Dentedharp90041tce 13:14, 19 November 2017 (UTC)

[b4bcba7c7b7b99760ea024fd] /Special:ConfirmEmail/473a757a10018efe53f7b2f7a71db619 MWException from line 4026 of /var/app/current/includes/user/User.php: CAS update failed on user_touched for user ID '338550' (read from replica); the version of the user to be saved is older than the current version.


#0 /var/app/current/includes/specials/SpecialConfirmemail.php(159): User->saveSettings()
#1 /var/app/current/includes/specials/SpecialConfirmemail.php(73): EmailConfirmation->attemptConfirm(string)
#2 /var/app/current/includes/specialpage/SpecialPage.php(522): EmailConfirmation->execute(string)
#3 /var/app/current/includes/specialpage/SpecialPageFactory.php(578): SpecialPage->run(string)
#4 /var/app/current/includes/MediaWiki.php(287): SpecialPageFactory::executePath(Title, RequestContext)
#5 /var/app/current/includes/MediaWiki.php(862): MediaWiki->performRequest()
#6 /var/app/current/includes/MediaWiki.php(523): MediaWiki->main()
#7 /var/app/current/index.php(43): MediaWiki->run()
#8 {main}
Is this still happening? --Pcj (talk) 01:34, 1 February 2018 (UTC)

issues with responsive style at small sizes

Not sure what to call it - it's not the mobile style, but the normal looking style, scaled to mobile size. I noticed these issues on Firefox on mobile, but haven't checked other browsers.

Issue #1 - x30px

The Gamepedia bar is half-overlapping the search bar. Makes the search bar finicky to use. It's been that way for a while, not specific to this MW upgrade.

Issue #2 - 30px

The "Share" tab is raised up out of place. I don't necessarily care about that, it just looks funny.

Issue #3 - x30px

The "Talk" tab often gets covered up by all the other tabs on the right. It appears that stuff is supposed to collapse into the "More" tab when the screen is small, but this isn't preventing Talk from getting hidden. That's also been happening for a long time.

Sealbudsman talk/contr 12:43, 16 August 2017 (UTC)

Desktop view is not intended for mobile. That's why there is a mobile view. Anyway, it should still be fixed, though. – Dentedharp90041tce 16:10, 25 September 2017 (UTC)
And also, if you go to this page https://minecraft.gamepedia.com/index.php?title=Minecraft_Wiki&mobileaction=toggle_view_mobile , which is the mobile view, there are some rendering issues. Is anyone incharge of this?--Skylord wars (talk) 13:25, 3 February 2018 (UTC)
I believe I fixed the rendering issue at https://minecraft.gamepedia.com/index.php?title=Minecraft_Wiki/editcopy&mobileaction=toggle_view_mobile, however, it's not yet completely optimized though. – ITechieGamertce 09:11, 14 February 2018 (UTC)

Protect all the 1.13 upcoming redirects

Self explanatory - some anonymous users keep making broken pages with literally no content that are breaking tons of formatting and they keep reverting them to that broken state.

--Hubry (talk) 11:38, 5 February 2018 (UTC)

done -Xbony2 (GRASP) (FTB Wiki Admin) (talk) 12:32, 5 February 2018 (UTC)


Please add 18w06a to Version history/Development versions ie at the top of Version_history/Development_versions#1.13_2.

The page is protected, so I cannot.

Thanks. 14:13, 9 February 2018 (UTC)

 Done. – Jack McKalling [ 16px 16px 16px ] 14:33, 9 February 2018 (UTC)

:Category:Pending deletion

Why there are so many pages in this category? --User:Lxazl5770 zh.admin) 09:39, 7 February 2018 (UTC)

Because the admins are not deleting these pages yet. I don't know the reason of admins why. – ITechieGamertce 10:05, 7 February 2018 (UTC)
Most of the pages in the category right now are redirects tagged under one of the cleanup projects. It makes it a little hard to find the normal pages that need deletion. I am not very involved in that project so I am not sure if there was an ultimate plan for dealing with the redirects apart from manually tagging them.
As for the files, its mainly busyness. Files take a bit longer to review before deletion. User:KnightMiner · (t) 19:58, 10 February 2018 (UTC)
I can't speak for the other admins, but personally I don't patrol that category at all. User:Dinoguy1000Special:Contributions/Dinoguy1000? · ☎ Dinoguy1000 10:50, 13 February 2018 (UTC)


Psl85 (talkcontribslogsblock log) created Minecraft Wiki:Blocking policy and Minecraft Wiki:Warning policy with text slightly modified from Mario Wiki policy pages, and introduced these two local pages as if they were official policy. This user is neither a local nor a global administrator, and has made less than one hundred edits on this wiki (so they can hardly be viewed as a veteran editor). This user also was blocked for 1 month on November 7, 2017. --AttemptToCallNil (report bug, view backtrace) 09:47, 13 February 2018 (UTC)

Out of mobile view

I recently clicked on a link to the mobile view of a page on this Wiki. However, now the whole wiki is in the mobile view, which restricts many of the features available. How can I get out of the mobile view and make the wiki go back to what it normally looks like on a computer? --20pxMadminecrafter12TalkContributions 17:54, 17 February 2018 (UTC)

At the bottom of every page, near the copyright notice and links to 'About Minecraft Wiki' and 'Disclaimers', there should be a link to toggle between mobile and desktop views. -- Orthotopetalk 18:24, 17 February 2018 (UTC)
Thanks, good to know.--20pxMadminecrafter12TalkContributions 20:19, 17 February 2018 (UTC)

Protect Update Aquatic

Previously the Update Aquatic page had received semi-protection due to users constantly adding oasis biomes unsourced. It expired today, though, and when the page received unprotection, many, many IP addresses instantly started vandalizing the page, re-adding oasis biomes. Can an administrator please semi-protect the page again?--20pxMadminecrafter12TalkContributions 14:38, 21 February 2018 (UTC)

I see that Orthotope has semi-protected the page now. Thank you.--20pxMadminecrafter12TalkContributions 00:56, 22 February 2018 (UTC)

Version history/Development versions

On this version page, four different IPs have been repeatedly inserting the exact same non-existing version link. It's been reverted but it seems to be a target. The IPs involved are: (talkcontribslogsblock log), (talkcontribslogsblock log), (talkcontribslogsblock log) and (talkcontribslogsblock log). – Jack McKalling [ 16px 16px 16px ] 23:11, 5 February 2018 (UTC)

MCW namespace disappeared

A lot of links on the main page at the top are now suddenly red, and if you click on the admin noticeboard in the left navigation menu, it opens the redlink version of "MCW:Admin Noticeboard". From that I hope my assumption of the broken namespace (alias) is correct. – Jack McKalling [ 16px 16px 16px ] 18:43, 8 March 2018 (UTC)

I notice the exact same thing. For some reason it still works when type in MCW: in the search box, but the links are broken.--20px Madminecrafter12TC 19:05, 8 March 2018 (UTC)
May or may not be related, but editing Module:LootChest (even something simple and obviously non-breaking) is giving the following internal error, and fails to save.
Sealbudsman talk/contr 19:23, 8 March 2018 (UTC)
Although coincidentally at similar timing, the error doesn't seem to be related. It complains about a missing class from an extension during the phase where "hooks" are processed. Unless that extension also needs that namespace alias or produces it somehow (I think unlikely). But maybe they both have a shared cause. – Jack McKalling [ 16px 16px 16px ] 19:33, 8 March 2018 (UTC)
The issue with the MCW namespace seems to have been fixed. I don't know what it was about? – Jack McKalling [ 16px 16px 16px ] 23:13, 8 March 2018 (UTC)
Some backend changes were made yesterday by the platform team which has the unfortunate side effect of removing the namespace shortcuts on this particular wiki. The issue was noticed quickly and it was fixed as soon as possible thereafter. Sorry for the inconvenience. Are you still seeing issues with hooks? if so, could you provide a page link? — Game widow (talk) 12:40, 9 March 2018 (UTC)
Great! No issue with hooks anymore. It was happening while I was saving changes to Module:LootChest, and there aren't any problems with that anymore. – Sealbudsman talk/contr 12:53, 9 March 2018 (UTC)
Seems we are still missing the MCT namespace (alias for Minecraft Wiki Talk) User:KnightMiner · (t) 17:52, 9 March 2018 (UTC)
The platform team says you should try purging your caches first. If the problem still persists, then they will look at it — Game widow (talk) 19:25, 9 March 2018 (UTC)
Seems to have started working since my earlier comment without needing to clear my cache, so everything seems to be good now. User:KnightMiner · (t) 22:39, 9 March 2018 (UTC)

Subscribing to a category for all its (future) pages?

Would it be possible to allow users to watch category membership changes? Like "subscribing" to a category and getting notified about any page that gets added or removed from that category? I searched the mediawiki wiki, and it appears there is such a function, documented at Manual:CategoryMembershipChanges. But it says it is turned off by default. I really like that feature, but it could only be turned on by an admin. With it, I wouldn't need to manually look out for new snapshot pages that I'd like to add to my watchlist for instance, it would simply notify me of any new ones. Pretty please? ^_^ – Jack McKalling (tcp) 10:27, 9 November 2017 (UTC)

A dev ticket has been created to see if this is possible. I will update once I hear back. --Pcj (talk) 23:37, 1 February 2018 (UTC)
This will be reviewed next week. I hope to have another update then. --Pcj (talk) 15:14, 8 February 2018 (UTC)
Great! Looking forward to know more about this. – Jack McKalling [ 16px 16px 16px ] 15:42, 8 February 2018 (UTC)
This is now live. --Pcj (talk) 20:29, 13 February 2018 (UTC)
Does that mean that the feature is now enabled? If so, this section should probably be moved into the archivable issues. MarcelTheHippie (talkcontribslogsblock log) 🐷🥕☮️ 02:59, 10 March 2018 (UTC)
Yes it has been enabled. You can use the feature on Recent Changes and your Watchlist by using the "(Show) page categorization" options. Now that I saw it in action it isn't exactly what I was personally looking for, but this is better overall than before. Every editor using those special pages can now more easily see new pages to certain categories. I've linked to the manual of this feature above if anyone needs it. – Jack McKalling [ 16px 16px 16px ] 19:49, 10 March 2018 (UTC)

Mob/video note

On the page Mob/video, I noticed that the tameable mobs video said that there were 3 tameable mobs. So, I put a video note saying that the video is outdated because llamas and parrots were added in 1.11 and 1.12. However, it didn't allow me to save my changes, but instead had a message box in red:

"Your action has been automatically identified as harmful, and therefore disallowed. A brief description of the matched abuse rule for your action is: Disallow editing /video subpages If you believe your edit was constructive, please post a message on the admin noticeboard or notify an admin directly." --Madminecrafter12 (talk) 14:54, 7 January 2018 (UTC)

Video pages themselves cannot be edited; put video notes on the main article pages where it is transcluded instead. -- Orthotopetalk 21:38, 7 January 2018 (UTC)
The problem is that there are multiple videos on the mob page, and all of them are just under one template: {{/video}}, meaning that if I added a note before that template, the note would appear before all of the videos, rather than before specifically the tameable mobs video. The video notes for every video shown on the page is under Mob/video, rather than the mob article page, meaning that as far as I know, the only way to make a video note for a multi-video set is to edit the video page itself, which is disallowed.--Madminecrafter12 (talk) 14:31, 8 January 2018 (UTC)
So could an administrator please add the video note before the tamable mobs video, because of the fact that in articles with multiple videos clustered under the same subpage, it's not possible to add video notes in the article? Thank you! --Madminecrafter12TalkContributions 14:16, 11 February 2018 (UTC)
I really don't mean to be impatient or anything, but this post had been made over 2 months ago, and I re-introduced the topic over a 1 month ago, but there's still not a video note on the page. If it helps, the source for the video note would be, {{Video note|This video is outdated, as {{escaped link|llama}}s and {{escaped link|parrot}}s were added as tameable mobs in {{escaped link|1.11}} and {{escaped link|1.12}}, respectively.}} Literately all an admin would have to do now is just copy that into the spot above the video that says <span style="display:inline-block">{{yt|0lpKhVzqrE0}}</span> on the mob page, and the task would be done. I'll probably wait a few weeks for a response, and then I may contact an administrator directly. Also, if there's a reason that the video note should not be added that I don't know about, I completely understand, it would just be kind of nice to know what the deal is here. Thanks everyone :).--20px Madminecrafter12TC 13:53, 12 March 2018 (UTC)

Semi-protect 1.12.2

The 1.12.2 page has been vandalized 9 times by IP addresses in the last 2 months, and another edit by an IP was not vandalism but was surplus/opinion, and was reverted as well. There was not a single edit by an IP on 1.12.2 within the last 2 months that was constructive and/or not reverted.--20pxMadminecrafter12TalkContributions 18:20, 23 February 2018 (UTC)

please! 07:44, 26 February 2018 (UTC)

There has not been another case of vandalism after I requested page protection, but if there is one more case, I will notify an admin directly.--20pxMadminecrafter12TalkContributions 14:30, 26 February 2018 (UTC)
Yep, there has been another vandalism edit. Could somebody please protect the page? It seems like there are very few administrators that have been checking the admin noticeboard lately, so unless the page becomes protected or an administrator disagrees about the protection within the next 3 days or so, I will contact an admin directly.--20px Madminecrafter12TC 23:50, 12 March 2018 (UTC)


Repeated vandalism by multiple IPs (most of which are definitely proxies) replacing the redirect with a broken placeholder and reverting contributors. The page may need to be semiprotected. --AttemptToCallNil (report bug, view backtrace) 10:08, 14 March 2018 (UTC)

Semi-protect "Version history/Pre-classic" up to "Version history/Infdev"

All four pages are a constant target of random edits by ip users. In nearly every case they add some unsourced information that turns out to be wrong when fact-checked. We usually catch these random edits, but some have remained on the page for years and caused serious damage, e. g. an entry for inf-20100314, a version that never existed. Even Dinnerbone fell for it and added this version to his missing version sheet, although there is proof that this version doesn't exist. So please block ip users from editing these four pages indefinitely. – Fuzs 13:14, 17 March 2018 (UTC)

done -Xbony2 (GRASP) (FTB Wiki Admin) (talk) 13:36, 17 March 2018 (UTC)
Thanks! – Fuzs 14:40, 17 March 2018 (UTC)

Minecraft Discord server

Can a link to the official Minecraft Discord server be added to the "Links" list thing on the left? - MinecraftPhotos4U (talk) 19:16, 15 March 2018 (UTC)

@MinecraftPhotos4U:, the "links" thing on the left is the result of the page MediaWiki:Sidebar. If this post does not get noticed by an admin (which I guess it didn't, because it didn't get a response nor the server was added to the sidebar), then you could go to the talk page (if you knew about the sidebar already, sorry about that). Personally, I support this idea. (also, I know I'm a week late, so that's why I'm pinging you, so that you can see this)--20px Madminecrafter12TC 18:11, 22 March 2018 (UTC)

Hello, I cannot create my talk page

Hello. I cannot create my talk page. Please make somewone create this page with the following code:

<font face="Comic Sans MS"> {{msgbox | icon=2 | text= Welcome to my discussion page. Please post below others, and type <nowiki>~~~~ at the end of your post to add your user name and the date. |}}

Please add also the template {{Welcome}} to my talk page. Thanks! Philip57sundfors (talk) 10:31, 6 March 2018 (UTC)

You seem to have fixed this yourself by now. I helped out a bit on closing some html elements for you. Welcome to the wiki! – Jack McKalling [ 16px 16px 16px ] 11:43, 6 March 2018 (UTC)

\spawn command has no page

I was reading an article, and found out that there was no article on the \spawn command. Tried to make a little crash course article, but you got some kind of anti-troll article filter. Thought I might let you know.

-Probably The Last Guy Who Plays Minecraft At This School

P.S. Can anyone get an account on here?–Preceding unsigned comment was added by (talk) at March 16, 2018 (UTC). Please sign your posts with ~~~~

Are you looking for commands/spawnpoint? If so, there is a page on that (click the link). Also, yes, anyone can get an account on here, just click the register button in the top-right corner on any page.--20px Madminecrafter12TC 16:53, 16 March 2018 (UTC)

There is no /spawn inside vannila Minecraft. Are you looking for /spawnpoint ? Skylord wars (talk) 01:36, 23 March 2018 (UTC)

Requesting block bypass

Hi there i need to change some links on https://minecraft.gamepedia.com/index.php?title=Bedrock_Edition_server_software but i cant due to the filters i need nukkit.io to be changed to nukkitx.com because the IO website has been abandoned –Preceding unsigned comment was added by TheCreeperCow (talkcontribs) at 17:18, 26 March 2018‎ (UTC). Please sign your posts with ~~~~

Service error 500 on certain page edit

Somehow I'm unable to edit Renewable resource at all. I can edit my userpage, but this page (now) always gives a 500 error no matter what I do. I want to revert this edit, but I can't. I wonder if this is a problem specific to that page or more areas of the wiki, so I tried my own page but worked fine. – Jack McKalling [ 16px 16px 16px ] 10:41, 3 April 2018 (UTC)

500 errors/whatnot are being investigated. I have undone that edit through the "rollback" feature (if you can't undo something and rollback might work, ping me on Slack or Discord for quick assistance). -Xbony2 (GRASP) (FTB Wiki Admin) (talk) 12:04, 3 April 2018 (UTC)
Thanks! – Jack McKalling [ 16px 16px 16px ] 12:07, 3 April 2018 (UTC)
Ah, if only you were on Slack. We literately created a whole new channel called "server-error-rage" where the only thing we do is rage about 500 internal server errors.-- Madminecrafter1220pxTalk to me20px 12:11, 3 April 2018 (UTC)

Page move request

Request: can an admin please move User:EatingSilencerforBreakfast/sandbox to Fish bucket, to serve as the new fish bucket article. -EatingSilencerforBreakfast (talk) 19:36, 9 April 2018 (UTC)

To clarify, for some reason, the 2 redirects: Fish bucket and Fish Bucket for some reason will not be overrided when trying to move the sandbox page to either of those titles. Therefore, an admin will need to delete the redirects so that they can be overridden.-- Madminecrafter1220pxTalk to me20px 19:55, 9 April 2018 (UTC)
Done. Redirects can't be overwritten by regular users if they have an edit history or aren't pointing to the page you're trying to move. -- Orthotopetalk 01:09, 10 April 2018 (UTC)

Persistant vandal on Tutorials/Units of measure, can it get protected

There is an ip that keeps changing information on Tutorials/Units of measure, me and several others have reverted the changes but they almost always made new ones after. Is there any way the page can get protected. jjlr (talk) 11:50, 11 April 2018 (UTC)

Incessant vandalism by User:

Please block as neccessary. - MinecraftPhotos4U (talk) 11:52, 11 April 2018 (UTC)

 Blocked   16px MarkusRost (talk) 11:58, 11 April 2018 (UTC)


Hello, the latest snapshot was just dropped. I tried to update the 1.13 page to reflect the new items (such as Dolphins, Icebergs, Blue Ice, etc), but as a new user my action was disallowed. –Preceding unsigned comment was added by Electrochip123 (talkcontribs) at 18:24, 11 April 2018‎ (UTC). Please sign your posts with ~~~~

It's been done now. I also see that you've made some edits to the page now.-- Madminecrafter1220pxTalk to me20px 15:36, 12 April 2018 (UTC)

Can't edit links of my own program

When trying to update the links for my own program (WorldPainter) on the Mapping page, I was unpleasantly surprised to be confronted with the following text: "Your action has been automatically identified as harmful, and therefore disallowed. A brief description of the matched abuse rule for your action is: Global AF - New user adding link at end or in heading If you believe your edit was constructive, please post a message on the admin noticeboard or notify an admin directly." I believe my edit was constructive. How do I go about changing the links for my program on that page? 15:07, 13 April 2018 (UTC)

Edits from IP addresses are necessarily suspect on a platform that is prone to spam / vandalism. If you create an account and make enough edits while logged in to that account to become trusted, then you should have no problem — Game widow (talk) 15:16, 13 April 2018 (UTC)
Alright, I managed to dredge up my old Minecraftforum/Minecraftwiki/Curse/Gamepedia/Twitch/Whatever account and it let me do it. Thanks! I seem to remember that the reason I usually do this anonymously is that the sessions here were annoyingly short. Can I configure somewhere how long I want to stay logged in? Captain Chaos (talk) 15:37, 13 April 2018 (UTC)
At the rate such questions are asked, I think a mention in the noticeboard header may be beneficial. --AttemptToCallNil (report bug, view backtrace) 15:45, 13 April 2018 (UTC)
I wonder whether it might be worthwhile to change the text of that notification. Telling legitimate users that their attempts to contribute are "harmful" might put them off, while malicious users won't care what you say. Captain Chaos (talk) 16:02, 13 April 2018 (UTC)
It is difficult to craft a message that works in all instances and does not give spammers / vandals the information they need to defeat the filter — Game widow (talk) 16:19, 13 April 2018 (UTC)

My talk page

Why do ips keep creating my talk page?!--TheCreeperStrikes (talk) 15:21, 13 April 2018 (UTC)

Spammers ? Children? Vandals ? People who just get a kick out of it? it could be any of those. Have you tried protecting it? — Game widow (talk) 15:23, 13 April 2018 (UTC)
i cant because i dont have admin privileges for protecting talk pages--TheCreeperStrikes (talk) 04:39, 14 April 2018 (UTC)

Add note to the [[Mob/video]] page

I requested this exactly 3 months ago, but it still hasn't been done or declined. Please see #Mob/video note, admins. Thanks.-- Madminecrafter1220pxTalk to me20px 02:16, 8 April 2018 (UTC)

I really don't mean to be impatient or rude or anything, but it's been almost 3 and a half months now and still no reply. Is there a specific reason why this is? I understand if this edit request shouldn't be done for some reason, but I would greatly appreciate if I could get some kind of response of some kind. I also know that many admins are busy at some times, but if you're an admin and seeing this, would it be possible to just reply in some way, even if it is to say "I'm busy right now but I'll look into this when I get a chance"? 3 1/2 months is quite a long time :). Thank you so much!-- Madminecrafter1220pxTalk to me20px 15:42, 12 April 2018 (UTC)
Please admins! MarcelTheHippie (talkcontribslogsblock log) 🐷🥕☮️ 21:09, 13 April 2018 (UTC)
I've contacted an admin directly now AND brought this issue up on Gamepedia Slack, and I still haven't gotten a response, nor has an admin done this. I completely understand if the edit shouldn't be done for some reason, but I would greatly appreciate if somebody could let me know why, as this request was made several months ago. I really don't mean to persist anything, but I haven't gotten any kind of response from an admin about this, so I guess I'm going try contacting another admin directly.-- Madminecrafter1220pxTalk to me20px 21:24, 14 April 2018 (UTC)
Now I've contacted another admin - see User talk:Dinoguy1000#Mob/video edit request. I am going to be so happy if it actually gets done after all these months... :)-- Madminecrafter1220pxTalk to me20px 21:34, 14 April 2018 (UTC)

A few changes to the rules pages

These thoughts went to my mind after the recent overhaul of policies and guidelines on the Russian wiki.

  1. Should all policy and guideline pages have interwikis? The style guide has them, is there some reason for the central rules page or the talk page guidelines not to have links to their counterparts on other wikis? If so, I would be glad to provide the links.
  2. When I was doing the actual update of policies and guidelines on my wiki, I felt that it is necessary to semi-protect the new pages, which AttemptToCallNil (the new rules’ co-author) agreed on. I suggest doing the same for talk page guidelines and style guide sub-pages, and probably for Standardized views too.

— user:BabylonAS (talk | ru.Wiki Admin) 13:28, 29 March 2018 (UTC)

Bumping the topic. — user:BabylonAS (talk | ru.Wiki Admin) 12:42, 13 April 2018 (UTC)
Interwikis should be fine; I have no idea why they might not have been added in the past. Protection I don't think is really necessary unless one of the pages has been having trouble with vandalism; to my knowledge, though, none of them have. User:Dinoguy1000Special:Contributions/Dinoguy1000? · ☎ Dinoguy1000 10:03, 15 April 2018 (UTC)


Guys, I'm only going to say this once: if a topic on this page is archivable, just archive it. There's no point in moving stuff to a "ready to be archived" section, and no requirement that an admin be the one to do the actual archiving. User:Dinoguy1000Special:Contributions/Dinoguy1000? · ☎ Dinoguy1000 09:58, 15 April 2018 (UTC)

I agree that there's not really any use of the "archivable issues" section - once an issue is definitely solved, there's no reason to keep it here; it just clutters up the page. So are you saying that we should go ahead and create Archive 30 and call it "Jan - May 2017" or something, move the existing archivable issues there, remove that section, and for future reference go ahead and add any solved issues directly to Archive 30, unless it's after May 2017? Or do you have another idea?-- Madminecrafter1220pxTalk to me20px 12:21, 15 April 2018 (UTC)
If all the discussions currently in that section were wrapped up in that timeframe, yes; otherwise the discussion should be archived to the appropriate-dated archive page. The only other suggestion I'd have about this would be to formalize what date ranges each new archive covers, and how long after the conclusion of a discussion to wait before archiving (my immediate thought would be three months for both of those, but there's no reason they have to be the same either). User:Dinoguy1000Special:Contributions/Dinoguy1000? · ☎ Dinoguy1000 12:47, 15 April 2018 (UTC)
Yep, we should archive this page. If anyone want's to continue their discussion, they should make a new topic in the new page.--Skylord wars (talk) 13:01, 15 April 2018 (UTC)
I would suggest an entirely different archival method, as well as wiki-wide archival guidelines. However, this is beyond the scope of this page. I suggest creating a new topic at Minecraft Wiki talk:Talk page guidelines. For some reason, there were two archival-related proposals on that page, but apparently neither passed. --AttemptToCallNil (report bug, view backtrace) 13:02, 15 April 2018 (UTC)
The only alternative archival method I'd suggest would be to have an archival bot automatically handle archiving pages. There are plenty of examples running on Wikipedia, many with public code that could be reused. User:Dinoguy1000Special:Contributions/Dinoguy1000? · ☎ Dinoguy1000 13:05, 15 April 2018 (UTC)
What I meant was that instead of determining archivable topics by date range we would e. g. place a fixed number of topics in each archive (on non-user talk pages). I find substantial flaws in date range based archiving. I will explain further in my next post. --AttemptToCallNil (report bug, view backtrace) 13:13, 15 April 2018 (UTC)
Wikipedia generally uses size in bytes. Number of discussions is better than date range, but a single monstrous thread can still drastically inflate the size of an archive. User:Dinoguy1000Special:Contributions/Dinoguy1000? · ☎ Dinoguy1000 15:35, 15 April 2018 (UTC)
The original purpose of the archivable issues section was for me to separate them from the other issues, so that someone other than me could archive the bunch. I've learned a bit about the process now and I think I can do it myself as well when needed. But for now, I've kept the separation because the issues could not be/were not archived at once and I needed more tips about those dates to do the remaining. I agree the archives are not necessarily easily organized by date, because I'd ask myself a lot of questions before it's clear to me. Do I archive issues that were created or those that were updated within a certain date range? What about issues that were solved before but replied to after? Indeed what about thread length (mentioned above as well). Or issues that have not been marked as fixed/resolved but are indeed actually fixed? I had a lot of more detailed questions as well that I forgot, but simply put it was too much for me to just do myself. I really don't mind if we just archive the remaining issues now and break out the hard headers again, but I think we really need to agree to a set of rules and finalize them somewhere before we do. Currently the separation works for splitting the task of solving and archiving a subject between different editors (so I do think the separation is still useful to some extent). I really like the bot idea, but I don't know how they work and if they can follow the rules we'd set to the process. I'm sorry if it became unclear as to who should have done the archiving. – Jack McKalling [ 16px 16px 16px ] 10:38, 16 April 2018 (UTC)
I'm pretty sure, after my archiving edits got reverted, that what archive page the post should be archived to depends on is the date that the last comment was posted for that subject, even if it was after the issue was resolved (please correct me if I'm wrong). Honestly, I don't think we need a bot - I'd be happy to archive any solved issues, and some editors may be willing to as well. Unlike Wikipedia, we don't have a trillion issues that need to be archived every hour to prevent mass overload, so although a bot would be nice, there's no need to wait until we have a bot to start archiving.-- Madminecrafter1220pxTalk to me20px 13:27, 16 April 2018 (UTC)
Archiving should be done from date of last comment, yes. As long as we settle on a timeframe of inactivity past which sections get archived, it doesn't matter whether the section is marked as resolved (or even is resolved), since any section with a last comment older than the cutoff would be archived. And for unresolved topics that get archived, if someone wants to raise the issue again, they can either unarchive the section or just start a new one.
I agree a bot would be overkill for us on a single page, but if we used one I'd strongly recommend it handle archiving all talk pages on the wiki, rather than individual opted-in pages (though we'd also still want a mechanism for opting in, since e.g. this page is a discussion page which is not in a talk namespace, and we'd also want a mechanism for customizing the cutoff date and archive size, or even opting out of auto-archiving, e.g. to allow individual editors to control archiving of their talk page). User:Dinoguy1000Special:Contributions/Dinoguy1000? · ☎ Dinoguy1000 18:13, 17 April 2018 (UTC)
Well, I've archived all of the archivable issues now (/Archive 30) but I will wait to remove them from this page until an admin adds the new archive to the header. For future reference, I would suggest lowering the header protection to semi- OR, better yet, has the archive nav on a separate page.-- Madminecrafter1220pxTalk to me20px 18:46, 17 April 2018 (UTC)
Regarding the global bot. To keep track of what the bot should and should not archive, it could globally opt-in those whole namespaces that we know, like Talk:(main) and Talk:Minecraft Wiki for instance, and for those pages that need to be excluded from those global settings, get a tag on the page, e.g. __AUTOARCHIVE__ or __NOARCHIVE__, depending on whether it wants to add to or remove from the global setting of that namespace, respectively. But I'm not sure how bots work (efficiently). – Jack McKalling [ 16px 16px 16px ] 07:58, 18 April 2018 (UTC)
As I've said before, bot archiving is largely a solved problem; there's little reason not to just adapt a Wikipedia archive bot with publicly-available code. In particular, for opt-in or opt-out of specific pages, we'd use something like wikipedia:User:MiszaBot/config. User:Dinoguy1000Special:Contributions/Dinoguy1000? · ☎ Dinoguy1000 14:59, 18 April 2018 (UTC)

Semi-protect page Update Aquatic?

This page keeps getting IP edits with the exact same unsourced (false) information about vulcano biomes, which different editors have reverted and it keeps getting back. No source is given, no explanation, and it's always a different IP. The involved ones are (talkcontribslogsblock log), (talkcontribslogsblock log) and (talkcontribslogsblock log). They don't listen. – Jack McKalling [ 16px 16px 16px ] 11:40, 25 April 2018 (UTC)

Re-protected. MajrTalk
11:45, 25 April 2018 (UTC)

User subpages don't redlink

For some reason user subpages don't redlink anymore—why is this? – Nixinova 16 px 16 px 16 px 07:39, 26 April 2018 (UTC)

Am I correct to assume you're talking about links to non-existing subpages of a userpage? Like User:Jack McKalling/get to the chopper? I've noticed that too some time ago, didn't think of it. – Jack McKalling [ 16px 16px 16px ] 07:50, 26 April 2018 (UTC)

Reduce issues pages protection down to semi- and note on /video pages

I suggest that we reduce the protection on issues pages down to semi. Although usually these pages don't need editing, you really just never know. Specifically, many pages and files are being moved to more appropriate names, causing a lot of links to need to be updated. If semi protection doesn't work out, then maybe we can go up to full again, but I really don't think full protection is necessary anymore.

On a similar note, I suggest reducing the number/types of users that are affected by the AF on the /video subpages. The abuse filter is one of the areas of wikis that I'm really not knowledgeable in, but would it be possible to do something like only allow users to edit it only if they have made at least 200 edits to the wiki or something like that? I know there's some kind of filter that filters registered users that have made less than 3 edits from performing certain actions, which is why I would even think something like this would be possible. I'm not sure if it would be a great idea to allow any registered user to edit video pages, but if something like a minimum of 200 edits is possible, I think it would be beneficial to try doing that for the /video subpages and see how it goes.

Oh, and one more thing. Are we going to start demoting admins who have been inactive for over a year? This was discussed on the community portal talk page and has now been archived, and it seems like most of the community supported this idea, but none of the admins who haven't edited in years have been demoted since.-- Madminecrafter1220pxTalk to me20px 02:32, 3 May 2018 (UTC)

I don't have much comment on the protections, other than to note that /video protection specifically is a policy that was put in place when Curse was still producing videos for the wiki, at their request; the edit filter is a natural extension of that policy. It is definitely technically possible to change it to only apply to editors with fewer than x edits, but I'm not prepared to do so without a comment from Game widow or another Curse person giving the okay.
The inactive admin demotion not happening yet is just because I haven't taken the time to write up a notice and drop it on admins' talk pages. If anyone else wants to do so before I get around to it, feel free, and drop me a list of notified accounts on my talk page. User:Dinoguy1000Special:Contributions/Dinoguy1000? · ☎ Dinoguy1000 04:11, 3 May 2018 (UTC)
If a video is out of date, then whether or not Curse produced it, it is fine to remove — Game widow (talk) 11:54, 3 May 2018 (UTC)

New snapshot page is getting IP edits that don't belong

The recently new 18w19a is excessively being vandalized by IP users as well as named users. Please protect it to reduce the spam. The newer 18w19b isn't being targeted yet, but I noticed a common trend in new snapshot pages. – Jack McKalling [ 16px 16px 16px ] 13:25, 9 May 2018 (UTC)

I would also suggest blocking Thomas2000bonomo, as they seem to be spamming that page to publicize their YouTube channel. I think semi-protecting the page and blocking that user should reduce the spamming greatly.-- Madminecrafter1220pxTalk to me20px 13:26, 9 May 2018 (UTC)
You beat me to it, I for to mention it. For reference, Thomas2000bonomo (talkcontribslogsblock log). – Jack McKalling [ 16px 16px 16px ] 13:29, 9 May 2018 (UTC)
If you're referring to Phoenix SC, then I don't think he's spamming his own channel, since Phoenix has a considerable subscriber base already and advertising it here wouldn't make much of a difference. - MinecraftPhotos4U (talk) 13:32, 9 May 2018 (UTC)
Well, you're probably right about that then. Still, it's certainly not at all constructive to the article and it's getting very annoying. Pcj just semi-protected the article (thank you), but it would probably be best to block Thomas2000bonomo as well.-- Madminecrafter1220pxTalk to me20px 13:34, 9 May 2018 (UTC)
Pinging Dinoguy1000, Orthotope, MarkusRost, Majr, and Xbony2 (active admins and GRASP), as there is so much spamming now that it's getting very difficult to even revert all of it, so something needs to be done very quickly.-- Madminecrafter1220pxTalk to me20px 13:31, 9 May 2018 (UTC)
Also consider users Mike9090 (talkcontribslogsblock log) and Superpinker (talkcontribslogsblock log), they have been participating in this attack. – Jack McKalling [ 16px 16px 16px ] 13:36, 9 May 2018 (UTC)
Two more users, Msmsong (talkcontribslogsblock log) and ToonNoah (talkcontribslogsblock log), who have been spamming that page, have now been blocked. As for the two you mentioned, they only spammed once and then they stopped.-- Madminecrafter1220pxTalk to me20px 13:45, 9 May 2018 (UTC)
Thanks. It was hard to keep track of everything, and I wasn't sure about the edits those two made. But they did a lot more indeed. – Jack McKalling [ 16px 16px 16px ] 13:48, 9 May 2018 (UTC)
I blocked the other two for a short time.   16px MarkusRost (talk) 13:49, 9 May 2018 (UTC)

"Talk" button doesn't work

The "talk" button in the drop-down box in the top right doesn't work. – Nixinova 16 px 16 px 16 px 07:14, 12 May 2018 (UTC)

I don't know what you mean, it works for me? Or has it been fixed already. – Jack McKalling [ 16px 16px 16px ] 10:58, 12 May 2018 (UTC)

Please block (talkcontribslogsblock log) Persistent vandalism/Extremely disruptive editing on the Villager page. Something needs to be done about this user quick, as they will not stop vandalizing the page, which is why I'm pinging MarkusRost, Xbony2, and Orthotope, as they seem to be active with reverting vandalism and blocking users on the Minecraft Wiki.-- Madminecrafter1220pxTalk to me20px 22:56, 5 May 2018 (UTC)

Now vandalizing Enchanting. – Auldrick (talk · contribs) 23:04, 5 May 2018 (UTC)
And Redstone circuit now. Probably one of the worst vandalizers I've ever seen.-- Madminecrafter1220pxTalk to me20px 23:05, 5 May 2018 (UTC)
Well, never mind now, it's already been taken care of - the IP has been blocked for 2 weeks. Thanks Pcj. :)-- Madminecrafter1220pxTalk to me20px 23:29, 5 May 2018 (UTC)
Please poke me (or GRASP) on Slack if you need my attention here; echo notifications are totally broken. -Xbony2 (GRASP) (FTB Wiki Admin) (talk) 13:04, 13 May 2018 (UTC)

Enderdespawnmite (talkcontribslogsblock log)

Not sure the best way to handle this, but this user has copied and pasted by user page onto theirs with only very slight modifications, and it still says false info that only (and will only ever) applies to me, such as the fact that they created User:Madminecrafter12/MCW Records and that SkyGazer 512 is their Wikipedia account, when it's in fact mine (after discussing this on Slack, I've now tagged their user page for deletion). Also, they had completely copied and pasted two posts from other users on their talk page, forging their signature, and for a long time I had really thought that AttemptToCallNil and Philip57sundfors had actually made those posts (I've now removed the posts and reverted to an older revision). What's the best way to handle this? Like I said, I've already requested that their user page by deleted, and removed the forged posts on their talk page.-- Madminecrafter1220pxTalk to me20px 01:06, 15 May 2018 (UTC)

Reporting vandals

2 IPs have repeatedly vandalized pages pretty bad and probably should be blocked: (talkcontribslogsblock log) and (talkcontribslogsblock log).-- Madminecrafter1220pxTalk to me20px 22:43, 15 May 2018 (UTC)

Adding (talkcontribslogsblock log) as well.-- Madminecrafter1220pxTalk to me20px 22:52, 15 May 2018 (UTC)
 Done. Thanks Orthotope for reacting so quickly.-- Madminecrafter1220pxTalk to me20px 22:57, 15 May 2018 (UTC)

Archive "Talk:Chunk format"

This page is pretty long, about 135 KB. A talk page should be archived when it reaches 75 KB. When trying to archive this page, the message Global AF - disallow certain words was displayed. Someone please archive this page. Skylord wars (talk) 02:18, 16 May 2018 (UTC)

Maybe it's some of the profanity that TranzLander used in the "Planning" section? I don't see much else that would trigger the abuse filter on the page, though I didn't look very hard. I don't know why that AF would be triggered on talk pages (after all, TranzLander did add the words themselves), but unfortunately, non-admins aren't able to view abuse filters or abuse logs (that's one thing I like better about Wikipedia).-- Madminecrafter1220pxTalk to me20px 02:34, 16 May 2018 (UTC)
 Done User:KnightMiner · (t) 02:38, 16 May 2018 (UTC)

Jamethomas122 (talkcontribslogsblock log)

Hi, I noticed Jamethomas122 adding adverstiment/promotion in the "About Me" section in the profile, about booking cheap flights, and the user may need to be blocked, including from editing the "About Me" section in the profile due to adding adverstiment there, adversting is not allowed and the user violating the rules due to adversting, please block the user Philip57sundfors TALK CONTRIBUTIONS 08:14, 17 May 2018 (UTC)

 Blocked  16px MarkusRost (talk) 08:17, 17 May 2018 (UTC)
You don't need to put so much effort into simple spam reports, just "This user put spam on their profile" should be enough. BTW, it's spelled "advertisement". --AttemptToCallNil (report bug, view backtrace) 08:17, 17 May 2018 (UTC)



What is the cause of this and how long does it usually take to be fixed?-- Madminecrafter1220pxTalk to me20px 02:32, 18 May 2018 (UTC)

No idea what's causing it, Curse will need to get involved. Looks like this error message comes up any time your search doesn't include the main namespace and the exact page title isn't found. Possibly related is that the search feature only matches page content in the mainspace. -- Orthotopetalk 03:11, 18 May 2018 (UTC)
Looks like the problem is not happening anymore. Oh, and also, search suggestions are working properly now. :) :) :) :)-- Madminecrafter1220pxTalk to me20px 21:05, 18 May 2018 (UTC)

Broken page

Is it just me or is the layout of User:Nixinova/stats completely broken? – Nixinova 16 px 16 px 16 px 05:17, 20 May 2018 (UTC)

The user navigation template was inside of the documentation template, moving it outside appeared to fix the issue (hope you didn't mind). -User:Sonicwave32 (User talk:Sonicwave32) 05:24, 20 May 2018 (UTC)


Excessive vandalism on dolphin by anonymous users. The Blobs16px 00:12, 21 May 2018 (UTC)

Yes, please, I was actually about to request the same thing. I recommend protecting the page only for a short period of time, as the vandalism mainly just started today (no idea why).-- Madminecrafter1220pxTalk to me20px 00:29, 21 May 2018 (UTC)
 Protected   16px MarkusRost (talk) 07:24, 21 May 2018 (UTC)

Pages take very long to upload

Usually, when I edit a page, it takes several hours before my edits actually become visible in that page. This also happens to me when I edit other Gamepedia wikis such as the Terraria wiki. Does anybody know why it takes so long for my edits to appear? 16:04, 7 April 2018 (UTC)

 Resolved This no longer happens. 11:34, 21 May 2018 (UTC)

Old issue pages

Why aren't the old issue pages deleted? They don't contain any kind of useful information and some of them are horribly long, such as Issues/1.3.1, which is almost half megabyte in size. I think deleting such long and deprecated pages would be a good idea. 11:17, 21 May 2018 (UTC)

The issues pages may not be of interest to you (or me, to be honest), but they have historical value to lots of people, particularly those who reported bugs or commented on them. Also, since most of the bugs reported on these pages were never transferred into the bug tracker, this may be the only record that certain bugs ever existed or were fixed. – Auldrick (talk · contribs) 18:04, 21 May 2018 (UTC) (talkcontribslogsblock log)

Vandalized 3 pages countless times, and likely still vandalizing while I'm reporting them. Probably should be blocked for 1 or 2 weeks.-- Madminecrafter1220pxTalk to me20px 17:37, 21 May 2018 (UTC)

Moved on to several other pages - apparently they really like sea pickles. Something needs to be done quick - they seem to be absolutely determined to not stop the vandalism. Orthotope, MarkusRost and pcj?-- Madminecrafter1220pxTalk to me20px 17:42, 21 May 2018 (UTC)
 Blocked   16px MarkusRost (talk) 18:10, 21 May 2018 (UTC)

Repeated vandalism on Generated structures

On the generated structures page, there has been an IP user (talkcontribslogsblock log) who has edited the same "illigitimate" misinformation about elytra for, three, times, in a sentence that does't even make sense that way. These are the only edits of this IP. Could something be done about this user or page? – Jack McKalling [ 16px 16px 16px ] 18:54, 22 May 2018 (UTC)

 Blocked  16px MarkusRost (talk) 19:11, 22 May 2018 (UTC)

Almightyhat4911 (talkcontribslogsblock log)

Disruptive editing/false info on the turtle egg page, after being warned. I suggest maybe a week-long block? Similarly, it appears that (talkcontribslogsblock log) is doing the same thing - I find it probable that Almightyhat4911 logged out and performed more edits.-- Madminecrafter1220pxTalk to me20px 00:45, 24 May 2018 (UTC)

Now's vandalism on that page is getting out of hand to. I'm going to start pinging people on Slack.-- Madminecrafter1220pxTalk to me20px 00:53, 24 May 2018 (UTC)
 Info I went ahead and resaved the page from right before the vandalism started, they had deleted everything leaving it blank. jjlr (talk) 00:56, 24 May 2018 (UTC) (talkcontribslogsblock log)

See the history for 18w21a. This IP won't stop vandalizing the page.-- Madminecrafter1220pxTalk to me20px 23:28, 24 May 2018 (UTC)

Could someone possibly lock the page to only allow edits from confirmed users. jjlr (talk) 23:30, 24 May 2018 (UTC)
Don't think protection would be necessary right now, as this is the only IP that has vandalized the page so far. I do think this IP should definitely be blocked for a week or two. Most IPs seem to just make one joke edit and never return, but this one will not stop.-- Madminecrafter1220pxTalk to me20px 23:32, 24 May 2018 (UTC)
Orthotope and Dinoguy1000: Trying pinging local admins first.-- Madminecrafter1220pxTalk to me20px 23:34, 24 May 2018 (UTC)
KnightMiner? Trying to avoid pinging GRASP, but something has got to give.-- Madminecrafter1220pxTalk to me20px 23:35, 24 May 2018 (UTC)

Sonicwave32 and Madminecrafter12 Stop reverting the page for now, i have a copy of the version right before the vandalism started, it isn't worth a reversion war i can just repair it once it gets protected. jjlr (talk) 23:36, 24 May 2018 (UTC)

Dinoguy1000 and Orthotope they are replacing the page with obscenities now. An ip block or locking the page would be nice. jjlr (talk)

KnightMiner Thank you. jjlr (talk) 23:47, 24 May 2018 (UTC)

User is blocked.
For the record, with this type of vandal the main thing he wanted is attention/to infuriate people, so sometimes they become bored after "winning" for a bit. Its does not feel right to leave vandalism on a page, but its not going to accomplish much to keep reverting unless he stops, and this type rarely stops if they continue to be reverted. User:KnightMiner · (t) 23:59, 24 May 2018 (UTC)
Saving a copy of a page from prior to vandalism isn't necessary; every edit to every page is saved permanently in the page's history, accessible by clicking the "History" tab at the top of the page, and any revision can be restored in this way. User:Dinoguy1000Special:Contributions/Dinoguy1000? · ☎ Dinoguy1000 04:55, 25 May 2018 (UTC)
@Dinoguy1000: I am aware of that, i have actually restored vandalism that spans multiple edits by resaving the last un-vandalized version before, I had simply copied the source itself because at the time it was the simplest thing to do. jjlr (talk) 05:00, 25 May 2018 (UTC)

Nintendo Switch Version History Link on Homepage

On the homepage the link to go to the history for the Switch version uses #14 when it should be using #s14 and it goes to the wrong entry every time because of it. This is an issue that's been happening constantly for ages. --Pizza2004 (talk) 02:14, 25 May 2018 (UTC)

I looked at fixing this, but to be honest I just can't wrap my head around the tangle of nested templates responsible for creating those links well enough to know what to change. I can say that it's something in {{Version link}}, but beyond that I'm lost. User:Dinoguy1000Special:Contributions/Dinoguy1000? · ☎ Dinoguy1000 05:04, 25 May 2018 (UTC)
 Fixed. I ended up having to add a new prefix to version link for Switch as right now Console always redirects to the Wii U version, and both versions use the same format. User:KnightMiner · (t) 06:01, 25 May 2018 (UTC)
Thanks. Honestly that whole mess should be replaced with a module, but it'd have to be someone who's actually competent in Lua, unlike me. User:Dinoguy1000Special:Contributions/Dinoguy1000? · ☎ Dinoguy1000 15:00, 25 May 2018 (UTC)
In the case of version link, yeah, its a bit of a mess, but with how frequently it is used and how simple it's remaining code is overall I'm not sure its worth the extra overhead of invoking a module. User:KnightMiner · (t) 15:22, 25 May 2018 (UTC)
I'm referring to the whole collection of version templates, not just version link. (Of course, it's also distinctly possible that I'm just overblowing the problem in my mind...) User:Dinoguy1000Special:Contributions/Dinoguy1000? · ☎ Dinoguy1000 15:43, 25 May 2018 (UTC)

issue with user pages

Hello. On my user page, when I try to add {{Special:Contributions/Psl85}}, and trying to publishing the edit, will I appear logged out, it is usually technical error which causes I to automatically log out, it is a huge error and I want to have the template to my user page, and I not want to be logged out automatically when I try to save the edit. It also occured earlier today while in school, I got logged out and could not publish the edit, I saw on the screen:

Error: Your edit could not be saved due to a technical error. Please try again later.
Error code:685

Please search the systems for the error and then fix it. user:psl85  User talk:psl85  Special:Contributions/psl85  13:41, 28 May 2018 (UTC)

Special:Contributions isn't a template, it's a page. When you put it in the template syntax {{Special:Contributions/Psl85}}, you're telling the MediaWiki software to interpret it as a template, but because it's just ordinary text that won't work. There is a way to show your contributions on your user page, but I wouldn't advise it because it would it's relatively expensive in terms of server load. By the way, your signature is ugly and hard to read. – Auldrick (talk · contribs) 13:56, 28 May 2018 (UTC)
Also, in your particular instance, because of how this "transclusion" works like Auldrick said above, some of the new pages that you created that are being listed, are actually processed as code. So instead of showing page created with "...text..." it would actually process any and all partial codes that said text contains, messing up a lot of stuff during page rendering. – Jack McKalling [ 16px 16px 16px ] 14:06, 28 May 2018 (UTC)
I updated my signature to non-ugly signature, I updated to this text:  user:psl85  User talk:psl85  Special:Contributions/psl85   user:psl85  User talk:psl85  Special:Contributions/psl85  14:08, 28 May 2018 (UTC)
Psl85 - Although as Jack McKalling and Auldrick pointed out, you can't completely transclude your contributions, as that would mess a lot of things up, you can show your most recent 5, 10, 25, etc. contributions. To do this, add the following:
{{Special:Contributions/Psl85|''[Number of recent contributions here]''}}
Also, as for your signature, I can read it just fine, although you may want to further distinguish the colors of the background from the text. I certainly wouldn't call it "ugly."-- Madminecrafter1220pxTalk to me20px 14:17, 28 May 2018 (UTC)
This is a long-standing and known issue. The solution to this is simply to not include {{Special:Contributions}} into any page. If you encounter a page that includes it, please notify the admins so they can remove it or comment it out. | violine1101(Talk) 14:29, 28 May 2018 (UTC)
The issue think I is problematic, and I want to have a template of most recent contributions on my page, the transclusion works, but I appear logged out when I try to save the edit and seeing the error message for "the edit could not be saved due to a technical error" and appear logged out. I did NOT like the error.  user:psl85  User talk:psl85  Special:Contributions/psl85  17:36, 28 May 2018 (UTC)
Yes, the same issue happend to me about a year ago. I did notify Curse but it has not been fixed since. | violine1101(Talk) 17:41, 28 May 2018 (UTC)
I did notify Curse staff again, and they're looking into it. | violine1101(Talk) 18:16, 28 May 2018 (UTC)
You might want to enter {{Special:Contributions/Psl85|limit=...}} (with |limit= as the parameter) or {{LoadPage|Special:Contributions/Psl85}} and see if that works. – ItsPlantseed|⟩ 18:12, 28 May 2018 (UTC)
I tried it, but the system will log me out again. If I get logged out, needs I to click "Log In" at the top, go to Gamepedia Portal and then click "Log In" and then will I get back to the Minecraft Wikipedia logged in. The issue is terrible, I DO NOT like it. -- user:psl85  User talk:psl85  Special:Contributions/psl85  19:11, 28 May 2018 (UTC)
As pointed out above, the transclusion of this special page is just not intended (as of yet, until fixed by gamepedia). The suggestions for using it are to be taken "if it works for you". If it doesn't, please use an alternative to showing contributions like this and just be patient as you look out for gamepedia fixing the issue. There is nothing else we can do right now I'm afraid. – Jack McKalling [ 16px 16px 16px ] 19:16, 28 May 2018 (UTC)