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The Minecraft Survival Games are a popular scenario used on some multiplayer Minecraft servers. These Minecraft survival games are alot of fun to play with. One of them are called Skywars.

Where it Can be Found:

There are many different servers that provide this game, such as:

How to Play:


There can be 24 or 48 players in a game. Players start at a place called "spawn". The final objective is to try to be the last one standing. Players can't break or place any blocks in the game. The only way one can get loot is to find Chests and open them. Several chests appear at the spawn location, but many players will be thinking of looting them, so they are not the safest option. The chests contain items such as Food, Weapons, Armor, Diamonds, iron, and occasionally Flint or sticks. However, it's almost impossible to get an iron or a diamond Sword in a chest (this depends on the server). Some servers, like MCSG, never give iron and diamond swords, but other servers might allow them to be in a chest. In order to obtain iron and diamond swords (in servers like MCSG), players need to craft items by right clicking on a crafting table.


In a Deathmatch, all a players meet up at spawn. It occurs when the survival games timer runs out, or if there are 3–4 people left in the game. Players must try to kill everyone in 2 minutes. The border will shrink as time passes, and if a player doesn't stay near the border, they are struck by lightning.


If there is a tie (when the deathmatch timer runs out), then a player with the most kills will win the game.


When a player dies, he/she will go in Spectator Mode, and they are able to fly around and watch a players who are still competing in the game. On some servers, there is an additional mechanic called "sponsoring", where players can sponsor other players, giving them: food, Ender Pearls, weapons, armor or some other items that the server provides. On some servers, spectators can sponsor others with Potions which will grant Status Effects such as blindness, nausea, etc.


If a player wins a game, it will be recorded in his/her stats. If they keep winning, their player rank will go up, which can eventually allow them to climb the leader-boards.


Forming teams is permitted. However, it's frowned upon by some players.

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