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Wither Storm
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Built by Ivor during Endercon in S1E1

The wither storm or witherstorm is an enormous, advanced, wither-like mob that served as the main antagonist for the first four episodes of Season 1 of Minecraft: Story Mode.

It was created by Ivor through the use of the command block, three wither skeleton skulls, and soul sand. It was destroyed by Jesse's Gang in the conclusion of the fourth episode, "A Block and a Hard Place." It was programmed to follow Gabriel the Warrior's amulet. However, due to some mishaps, it became out of control and unstoppable, destroying everything in the way of the amulet.


How the wither storm was built.

When created, the wither storm appeared to be a regular wither with a command block within its chest. Though as it began to pull in the surrounding blocks, it quickly transformed into a gigantic, black creature with long, powerful tentacles along with three heads. Each head has one purple, glowing eye and a large set of mandibles. When it picks up blocks to build its body, they turn into an ash-like block that is absorbed into it. The interior is similar with the exception of purple and gray variants of the blocks or mobs it has absorbed.

While the Wither Storm still held some of the similarities as a normal wither, it contained a few enderman-esque qualities as well. This is likely either due to the Command Block being used to erase the ender dragon out of existence or withering being similar to the corrupted-like state the End represents. Some examples being the tractor beam being able to pull blocks and objects towards itself which can be compared to the abilities of the endermen picking up blocks. Both are able to manipulate a block's location without tools or breaking it. The wither storm's tractor beam and certain absorbed objects were also purple; the associated color of the End and corruption. It also has visual similarities to heart of ender from Minecraft Dungeons which was created after Minecraft: Story Mode.

At the end of "The Last Place You Look", the wither storm was split into three separate entities. They all had only one head, but later in "A Block and a Hard Place" each of them grew two more heads. Two of them were quite smaller than the main larger one who also had the command block within.


The wither storm is a very powerful creature. It gained its extraordinary capabilities with the help of the Command Block. Its powers were:

  • Wither Skulls: In its first form, the wither storm is able to shoot wither skulls the same way the ordinary wither does.
  • Suction: In its first form, the wither storm is able to suck only objects while it didn't had its tractor beam.
  • Flaming Wither Skulls: The wither storm in its final form was able to shoot a stronger, flaming variation of the wither skulls that the wither and itself used to shoot, their explosions are bigger and leave fire behind.
  • Tractor Beam: The wither storm was able to a create a tractor beam from each of it's head's eyes,
  • Wither Sickness: The wither storm had an enhanced and more deadly variation of the wither (effect) that the ordinary wither has, The enhanced wither effect was called wither sickness. It is believed that one of the ways of being infected is being too long in the creature's tractor beam.
  • Tentacles: The wither storm has several long tentacles that it uses to attack, capture preys and to destroy blocks around to help it get to its destinations. These tentacles were strong enough to destroy even Obsidian.
  • Durabilty: The wither storm had an absurd durability as it was able to survive the formidi-bomb even when it was exploded into pieces due to the command block withstanding it and getting the wither storm to wake up after a while.
  • Regeneration: All the wither storm's wounds could be easily Regenerated by absorbing objects and creatures.
  • Splitting: After the wither storm survived the formidi-bomb, it was able to make its three separated parts gain life on their own. The bigger main one was the one who had the command block within, after it was killed with the command block's destruction, the other two parts also died.
  • Limbs' generation: The wither storm has the ability to grow tentacles and additional heads during its transformation while absorbing blocks and growing larger. In "A Block and a Hard Place" it is shown that the wither storm is able to grow them even inside its own body so it can protect the Command Block.
  • Order of the Stone's Amulet's Tracking: The wither storm is able to track the Order's amulet as long it is not in the Nether or in the End.


The list below shows the victims the wither storm has killed:


Killed By:

The wither storm was powered by the Command Block, so to defeat it, Jesse used an enchanted weapon (with Command Block powers) to destroy the Command Block. Reuben helped by retrieving the enchanted weapon for Jesse and bringing it to them, though endangering himself in the process. This defeated the wither storm and assured it would never reanimate back to life.


Small Wither Storm Shoot
Beastly Growl
Beastly Roar
Long Snarl
Short Snarl
Critical Hit
Rib Bone Detach
File:Wither Storm Ribbone move2.oggFile:Wither Storm Ribbone move3.oggFile:Wither Storm Ribbone move4.oggFile:Wither Storm Ribbone move5.oggFile:Wither Storm Ribbone move6.oggFile:Wither Storm Ribbone move7.oggFile:Wither Storm Ribbone move8.oggFile:Wither Storm Ribbone move9.oggRib Bone Move
Rib Bone Whoosh
Rip Block
Matalic Whoosh
Suck Woosh
Stab Eye
Slice Tentacle
Tentacle Vox
Tractor Beam
Tractor Beam Parts
Parts Falling

Command Block Build
Command Block Damage
Command Block Hit
Command Block Cracks
Command Block Destruct
Command Block Pulse Loop
Command Block Pulse Reactivate
Command Block Tractor Beam Activate


  • The wither storm is the first major antagonist in the series and the first antagonist to be created by a person.
    • The second antagonist created by a person is PAMA. Although it's possible PAMA was the first one to be created chronologically.
    • It is also the first non-human major antagonist, the second being PAMA.
  • Inside the wither storm can be found withered citizens, some of them being named characters. They are Jens, Lydia, Otis, Owen, Schoolboy, and Reuben (human).
  • The wither storm cannot be built in normal Minecraft, though all of the materials needed to build one exist.
  • The terms "wither storm" and "witherstorm" are interchangeable; in fact, both terms were used to refer to it in Minecraft: Story Mode. The former was used in episodes 1 and 2, and the latter was used in episodes 3, 4, and 5.
  • When the wither storm's middle head mutated, its eye color changed to cyan, in contrast to its main color, purple.
  • In "Hero in Residence", several posters of the wither storm are seen throughout Beacontown.
  • The wither storm is the first antagonist to have an antagonistic role for more than one episode, the other being Romeo.
    • It is also the first main antagonist with no dialogue.