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Winslow is a minor character in the episode, "A Portal to Mystery" of Minecraft: Story Mode. He is the pet cat and best friend of the serial killer known as the White Pumpkin.


Winslow is a calico cat that has a black, white, and orange coat. He also has green eyes, and a pink nose.


Winslow was portrayed to be loyal to his owner, Cassie Rose. However, if Jesse doesn't give Cassie her cat, Winslow refuses to take fish offered to him by his master and walks away, showing he isn't too loyal under certain circumstances, likely preferring to not be surrounded by Endermites in a trap. He distracted Jesse's Gang when they were lighting the portal and knocked the enchanted flint and steal off a ledge, proving to be very smart and extremely mischievous.


  • Winslow and the other calico cats have a different texture pattern than that of vanilla Minecraft. This is due to calico cats not being added when Story Mode was released.
  • Jesse has the option to return Winslow to Cassie or leave him when she is trapped.
  • Cassie Rose claimed that Winslow was her "best and only friend."
  • In The White Pumpkin's lair, there are numerous calico cats that all look like Winslow. However, Cassie seems to prefer Winslow over the others.