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Some stories are better left forgotten.

Soren to Petra, hinting his secret.

Soren the Architect, abbreviated to just Soren, is a tritagonist encountered in Minecraft: Story Mode. He is the leader of the Order of the Stone. He is renowned as a legendary architect, hence his name. He is voiced by John Hodgman. He first appeared in "The Order of the Stone" as a flashback and in "The Last Place You Look" as a character.


He is a pale man with ginger hair with a moustache and beard, who wears sandy colored armor with black accents. He has fingerless, grey gloves and brown pants. Prior to episode 3, he wore a grey hardhat and tan goggles.


Soren appeared to be an eccentric, impulsive, and a complete genius in his first few appearances. He is not good at socializing and seems to not care about lying. He was not above putting himself in danger to conduct his research in Endermen, risking his life to study them, and spoke of a desire to be anything other than Soren the Architect. He is the discoverer of the Command Block, and he grew to be dependent on it after realizing what it could do, becoming a coward in the process.

During his time in the End, Soren grew a fascination for Endermen, studying them and even attempting to train some on how to build. Furthermore, he prefers endermen more than anyone because unlike people, endermen always do what he expects without a single thought of betrayal, almost to a fault. In "A Block and a Hard Place", it is revealed that Soren even worries for the safety of Endermen when he sees a few of them approaching the Wither Storm, fearing that they will get themselves killed.

Killed Victims[]

The list below shows the victims Soren has killed:

  • The Ender Dragon (Alongside the Order of the Stone, zapped out of existence)
  • Hostile Mobs


  • Golden sword
  • Super TNT
  • Amulet (Introduction)
  • Wooden sword
  • Command Block (Formerly)
  • potato (Determinant, formerly)
  • Habits of the Endermen a book by Soren (Possibly, formerly)
  • Walking Among the Endermen A book by Soren (Possibly, formerly)
  • The Redstone Heart A book by Soren (Possibly, formerly)
  • A Man Forever Voyaging A book by Soren (Possibly, formerly)
  • Brave New Enderman A book by Soren (Possibly, formerly)


"I wasn't expecting so many houseguests! There's no way I have enough seashell soaps for all of them."

"Ask me no questions and I'll tell you no lies."
—Soren to Jesse.

"Sometimes, I'd prefer to be anything but Soren...ooh, like a donkey, for example."

"You look... terrible."
—Soren to Petra/Gabriel.

"You seem like a person who appreciates cool stuff that's cool for no reason."
—Soren to Jesse.

"Hush, Ivor, for once!"
—Soren to Ivor.

"Stuff and nonsense, stuff and nonsense."
—Soren to Magnus/Ellegaard.

"Yes... yes, that's it! They'll be caught between a rock in a hard place!"
—Soren, talking about the plan to lure the Witherstorm with the Amulet. (Determinant)

"And to make matters worse, we've gone from one Wither Storm to three! Our plan was a total failure!"

"Welcome to the Far Lands, my friends."
—Soren to Jesse's gang, when they arrive at the Far Lands.

"Tinkering with the Far Lands is nothing to laugh about!"
—Soren to Petra.

"It's as though Ivor learned nothing from my lectures on organizational methodology!"
—Soren to Jesse in Ivor's Lab.

"If you'd only been there... It was a fight for the ages! We'd spent weeks preparing for our greatest battle ever. But even so, the Ender Dragon was stronger than even I had imagined. I realized it was drawing strength from the Ender Crystals -- and that the crystals had to be destroyed. I hit the first with a perfectly placed arrow. The second, I destroyed by launching myself on the shockwave of Magnus' TNT! Using only my strength and my wiles, I steered the foul beast towards the third crystal. I flew the dragon directly towards the final crystal! Only then did Gabriel deliver his famous final blow. We became heroes, and eventually, legends. The greatest the world has ever known."
—Soren's false account about The Order's battle against the Ender Dragon.

"Understand -- when I found that blasted block, we were nobodies. But with its help, we became stronger. Faster. We could do so much more! The others had no idea what I was doing... yet the more I used it, the more we came to depend on it. I knew it was only so long before someone would find out. So I concocted a plan. I would use the Command Block to blink the Ender Dragon out of existence... Securing our status as legends... forever."
—Soren telling the true story behind the quest to defeat the Ender Dragon.

"You know, I've really enjoyed meeting you and all, but..."
—Soren's final words to Jesse's gang before running away.


  • In other worlds, there are multiple books written by Soren.
    • In Isa's Throne Room, there is a book called Habits of the Endermen.
    • In the White Pumpkin's lair, there is a book called Walking Among the Endermen.
    • In Harper's Secret Laboratory, there is a book called The Redstone Heart.
    • In Hadrian's Palace, there's a book called A Man Forever Voyaging.
    • In Fred's house in Fred's Keep, there is a book called Brave New Enderman.
  • In "The Last Place You Look", Soren does not have his hat like in "The Order of the Stone". This is similar to Magnus the Rogue and Ellegaard the Redstone Engineer.
  • Soren is one of two characters with aviophobia, the fear of flying. Sandy is the other.
    • This can be shown in "A Block and a Hard Place" (if Gabriel gets the 'Wither Amnesia') when everyone is on the flying machine heading to Ivor's Cottage. Gabriel will mention that Ellegaard built a machine like that some time ago, and that Soren was terrified on riding it.
    • This can also be shown in "A Block and a Hard Place" again, if Jesse chooses to say "You're full of it." after Soren tells his fake story of the battle with the Ender Dragon, he/she can determinantly use the fact that Soren is afraid of flying to argue that Soren's story (which claims that he rode the dragon) seems off.
  • In the Minecraft: Story Mode skin pack on Console and Bedrock Editions of Minecraft, there is a skin that shows what Soren looks like without his armor.
    • This skin is present in the Minecraft: Story Mode files, although it is not used. However, it's used in place of the Armored skin in the Netflix version.
  • In "Hero in Residence", if Radar is not interrupted for a certain amount of time, he mentions "The Followers of Soren."
  • Though the battle with the Ender Dragon is the only mission of the Old Order of the Stone to be revealed as a fraud falsified with a Command Block, Soren can determinantly say in "A Block and a Hard Place" that the Order doesn't even stand a chance without the Command Block if Gabriel was rescued in Episode 1.
    • Magnus / Ellegaard can also determinantly tell Gabriel that Ellegaard / Magnus was the only member of the Order who didn't need the Command Block.
    • This means that the Order of the Stone actually used the Command Block on all of their missions.
  • Occasionally, if Jesse looks at the window from the 2nd story of Soren's Laboratory, in the left bottom corner, Soren in the enderman disguise can be seen.
  • Soren is the first character to sing in Minecraft: Story Mode, the second being Jack, with "Jack's Lament", and the third being Radar with "Taste My Bravery".
    • His song is called "Soren's Farewell Song".