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Jesse's Gang looking at Sky City

Sky City is a location in Minecraft: Story Mode. It appears in "Order Up!" and is the main setting for the episode.


The Sky City is a city floating in the sky high above an Overworld of it's Dimension.


The city is made up of mainly gold, quartz, stone, cobblestone, and iron. There are walls bordering the city with gates for entry. Inside are buildings along with a large pond in the middle, including the Palace, where Isa lives.

Below the city's surface, there is a tunnel leading to the bottom of the island. There are chests with spawn eggs contained within. It's also where Benedict lives.

At the back of the Sky City Palace, there is an island attached reminiscing the a Skyblock island with a crafting table, pond, a cobblestone generator, and a singular tree.

The city was believed to be floating above The Void, as announced by Isa. However, it was revealed that it was floating above an Overworld.


The Sky City is ruled by Isa (the Founder) and has very strict rules that prohibit its inhabitants from building without Isa's permission. It also limits crafting and smelting and gives out harsh punishments to people who waste its resources or throw them over the edge, mainly because it only has the Eversource as a source of food and resources. However, it was destroyed by The Blaze Rods in "Order Up!", when they used the Eversource's spawn eggs to spawn hostile mobs in the city. After that, the city was abandoned, and possibly torn apart by the mobs.


  • Isa (Formerly)
  • Reginald (Formerly)
  • Milo (Formerly)
  • Phillipe (Formerly)
  • Build Club (Formerly)
  • Benedict

    Benedict (Eversource) (Formerly)
  • Dale (Mentioned) (Formerly)
  • Melissa (Mentioned) (Formerly)
  • Sky City Townspeople (Formerly)
  • Sky City Guards (Formerly)
  • Hostile Mobs
  • Iron Golem (Formerly, Determinant)



  • Minecraft Story Mode:Sky City Palace

Sky City Portal[]

The Sky City Portal is a Minecraft: Story Mode exclusive portal that leads to Sky City or its surrounding islands. It first appeared in "Order Up!". The portal can be ignited using an enchanted flint and steel.

Two such portals are known to exist in Minecraft: Story Mode. One portal is located inside the Temple of the Old Builders, within the Overworld. The other is found on the surface below Sky City leading to the Portal Network.


The Sky City Portal appears to be made out of chiseled quartz blocks which surround the inner light-blue center. The portal also has an additional border of gold blocks, giving it a unique shape resembling an egg.

Known Users[]


  • Sky City originally started a small cluster of islands with a tree, as according to Milo or Isa (determinant). The original tree and island are located behind Isa's palace, along with a crafting table, water body, and a cobblestone generator.
    • This is a reference to Skyblock, a popular Minecraft map. The game files even refer Sky City as Skyblock.
  • It is most likely that Isa, the Eversource, and the inhabitants of Sky City got onto the sky island to create it using the Sky City Portal, as there was no way for them to get up from the ground especially sense they didn't know it existed.
  • PAMA mentions about the adventures they had and one of them it says, "A City in the Sky."
  • Dropping any type of block (including dirt and cobblestone) is considered an "egregious waste of materials," or a felony.