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Every morning, I wake up, and just for a minute, I can pretend that he's just in another room, or rooting outside looking for carrots. And then every morning I get to remember all over that he's gone.

Jesse to Lukas, saying how they miss Reuben. (Determinant)

Reuben is a main character in Minecraft: Story Mode through episodes 1-4. He was Jesse's pet pig and best friend. They both lived in a treehouse, with Axel and Olivia. He is voiced by Dee Bradley Baker. He first appeared in "​The Order of the Stone".


Reuben was designed to be a "teenage pig", not quite as small as a piglet and not as big as a normal pig. He differs from regular Minecraft: Story Mode pigs with a bigger head, eyebrows, and eyes that move around like the characters.


He was a little funky friendly pig, who was often seen as a happy companion and loved Jesse unconditionally. However, he could be seen getting upset with Jesse, especially if they ignored him or forgot about him momentarily (Determinant.) He does not like being called a pet or mascot, as seen in Episode 1.


Reuben died from injuries obtained by falling from a great height. After retrieving Jesse's enchanted weapon, he fell into a pit inside the wither storm, later landing on the stone below missing the body of water nearby.


  • The name "Reuben" is a reference to real food: pork loin reuben similar to how Benedict's name is a reference to eggs benedict and Waffles' name is a reference to chicken and waffles.
  • Reuben somewhat resembles the Gloucestershire Old Spot, which is a breed of pigs, with a dark patch on the lower back and known for its intelligence.
  • In "The Order of the Stone", if Jesse chooses to do nothing while talking to Otis, Reuben will beat him up. He would also appear angry in Ivor's hideout at EnderCon.
  • In "Assembly Required", if Jesse decides to go to Boom Town, they can choose pink wool as a building material (insisted by Reuben) in the Death Bowl. This will result in them building a statue of Reuben.
    • If Jesse doesn't pick a name, Axel will step in, calling Jesse the Pig Master. It appears to be a reference to Reuben himself.
  • In "The Last Place You Look", if Jesse chooses to rescue the Order’s Amulet instead of helping Reuben and Axel, the option to high five Reuben will be unavailable, and Reuben will glare at Jesse before walking away. He is later seen with Lukas.
  • In "The Last Place You Look", if Jesse talks to Reuben enough times while in Soren's research lab in The End, Reuben will tell her/him a joke. This will result in the "That's Some Pig" achievement to be unlocked.
  • In "The Last Place You Look", when Jesse was constructing the Formidi-Bomb, Jesse's Gang, Soren, Magnus, and Ellegaard could be seen in the background building a statue of Reuben with sunglasses to distract the Wither Storm.
  • Depending on the player's choice, Reuben's expression will be different at the end of "The Last Place You Look". The three expressions will be worried, indifferent or angry.
  • In "A Block and a Hard Place", it was revealed that Reuben was initially found by Jesse near a waterfall.
  • In "A Block and a Hard Place", if Jesse chooses to craft a Hoe, Reuben will laugh at him/her.
  • In "A Block and a Hard Place", if Jesse doesn't choose anything when picking how to get into the Wither Storm, Olivia or Petra will suggest they build a Reuben Minecart Launcher. Listening carefully, pig noises can be heard every time Jesse lays down a pink wool block.
  • In "A Block and a Hard Place", when Reuben dies, there will be a gray box on the top left corner saying "Reuben will be remembered". It can also be seen in Jesse's speech. When Jesse asks what really mattered, they have the option to say "Reuben" (if you didn't say you had Reuben) and it will say "Reuben will be remembered" again.
  • Reuben can be mentioned in every episode except "Jailhouse Block" and "Below the Bedrock".
    • In "Order Up!", Jesse, Petra, and Lukas visit the Order Hall and see Reuben's porkchop, remembering him. Jesse later sees pigs in the Sky City dimension and has the option to say that they miss Reuben.
    • In "A Portal to Mystery" Jesse has the option to insult the White Pumpkin saying, "Cats suck! Pigs are way cooler!", which refers to Reuben.
    • In "Access Denied", after chipping Petra and Lukas, PAMA mentions Reuben by saying "An adorable pig friend". Later, either Lukas or Petra will mention Reuben while under PAMA's control, reminding Jesse of Reuben's death to bruise their morale.
    • In "A Journey's End?", Reuben can be mentioned by either Axel or Reuben the Endercon usher when the latter is revealed.
    • In "Hero in Residence", Reuben is mentioned in Lukas' story. Jesse can visit Reuben's Memorial in Beacontown, and Reuben is also mentioned by Stella.
    • In "Giant Consequences", the Prismarine Colossus form of Romeo destroys Reuben's memorial during the fight. Jesse can later rebuild the memorial.
    • In "Below the Bedrock", based on Jesse’s reaction to first seeing PorkChop’s (Human) hat, which resembled the head of a pig, it’s likely Jesse mistook the hat for Reuben.
    • In "Above and Beyond", Jesse can visit rebuilt Reuben's memorial one more time.
  • Reuben is the only member of Jesse's Gang who has truly died. This makes him the only member of Jesse's Gang not to appear in Season 2
  • Reuben is a special Minecraft: Story Mode mob in age along with Lluna, as Eric confirmed Reuben is a teenage pig.[1]