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I have never been the adventuring type myself. Too uh, heh, too dangerous.

Lukas to Jesse.

Radar is a deuteragonist and Jesse's assistant/intern in Minecraft: Story Mode Season 2. He first appeared in "Hero in Residence" and is voiced by Yuri Lowenthal.


Radar has dark-tan skin, black eyes, and black hair. He wears glasses (that determinately break in half which then are fixed with something white), blue jeans, a green hoodie with white drawstrings, a light brown vest, and a blue tie. He has several black tattoos on his arms, typically covered by his long sleeves.


Radar adores Jesse and the New Order of the Stone. He enjoys working for Jesse and likes to help him/her. If Jesse lets him temporarily run Beacontown or watch over the Clock, he gets excited. Radar is also nervous around the New Order of the Stone, evidenced by how he acts nervously around them at the beginning of "Hero in Residence".

He is also very organized, seen when he determinantly says "There's no schedule; everyone's running around unorganized" which he doesn't like as shown when he complains how disorganized the Sunshine Institute is, and when he deems the armors in Romeoburg barbaric because of how unorganized they are.

At first, Radar dislikes adventuring, shown in "Hero in Residence" when he tells Jesse how dangerous adventuring is. However, during the group's journey to the Icy Palace of Despair, Radar slowly becomes stronger. After seeing the natures of the Sunshine Institute, he becomes "Prison Radar" and starts to play tough, although his organized personality and admiration for Jesse are still often shown at times. Eventually, in "Above and Beyond", he returns to be the organized fan of Jesse. He determinately acts more aggressive in Above and Beyond.

Killed Victims[]


  • Book
  • Fishing Rod (Determinant)
  • Cookie (Determinant and temporarily)
  • Mushroom Stew (Determinant and temporarily)
  • Shield
  • Bow
  • Arrows
  • Enchanted Iron Sword (Determinant and temporarily)
  • Diamond Sword (Determinant and temporarily)
  • Water Bucket (Determinant and formerly)


"I can't believe I'm walking out of the Order Hall WITH the Order. Ha!"
—Radar to The New Order.

Radar: "I tell ya, I am just the luckiest!"
Jesse: "Yeah?"
Radar: "Oh yeah! Getting to work with you, hanging out with the Order... And living in the coolest town in the whole world: Beacontown."
—Jesse and Radar.

"Jesse is coming to my rescue. Just like I dreamed it."
—Radar to himself about Jesse.

"Thank you Jesse. I solemnly promise to uphold the duties of Clockmaster and to only use my powers for good."
—Radar to Jesse about the Giant Clock. (Determinant)

"I'm worried enough for the both of us."
—Radar to Jesse and Lukas. (Determinant)

"Hey ugly! Taste my bravery!"
—Radar to the Icy Golem. (Determinant)

"I'm gonna have to really step it up. I mean this is prison. So from now on... I'm Prison Radar."
—Radar to Jesse.

"I'm gonna get my OWN mushrooms. Make my OWN stew. Disregard my bedtime. Break whatever rules I feel like! Within reason!"
—Radar to Jesse.

"I'm gonna starve. Waste away. Poof. No more Radar."
—Radar after seeing the other "guests" fight for the mushroom.

"But heroes are supposed to help people! Not hurt them..."
—Radar to Xara.

"This is my time Jesse, I know it."
—Radar to Jesse about sacrificing himself to the Giant Enderman.

"It would be great if I could go one day, just ONE DAY, without seeing something new and completely terrifying!"

"You let Jesse go! Don't you have any decency?! It is NOT cool to go around smashing everything up, making a mess, and grabbing people! Aaaaah! EAT THIS!"
—Radar to the Giant Enderman.

"Aw, you were worried about me?"
—Radar to Jesse. (Determinant)

"Yeah! Logically, we're helping you more than you're helping us, which wouldn't help us help you. But helping us would help us help you more than you've ever helped anyone. So..."
—Radar to Soup and Val. (Determinant)

"Yes! It's so fun! Flexing those brain muscles, taking your mind off the incredible misery in the world crushing down on you every-- I mean... uh... oh, look at that."
—Radar about the trivia contest. (Determinant)

"Thanks boss. This... ah. You have been... you are... what I'm trying to say is that I promise I'll make you proud."
—Radar to Jesse after being promoted. (Determinant)

"Wasn't the coolest?' Oh, no. Misfiling your acacia wood during material organization week 'isn't the coolest'. That was, that was a stripe too far!"
—Radar to Jesse about Vos insulting him. (Determinant)

"I know me too!!"
—Radar to Jesse after Jesse decided to stay in Beacontown. (Determinant)


  • The game makes a reference to Ben 10 when Jesse tells Radar "It's hero time!" when escaping the golems, which is Ben 10's catchphrase. This is because both are voiced by Yuri Lowenthal.
    • Yuri Lowenthal also voices Willy.
  • Eric Stirpe revealed the following about Radar on Tumblr:
    • Radar has been working for Jesse for about a year by the time of "Hero in Residence".[1]
    • Radar is both Jesse's assistant and intern.[2]
    • Radar's favorite animals are rabbits.[3]
    • Radar is asian.[4]
  • If Jesse looks at the octopus statue in "Hero in Residence", Radar will state that he loves seafood.
  • Radar previously lived in Champion City.
  • It is completely unknown how Radar could enter the Terminal Zone (if Jesse left him behind in Episode 4), as the portal entrance was concealed by Romeo's bedrock layer.
  • Radar is supposed to sing a song called "Taste My Bravery" in an episode, but it wasn't able to make it in.[5]
  • Radar uses a model similar the Alex player model, with thinner arms. The difference is that his arms are 3 pixels wide on all sides, whereas the normal Alex model is 3 pixels wide on the front + back and 4 pixels on the left + right.