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Prison Cave Spider



Created by Romeo

Prison cave spiders are a prison variant of the cave spider that appear exclusively in Minecraft: Story Mode - Season Two. They are first seen in "Jailhouse Block" as swarms of them attack Jesse's Gang.


Like normal cave spiders, they jump at the player and can scale horizontal blocks. It is not known however if they can inflict poison upon bite.


Prison cave spiders are a prison variant of the cave spider created by Romeo to wander the outer perimeters of the Sunshine Institute. Their color seems to match their base counterparts with the exception of red dots that appear on their legs. They are also smaller than their base counterparts.


  • In "Jailhouse Block", prison cave spiders can be seen in The Burrows when Jesse and Petra/Jack first attempt to escape Sunshine Institute. They can also be seen when Jesse's Gang escapes the Institute with Xara.


  • Said by Eric Stirpe, most mobs in the Sunshine Institute was called "prison [mob name here]."[1]