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Petra is one of the main characters in Minecraft: Story Mode, and makes an appearance in every episode of the series, unless you save Gabriel in the episode The Order of the Stone", she is not seen in "assembly required"). As the game progresses, she ends up becoming a good friend of Jesse. Before she as a member of Jesse's Gang, she was a mercenary living in caves that was known as mysterious and cool yet inapproachable due to her toughness. Petra is voiced by Ashley Johnson and first appeared in "The Order of the Stone".


Petra's skin is a pale white color, which turns gray when she gets either Withersick or Withermad. Her eyes are black, which turn blue when Withersick, and pink when Withermad. Her hair is a deep orange, similar to copper, and cut just below her shoulders. She's often seen wearing a turquoise bandana, tied back on her left.

Petra in Season 1 wears her unarmored clothes, consisting of a deep blue tshirt with a black vest on top and either a white undershirt or white collar on the shirt. The shirt also has some light and dark gray stripes. On her left arm is a longer sleeve with a brown stripe across it, and on her right hand is a single fingerless glove.

Either at the end of episode 4, or before episode 5 (depending on if she was withermad or not), Petra recieves unnamed armor, which is mostly lapis blue with some gold linings and what looks like a diamond in the chestplate.

The armor has broken down between season 1 and season 2, leaving Petra more exposed and her unarmored clothes visible underneath. If picked as Romeo's champion in episode 2, her look turns red from Romeo's control, glowing. When the status is revoked and the gauntlet is removed, the glow is removed and her clothes look dimmer.

If she's not picked as champion, her armor and clothes are replaced with prison themed clothes.


Petra prides herself on her independence and resourcefulness, offering to trade things to people for "the right price".

She has a lot of reluctance towards taking care of herself, as seen in the Witherstorm Arc when she prioritizes helping the group and fighting the Witherstorm over her own health. She mentions in 105 she's not used to having teammates who worry about her.

She's shown as Gabriel's counterpart, being the warrior of the group.

Petra is a fierce warrior, and a good friend to Jesse and Lukas. She seems to always help anyone for the right price. She's presented to them as someone admirable, as someone whose already out achieving so many feats and helping others like a legitimate hero, she helped the Ocelots going in the Nether, and she also would later help Ivor despite what kind of people they are. Plus given her first famous line, it solidifies her illumined desire: Petra wants to be seen as a hero. This is further evident when she saves Jesse and takes them to her cave, where she becomes fascinated by their praise of her and takes them to her trade.

"For the right price, I'll help anyone."
—Petra to Jesse' Gang

She loves challenging herself (shown when Petra gave Ivor a wither skull for a diamond fake trade) and has a competitive nature when it comes to contests against her friends. This is shown when she offers to race up to four times throughout the game (twice in "A Portal to Mystery" (determinant), once in "Hero in Residence", and once in "Above and Beyond" (determinant).

After defeating the Wither Storm, Petra becomes more energetic and optimistic, proud of obtaining a great victory. She can also be very greedy for treasure sometimes, such as when she chased Ivor all over EnderCon for a single diamond and went on to the Temple of the Old Builders simply hoping for treasure. Petra also cares too much about her treasures, including her golden sword, "Miss Butter", shown in "Hero in Residence".

Petra craves for adventure at all times, but she becomes resentful after her old friendships start to fade. In "Hero in Residence", she emphasized to Jesse several times how none of her friends were adventuring with her anymore. Petra begins seeking adventures elsewhere if not with her friends from Jesse's Gang, such as becoming Stella's champion and the expedition with Jack and Vos. She tells Jesse that she feels "adventuring out there" is her true purpose, not staying put in Beacontown.


Being a main character, Petra has talked to many other characters throughout the games.

Death (Respawn) (Determinant)[]

  • Nell (Caused)
  • Piston Trap
  • Clutch

If Ivor is saved, Petra along with Lukas will be suffocated in a wall earlier during their first Spleef game, but both will respawn afterward. If Petra is saved, eventually in the games, she will have her sword knocked out of her hand by Slab while trying to cover Jesse so they can win the race, then stabbed to death by Clutch with a diamond axe. She will respawn afterwards.

Killed Victims[]

  • Numerous Hostile Mobs


  • Iron Pickaxe (Formerly, likely replaced with diamond pickaxe)
  • Wither Skull (Formerly)
  • Iron Sword (Formerly)
  • Lapis Lazuli
  • Slime Balls (Formerly)
  • Golden Sword (Determinant and formerly)
  • Nether Star (Formerly)
  • Stone Sword (Determinant and formerly)
  • Miss Butter (Formerly and determinant)
  • Cookie (Formerly)
  • 2 Iron Ingots (Formerly)
  • Slime Block (Determinant and formerly)
  • Sticks
  • Enchanted Iron Sword (Determinant)
  • Enchanted Golden Sword (Broken Determinant)
  • Command Block Armor
  • Diamond Pickaxe
  • Romeo's Gauntlet (Determinant, unwillingly and formerly)
  • Stone Axe


"For the right price, I'll help anyone."
—Petra to Axel about helping The Ocelots.

"Consider it my charitable act for the day."
—Petra to Jesse. (Determinant)

"Jesse, a lever's not gonna do you much good in a fight, is it?"
—Petra to Jesse. (Determinant)

"How about a lecture on the power of my fists? It's short. But deadly."
—Petra to Jesse. (Determinant)

"Whatever we do, we do it together."
—Petra to Jesse. (Determinant)

"Don't you know? You dive INTO the water - you don't land on top of it."
—Petra to Jesse. (Determinant)

"I'm less scared of you than scared for you."
—Petra to Jesse. (Determinant)

"Why'd I risk my neck for that skull if he's got two of them already?"
—Petra, in question to the fact that Ivor has two more Wither Skeleton skulls.

"Enough! I'm calling a moratorium on moping."
—Petra to Axel. (Determinant)

"I'm not trying to freak you out, but I'm a little bit freaked out right now."
—Petra. (Determinant)

"This is a nightmare! Am I awake?"
—Petra with amnesia, riding away from the Witherstorm. (Determinant)

"No. No way. I'm not a quitter!"
—Petra to Olivia, Axel, and Jesse. (Determinant)

"That was amazing. Get it? A-maze-ing?"
—Petra with amnesia. (Determinant)

"Secret passageway! Cool!"
—Petra with amnesia. (Determinant)

"Who's Petra? ...Kidding!"
—Petra joking about her amnesia. (Determinant)

"Ivor, I know you mean well. But your house wants to kill people."
—Petra to Ivor.

"He didn't die in some accident Jesse, he sacrificed himself, he was a hero."
—Petra to Jesse, talking about Reuben. (Determinant)

"You were on time today, and that was great, but it's hard to ignore that none of my friends are ever around anymore."
—Petra to Jesse. (Determinant)

—Petra on kidnapping Benedict. (Determinant)

"Verdict says... definitely not our world. You owe me two iron, Lukas."
—Petra to Lukas.

"Sorry, I was whittling earlier, nervous habit."
—Petra to Jesse, when she pulls out sticks from her inventory.

"Cats really give me the creeps. No offense, Stampy."
—Petra to Stampy Cat.

"You're doing great, Jesse. Now go in for the kill. Metaphorically."
—Petra to Jesse. (Determinant)

"Brutal; I like it."
—Petra agreeing with Jesse's punishment for The White Pumpkin. (Determinant)

"I'm tired of all this useless portal-hopping trying to find our way home!"
—Petra frustrated in The Portal Network.

"Really? Oh, I don't remember when we all voted to elect you the boss of me."
—Petra to Jesse. (Determinant)

"Ugh... you know I like you Jesse, but you drive me nuts sometimes."
—Petra to Jesse. (Determinant)

"Jesse... that was... awful."
—Petra to Jesse after being un-chipped. (Determinant)

"Awesome, we found it! Oh, your owner is going to be so happy to see you!"
—Petra, when she and Jesse find Lluna.

"Some sort of... Heckmouth?"
—Petra, when she first sees the hole with charged creepers.

"Try not to explode."
—Petra to Radar. (Determinant)

"No no, not the hurt face. Ahh, I hate that face."
—Petra to Jesse. (Determinant)

"No no, not the hurt face. Ahh, I hate that face."
—Petra to Jesse. (Determinant)

"You mean a lot to me Jesse, I-- More than anyone else, you've been there... and I don't want to leave if that means... you're my best friend Jesse."
—Petra to Jesse in the cabin.

"Ha ha! We're alive! We. Are. Alive!"
—Petra after going through the portal back to Beacontown.

"I wasn't complaining. I was stating a fact in a frustrated tone."
—Petra to Jesse about there not being any fireworks.

"I was kinda hoping you'd be interested in a race."
—Petra to Jesse. (Determinant)


  • On the cover of the unused Story Mode Archives track, is seen some fanart by KiiwiiBuns of Petra and Jesse
  • Ashley Johnson, Petra's voice actor, voiced Gortys in Telltale Games' Tales From the Borderlands and Ellie in The Last of Us - Part 1 and Part 2. She is also known as the voice of Gwen Tennyson from the Ben 10 series (from Alien Force to the present). She even voices Gretchen Grundler from Recess, and Terra from Teen Titans. She's also known to be the voice actor for Tulip Olsen and Lake (MT) from Infinity Train
  • Petra’s name is derived from the Greek word πέτρα meaning stone, rock.
  • Even if Petra doesn't go to the Far Lands because of her Wither Sickness, she still gets her armor in Episode 5.
  • In Season 1, there are three times when there is an option to directly save someone. Petra is an option every time.
  • If the player chooses to save her from the Wither Storm in "The Order of the Stone", Petra appears in every episode of Minecraft Story Mode.
  • Petra is the warrior of The New Order of the Stone.
  • Petra always has her right sleeve rolled up (except when she is wearing her armor from Season 1), it is still unknown why.
  • In the Season 2 pre-release art, Petra is shown wearing a gauntlet on her left hand, however in game, she is not wearing it. However though, if Petra becomes Romeo's champion, she has a gauntlet on her left hand, but then in "Above and Beyond" the gauntlet is missing. This is most likely a mistake.
  • Petra's sword, Miss Butter, is named ironically (mentioned by Petra in "Hero in Residence"). According to Eric Stirpe, Petra enjoys the humiliation of beating her enemies with a gold sword (since they're considered low quality swords with their low durability.)[1][2]