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For Ocelots in the original game of Minecraft, see Ocelot. For the building team, see The Ocelots.

Ocelots and cats are passive mobs in Minecraft: Story Mode similar in appearance and both appear as either wild mobs or pets.


  • Wild Ocelots
  • "Tamed" Ocelots
  • Tamed Cats (Only the calico cats exclusive to Story Mode are shown.)


  • In "The Order of the Stone", Jesse's Gang compete against The Ocelots, a building team named after the mob, led by Lukas. The face of an ocelot adorns the back of their jackets.
  • In "Order Up!", several ocelots can be seen in a jungle biome at nighttime during the opening credit sequence. Later, several ocelots can be seen in the same jungle biome during the day.
  • In "A Portal to Mystery", Cassie Rose has a cat named Winslow. Jesse also finds several cats in The White Pumpkin's lair.
  • In "Hero in Residence", an ocelot appears in the post-credits scene with Lukas.


  • In Story Mode, wild ocelots roar and growl like ocelots in real life, in the base game however, they meow.
    • Also in the base game, tamed cats like to sit on chests so that the player cannot use them. The White Pumpkin's calico cats exhibit this behavior in "A Portal to Mystery".
  • Despite "Tamed" Ocelots never being a part of Minecraft until the Village & Pillage update, Lukas already has it.
  • Eric Stripe stated he liked the idea of Lukas's tamed ocelot being named Dewey, but the name was never official.
  • Though normally in the base game Creepers will avoid both wild and tamed ocelots, in Story Mode however, this is not seen.