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Maya is a character in Minecraft: Story Mode, appearing as a minor antagonist in "The Order of the Stone" and one of the two secondary antagonists in "Order Up!". She is a member of The Ocelots, and later the The Blaze Rods. She is currently under arrest by the Sky City Guards. She is voiced by G.K. Bowes


Maya wears a leather Ocelots jacket in the earlier episodes, but in episode five, there are two crossed blaze rods on it instead. She wears a blue vest with a red shirt labeled with the letter "E", mentioned by Stirpe to be Ellegaard themed merchandise. She has pale skin, light blue eyes and brown hair.


Maya seems to be a young woman who is very selfish and arrogant, like most of the other members of The Blaze Rods. She is extremely loyal to Aiden.



  • She was actually seen with Jesse's gang in Gabriel the Warrior's temple in the MineCon trailer, along with Otis and Aiden.
    • She was also wearing different clothes in this scene, just like Aiden and Lukas.
  • Her name is found in the Episode 1 credits; her name is also mentioned by Aiden (determinant) and Lukas.
  • Her shirt is supposed to be an Ellegaard themed shirt.[1] [2]
  • She is the only female member of The Blaze Rods and the Ocelots.