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If it's a cannon you want, it's a cannon you'll get!

Magnus to Jesse.

Magnus the Rogue, more commonly referred to as Magnus, is a member of The Order of the Stone and a major character in Minecraft: Story Mode. In episode 2, Magnus is found in Boom Town in a spire made out of obsidian, or otherwise brought by Axel if Jesse goes to look for Ellegaard. He is voiced by Corey Feldman. He first appeared in "Assembly Required".


Magnus wears green armor and clothes with a belt half way up his body, four yellow buttons on his chest, and a bandanna on his head. He has fair skin and a bald head. He has brown gloves and yellow shoes. Prior to episode two, he wore a completely transparent helmet, currently in possession of Axel. His armor is presumably made of emerald. It is also possible that he used to have brown hair, as his eyebrows are brown.


Magnus is an expert demolitionist and griefer. He was a part of the Order of the Stone and was the former ruler of Boom Town. He, along with the Order of the Stone, defeated the Ender Dragon. He usually goes on offense, rather than defense. Magnus is brave, but sarcastic when he speaks and is shown to be very stubborn, as well as egotistical. However, he is friendly and is easy to get along with. As seen in Boom Town, he is also arrogant and goes with the majorities' choices. He is seen making a cannon and shoots TNT to Jesse when the crowd shouts for a cannon. However, he doesn't seem to welcome other people properly like Ellegaard and Gabriel. Before losing to Jesse, Magnus is nicknamed the best griefer to ever live. He is shown to become pretty much insane if you go to Boom Town, as he can be seen with fire in his eyes and trying his hardest to kill Jesse. He has a tendency to get cocky and boast. However, he also offered to give up his armor for Jesse, though he may have just done it to gain favor with the group.

Killed Victims[]

The list below shows the victims Magnus has killed:

  • Ender Dragon (Alongside The Order of the Stone; Zapped Out of Existence)
  • Many hostile mobs

Death (Determinant)[]

Killed By

When Jesse is going to use the Formidi-Bomb on the Wither Storm, Magnus and Ellegaard will offer their armor. If the player chooses to use Magnus' armor, he will be thrown by the Wither Storm into a tree and die due to him not having armor to protect himself.


"Stop eating my kingdom!"
—Magnus to the Wither Storm.

"You'll regret messing with Boom Town!"
—Magnus to the Wither Storm.

"Yeah, he's sticking up for me, it's because I'm really awesome and super cool."
—Magnus to Ellegaard about Axel. (Determinant)

"Holy snack burgalars, you weren't kidding!"
—Magnus to Jesse.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah. I've heard all about the 'F-Bomb' before."
—Magnus to Ellegaard about the Formidi-Bomb.

"Soren claimed that dropping the 'F-Bomb' could destroy ANYTHING."
—Magnus to Axel.

"I guess I could talk about that time I blew your bed up. Twelve times in a row. "
—Magnus to Gabriel. (Determinant)

"Hey, at least I finally got to be a real hero, right?"
—Magnus to Soren before dying. (Determinant)


  • In "Assembly Required", he isn't wearing his helmet like he does in "The Order of the Stone", similar to Ellegaard, Soren, and Ivor.
    • In several Boom Town banners, he is wearing a hat, despite never being seen wearing it.
  • Ironically, even though Magnus is known as the best griefer that ever lived, it was Soren who made the most destructive weapon ever. Magnus will scoff at the idea of the Formidi-Bomb when Ellegaard brings it up.
  • In Episodes 4 and 5, Axel wears a helmet that Magnus was seen to wear in the flashback of Episode 1.
  • Magnus loses his title as the King of Boom Town regardless of whether or not Jesse goes looking for him in "Assembly Required", since Axel will take the crown if Jesse doesn't.
  • If Magnus dies, his last words to Soren are "At least I finally got to be a real hero, right?", foreshadowing the reveal of The Order of the Stone as fakes.
  • If Jesse takes Magnus' armor, Axel will wear his helmet instead of Jesse.
  • If Magnus dies, there will be banners of Magnus from Boom Town hanging in the Order Hall in Episode 5.
  • Magnus seems to be left-handed, as he held a TNT block with his left hand in Soren's story.
  • He is the only character who has protruding ears.