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Mabel is a minor character in Minecraft: Story Mode and a resident of Redstonia. She appears determinately in "Assembly Required" and makes a cameo in "A Block and a Hard Place". She invented the "Cow-A-Pult" machine. She is voiced by Erin Yvette.


Mabel appears to be a red-haired woman. She wears a blue shirt and brown lowers which appear to be stained with redstone dust.


Mabel seems to be an avid Redstonist who is obsessed with cows. She, like most others in Redstonia, aspires to be Ellegaard's protégé.


Welcome to Maaaabel's Mighty Cowapult! Make your cows soar through the air with a wide-eyed stare!

Mabel to Jesse. (Determinant) on Assembly Required

Be amazed! Be astounded! Let your wonders be compounded!

Mabel to Jesse. (Determinant) on Assembly Required

Sorry, friend. Tapped out.

Mabel to Jesse. (Determinant) on Assembly Required

Deep down in all people, there lurks the overwhelming desire... to throw cows. Admit it!

Mabel to Jesse. (Determinant) on Assembly Required


  • Mabel is determinately one of the few characters who were known to have died by the Wither Storm, until it was revealed that no one had died.
  • She used to live in Boom Town. This is revealed when she introduces her machine to Jesse. Boom Town's cannons inspired her attention.
    • She is the only character known to have lived in both Redstonia and Boom Town.
  • Farmer Gloria is annoyed by the sound of the Cow-A-Pult machine made by Mabel.
  • She was seen in "A Block and a Hard Place" with an audience of people.