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Hey, uh... I didn't say any of that stuff to be mean. We've been through a lot of adventures and... I just want you to be happy. It's what that little pig wanted for all of us.

Lukas to Jesse.

Lukas is one of the main characters in Minecraft: Story Mode. He is the former leader of The Ocelots, who eventually joins Jesse's Gang. He is voiced by Scott Porter. He first appeared in "The Order of the Stone".


He has pale white skin with a long nose, blonde hair, and blue eyes. He wears a leather jacket with an ocelot face on the back in Episodes 1-3 with a purple and white striped shirt under it.


Lukas seems to be a kind and understanding person, who is often concerned for the safety of others. He often tries to solve arguments with diplomacy and maintain peace in whichever situation he is in. Earlier, he is portrayed to be a bit of a coward, yet later he maintains a braver and stronger personality. Starting from "Access Denied", he starts writing about The New Order's adventures.

Lukas has displayed several leadership qualities throughout both Season One and Season Two. In The Order of the Stone (Episode), Lukas had already started to work out a plan on their next course of action to find the Temple of The Order of the Stone. In The Last Place You Look he and Jesse fought over the Amulet when Lukas tried to take it from them, trying to see if he could get it to work. If Jesse had saved Petra in The Order of the Stone (Episode), and choose to save Axel and Reuben, Petra says the following as the camera pans over to Lukas: "Everyone is expecting you to lead.....well, maybe not everyone". This indicates that Lukas assumed the role as leader at the time, probably due to his time with The Ocelots, which is supported by when Jesse sees Lukas is already trying to find the direction of where Soren went using the Amulet. He also instructed everyone to follow him through The End in The Last Place You Look (detriment), and again while riding away from the Wither Storm in A Block and a Hard Place. If Lukas leaves the group to go find the rest of the members of his team, he'll come back later in the episode and commanding them to distract the Wither storm to help Jesse and the others. In Season 2, Lukas reforms the The Ocelots and once again takes on the role as leader of the group.

The Blaze Rods[]

Lukas was once part of the group, but left it after becoming friends with Jesse. This then turned his and the Blaze Rods' friendship more hostile, and Lukas seems to be negatively affected by Aiden after "Order Up!"

Death (Respawn)[]

Killed By

  • Nell (Indirectly)
  • Piston Trap

Lukas "dies" during Extreme Spleef. When Jesse chooses to save either Ivor or Petra, Lukas saves the one not chosen. However, Nell appears and digs the snow out from under Lukas and Ivor/Petra with a shovel. They fall into the piston trap and are crushed by the pistons. However, they respawn a short while afterwards in one of the respawn zones.


  • Lukas' Journal (Formerly Determinant)
  • Stone Sword
  • Iron Sword
  • Sand Block
  • Bow
  • Firework Rockets
  • Arrows
  • Feather
  • Cookie (Determinant)
  • Nether Star
  • Beacon (Formerly)
  • Green Wool (Formerly)
  • White Pumpkin (Temporarily)
  • Slimeball (Temporarily)
  • Apples (Determinant)


"You're a good friend, Jesse. That means a lot."
—Lukas to Jesse in the Order Hall if Jesse apologizes back in Episode 5. (Determinant)

"If you're cool with Petra, you're cool with us."
—Lukas to Jesse's Gang.

Jesse: "'Sup?"
Lukas: "'Sup?"
Jesse: "'Nothing. 'Sup with you?"
Lukas: "'Nothing. 'Sup with you?"
Jesse: "'I just said. Nothing."
—Lukas talking with Jesse at EnderCon. (Determinant)

"You want an instruction manual on how to build a creepy villain lair using everyday objects?"
—Lukas asks Jesse to give him an instruction manual using everyday objects. (Determinant)

"Whoa, ha-ha-ha, shut up, Ivor, ha-ha-ha!"
—Lukas stops Ivor from talking to Reginald. (Determinant)

"You and me have made a pretty good team so far. I'd even call us friends."
—Lukas to Jesse about their time together. (Determinant)

"I'm not dead... Unless you count dead tired." *winks*
—Lukas to Jesse. (Determinant)

"Well, I am definitely not thirsty anymore.
—Lukas to Jesse in Soren's mob grinder. (Determinant)

"Jesse, let's be honest. You've never really treated me like I would belong with you guys. You once even told me to stay away from Reuben."
—Lukas if Jesse treated him poorly. (Determinant)

"Wow. Never knew you cared so much."
—Lukas to Jesse after being saved from PAMA. (Determinant)

"Well, I know you can do it."
—Lukas reassuring Jesse they'll solve the case. (Determinant)

"So did you find anything out from Stacy and Sturdycat?"
—Lukas asking Jesse about suspects of TorqueDawg's murder.

"Let's save the agricultural discussions for inside, huh?"
—Lukas to Ivor.

"I'd rather be a little hungry than a lot dead."
—Lukas to Olivia. (Determinant)

"Axel already does that."
—Lukas to Petra, when they smell something weird in the Grinder pipe. (Determinant)

"Great - now on to weirdoville in 3, 2, 1..."
—Lukas after finding Soren's secret entrance. (Determinant)

"I hope they dig a hole, put them in it, surround it with lava and-"
—Lukas on the Blaze Rods' punishment. (Determinant)

"It's like searching for a unicorn."
—Lukas to Jesse about finding Soren. (Determinant)

"Brrrrr... Ice lakes."
—Lukas coming out of a portal in the Portal Hallway.

"See? It's okay! Friends being friendly! Eeeeeeverybody being cool."
—Lukas after Jesse and Petra reconcile. (Determinant)

"I think Ivor's only friends are books."
—Lukas talking about Ivor to Jesse. (Determinant)

"Crushed under sand... ugh. Really nasty way to go."
—Lukas when inspecting the trap in the dining room.

"Have you seen what Ivor is wearing?"
—Lukas to Jesse. (Determinant)

"I'm bummed my journal never showed up. Had a lot of good stuff in there."
—Lukas about his journal. (Determinant)

"Beacontown. Looks like it's time - to write the next chapter."
—Lukas noticing Romeo's Colossus form.

"Jesse? Man, is it good to see you. Where are the others?"
—Lukas to Jesse.

"Hey, uh... I didn't say any of that stuff to be mean. We've been through a lot of adventures and... I just want you to be happy. It's what that little pig wanted for all of us."
—Lukas to Jesse.

"Um, excuse me. Speaking for the group. You guys know a llama?"
—Lukas to Jesse about Lluna.

"Just... hurry, okay? I don't like worrying about you."
—Lukas to Jesse.

"Saved the world again, huh? Doesn't that get a little old?"
—Lukas to Jesse after their return from Terminal Space.

"I don't know how you manage to say so much without saying anything... but you're really good at it."
—Lukas to Jesse if he chooses to stay silent. (Determinant)


  • He is voiced by Scott Porter, who voiced Luke in The Walking Dead: Season 2.
    • In episode seven, during the intro, Lukas and the gang jump out of an ice portal and Lukas says "Brrrr... ice lakes". This is a reference to The Walking Dead: Season 2, when Luke drowns when he walks over an icy lake and the ice cracks.
    • It is confirmed by Eric Stirpe that Lukas was named before Scott Porter was casted, meaning that the alias was mostly coincidental.[1]
  • Eric Stirpe claims that the reason Lukas' name is spelled with a K instead of a C is because of the fact that Minecraft is made by a Swedish company so they decided to use Swedish spelling.[2]
  • In episode three, if Jesse chooses to save their friends in the grinder, Lukas will slip and fall in the loot room; otherwise, he will get knocked over by Petra/Gabriel.
  • Axel constantly falls on him as a gag. This happens a total of 4 times during episode three. In addition, Jesse also falls on him one time.
  • In the 2015 Minecon teaser trailer for Minecraft: Story Mode, Lukas looks completely different. He has a cowboy hat, a sleeveless jacket, and shorter pants, before being changed in the full release.
  • If Jesse is nice to Slab in episode eight, Slab will give Lukas his Journal back.
    • However in Hero in Residence, no matter the choice, he will write a book about all their adventures that he had taken notes about in the Journal.
  • Even if Lukas doesn't get armor in "A Block and a Hard Place", he still gets armor in "Order Up!".
  • In "Hero in Residence", Lukas has an Ocelot. This is likely a reference to the gang he formerly led.
    • It has been confirmed by Eric Stirpe that Lukas did not tame the ocelot because "it would be presumptuous". Eric also likes to think that it's name is Dewey (referencing the Dewey Decimal System.)[3]
  • Although being in "Giant Consequences", Lukas' voice actor, Scott Porter, could not be in "Jailhouse Block", as of him becoming a father and not having enough time to record his dialogue.
    • This is why Radar, instead of Lukas, who is the usual narrator for Season 2, narrates the "Previously on Minecraft: Story Mode" recaps of "Jailhouse Block" and "Below the Bedrock."
      • Eric Stirpe said that it would have been "horribly impractical to pay to bring his (Lukas') actor in for a single line", then he said that they "dug up an old one", referring to the reuse of certain dialogue lines for Lukas in Season 2.[4]
  • Lukas is the only original member of The Ocelots that appears in Season 2.
  • On the Minecraft Story Mode Skin Pack, Lukas does not have an armored variant.


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