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LDShadowLady (Lizzie D. ShadowLady), also referred to as Lizzie, is a character in Minecraft: Story Mode - Season One who first appeared in "A Portal to Mystery". She is a determinant character along with Dan The Diamond Minecart. She is voiced by Elizabeth Dwyer.


LDShadowLady appears to have long pink hair with a fair skin tone and wears a dark blue school uniform.


Lizzie is portrayed to be a secretive person. However, she is not afraid to give her opinion at times. She is also shown to hold grudges against people who cause her harm.

Death (Determinant)[]

Killed By:

  • The White Pumpkin (Determinant)
  • Spiders (Determinant)

If Jesse chooses to accuse no one or Dan, Lizzie will visit Dan in the Library. If Lizzie is accused, she will be already at the library. Then, when fighting off the spiders, Lizzie is brutally killed by the White Pumpkin, who murders her using an enchanted diamond axe. She can also die if Jesse chooses to break the White Pumpkin painting. She, in that chain of events, will then be killed by spiders.



  • LDShadowLady is a popular member of the YouTube Minecraft Community, and has over four million subscribers.
  • LDShadowLady's real name is not revealed in the credits, making her the only character in Minecraft: Story Mode that doesn't show her real name. Her real name is Elizabeth Dwyer.
  • If Lizzie dies by the White Pumpkin, an axe will be on the item frame puzzle to the White Pumpkin's lair. However, if Lizzie dies by spiders, a cobweb will be there instead. This is the same for Dan.
  • In her portrait, Lizzie is standing on a block of TNT, which also resembles the portrait at the Disneyland Attraction Haunted Mansion.
  • Before Telltale decided who the murderer was going to be, LDShadowLady (in real life) kept asking Telltale if she could be the murderer.
  • When, and if, she dies, her golden sword doesn't actually drop on the ground when she gets killed. This is the same for DanTDM.