Ivor is a former antagonist in Minecraft: Story Mode, and was formerly an enemy of Gabriel the Warrior and the rest of the Order. Ivor was responsible for the Wither Storm's creation because he wanted revenge. He is voiced by Paul Reubens. He first appeared in "​The Order of the Stone".


He is a very pale man with long black hair and beard that gets trimmed in season 2. He wears an olive-green robe with a huge buckle (belt?) on the front with what appears to be lapis lazuli in it. In one of the flashbacks, he was shown to have armor with an olive and blue tinge to it. He also wore fingerless gloves and gold boots. He also wears a white tank top with blue and white striped boxers under his "adventuring clothes" as shown in Episode 8.


Ivor, at first, appears to be grumpy, impatient, cynical, and arrogant. In earlier episodes, Ivor was shown to be a shady man with a grudge against Gabriel the Warrior and the Order of the Stone, and since he created the Wither Storm, he was thought to be the antagonist. However, starting in Episode 4, Ivor begins to redeem himself by helping Jesse defeat the Wither Storm by giving Jesse the enchanted book. He also finds Jesse's group to warn them about the Wither Storms following the Amulet and shows remorse when he finds out that Jesse had Gabriel's Amulet and thus, the Wither Storms were following them. People start to change their thoughts about him after Soren the Architect tells the truth about killing the Ender Dragon.

Ivor has since become a supporting character who accompanies the New Order of the Stone on their adventures, now he is on good terms with them. He is shown to be much more excitable, but is still very eccentric and thinks himself to be greater than the "lower" community, as shown when he tells Jesse, "I won't be threatened--Not by the likes of you." But he is still deeply concerned for his friends, but mostly denies it. He is even directly responsible for saving Jesse's life in Sky City by pushing them out of the way of some Ghast's fireballs. He also grabbed Jesse's hand when the two fell off a waterfall (if the player doesn't grab the vines in time).


  • Wither Skull (Temporarily)
  • Potions
  • Ender Crystals (Formerly)
  • Elixir (Formerly)
  • Lava Bucket
  • Lapis Lazuli (Formerly)
  • Golden Sword (Formerly)
  • Snowball (Formerly)
  • Diamond (Formerly)
  • Enchanted Flint and Steel
  • Portal Atlas
  • Poppy
  • Pumpkin (Temporarily)
  • Redstone Chip
  • Amulet (Temporarily)
  • Smoke Bombs
  • Diamond Sword


Season 1

  • "The Order of the Stone (Episode)"
  • "Assembly Required"
  • "The Last Place You Look" (Introduction)
  • "A Block and a Hard Place"
  • "Order Up!"
  • "A Portal to Mystery"
  • "Access Denied"
  • "A Journey's End?"

Season 2

  • "Jailhouse Block" (Epilogue)
  • "Below the Bedrock"
  • "Above and Beyond"


"I am not required to tell you anything!"
—Ivor to Jesse and Soren.

"Nothing built can last forever, Gabriel."
—Ivor to Gabriel before creating the Wither Storm.

"I would wish you good luck, but luck won't carry you through the Nether. "
—Ivor to Jesse's Gang.

"If you won't leave of your own volition, I'll happily remove you myself!"
—Ivor to Jesse's Gang.

"This isn't about the past! It's about the future!"
—Ivor to Soren.

Ivor: "Look, my Wither plan obviously backfired."
Olivia: "Ya think?!"
—Ivor telling the downfall of his plan.

Woman: "It's a fire hazard!"
Ivor: "And your face is an ugly hazard. So, I suppose we're even."
—Ivor arguing with an unknown woman.

"Long live my Lava House! Long live lava!"
—Ivor about his new house. (Determinant)

"Show our friends the door, will you?"
—Ivor to his Iron Golem.

"These trees are enormous! I love it so much!"
—Ivor when walking to the temple.

—Ivor to an unknown Sky City citizen.

"Oh, I don't run so good anymore. Bad, eh, bad knees."
—Ivor to the gang.

"Ugh, That's a boys name!"
-Ivor exclaiming Benedict's name.

"Something touched my foot! Who touched my foot?"
—Ivor upon the kitchen lights blacking out.

"They're absolutely exquisite! Perfect!"
—Ivor when looking at his portrait.

"What a strange, strange bunch of individuals."
—Ivor upon the departure of the YouTubers from Episode 6.

"And that's where she wanted US to end up."
—Ivor upon Cassie Rose being trapped.

—Ivor breaking the fourth wall in "A Portal to Mystery".

"I must say that woman has been the most intriguing person so far. I'm still not entirely sure what to make of her. Granted, her creation nearly ended up destroying this world... But, considering my own history, I'm inclined to give her the benefit of the doubt!"
—Ivor, talking about Harper.

"What I thought that Harper might want it back.......or maybe I'll just keep it..."
—Ivor to Jesse when going though everyone's inventory, and finds a flower.

"Team Jess-vor has this one down! Or it is team I-seee?"
—Ivor to Jesse in the Dormitory. (Determinant)

"Shut up! My outfit breathes wonderfully!"
—Ivor regarding his rather undignified appearance. (Determinant)

Lukas: "Have you seen what Ivor is wearing?"
Ivor: "I said- SHUT UP!"
—Ivor and Lukas after Jesse returns to Competitor's Village. (Determinant)

"Oh, snap!"
—Ivor to Jesse. (Determinant)

Isa: "After so long being "The Founder" and "The Eversource" now we can just be "Isa" and her best friend... Benedict."
Ivor: "Ugh! That's a boy's name."
Isa: "What a close-minded attitude."
—Isa to Ivor about the Eversource's new name.

"I’m a ninja now, Jesse!"
—Ivor to Jesse.

Ivor: "It all started when I fell through a portal into some sort of strange world. Everything was all white... Master Shadow's domain. He claimed he was a ninja master, a practitioner of the 'Shadow Arts.' At first I wanted nothing to do with him; he was a very suspicious character. But eventually, after a lot of uncomfortable eye contact, he asked me, ME, to be his pupil! I was confused at first, because he didn't exactly present his credentials or curriculum, but I'm always open to learning! I'm a student of life after all -- so I said YES! Before I knew I was punching trees, cleaning floors... All as part of my so-called 'training.' At first, it seemed pointless! But after I had punched a forest's worth of trees and cleaned miles and miles of floor, two things became clear... Sometimes, doing menial tasks can be an amazing way to learn martial arts. And sometimes, strange old men just like tricking people into doing their housework! Ha! Anyway, it all worked out because now I'm a ninja, and my newfound ninja skills help me find my way to you!"
Petra: "Are you... are you done? Please? Please be done?"
Ivor: "Ha! Yes! I suppose I'm doing a lot of talking! I just had a lot to say after all of that 'quiet and mysterious' business!"
—Ivor explaining how he became a ninja. (Determinant)


  • Ivor is the first person to create a major antagonist, the Wither Storm, in the series.
    • The second is Harper, with PAMA.
  • In Episode 1, when Ivor comes through the Nether Portal, Jesse has an option to punch him. Later, Jesse can apologize about punching him when his true motives are discovered.
  • Jesse can also try to punch him in The Underneath, but Ivor, with his new ninja skills, will dodge it.
  • Unlike the rest of the Order of the Stone, Ivor's skill is never mentioned. However, he is shown to be a brewer due to his frequent usage of potions and enchantments.
  • Ivor breaks the fourth wall in "A Portal to Mystery" by winking at the player and saying "Adventure!"
    • He does it again in the ending of "Access Denied", except it ends with a question mark.
    • This appears to be a gag, as at the end of "A Journey's End?", he runs off with the Enchanted Flint and Steel and the Atlas and says it again, offscreen.
  • In the Adventure Pass thumbnail, Ivor seems to have a second appearance with his armor, except with no helmet on.
  • In Episode 7, after Jesse kills an un-chipped zombie, Ivor's sword appears to be a stone sword from the one side and a gold one from the other.
  • Based on some of his comments and his keeping a rose from Episode 8, Ivor may have a romantic interest in Harper.
    • This however, might have been purely platonic, and just a compliment to Harper.
  • Ivor is seen without his "Adventuring Clothes" in "A Journey's End?". He appears to wear a white tank top and striped blue shorts, much to Jesse's (determinant) and Lukas' amusement.
  • Ivor is the only member of the Old Order who has appeared in all episodes in Season 1.
  • Ivor is also the only member to make a full appearance in Season 2. The other members are mentioned, but not seen in person.
  • Ivor says the very same thing the Narrator says in the beginning of Episode 1: "Nothing built can last forever". This is said to Gabriel when Ivor is about to create the Wither Storm.
  • In the Adventure Pass's advertising art, Ivor has his armor from Episode 1, but never has it on in Episodes 6, 7, nor 8. He has all of it on except for his helmet.
  • Ivor was a member of the Order of the Stone who left/got kicked out due to the rest of the group's lies about the Ender Dragon.
  • One of Ivor's favorite things is lava, as shown in his lava house and his lava "heart" in Sky City.
  • Ivor is the only character to be in the Old Order of the Stone and the New Order of the Stone.
  • If one notices, Ivor's sword in "Below the Bedrock" is longer than a normal diamond sword, similar to Emily's.
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