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This article is about the normal ghast in Story Mode. For the three-headed boss variant created by Romeo, see Minecraft Story Mode:Giant Ghast. For the original base game variant, see Ghast.

Ghasts are hostile mobs that appeared in Minecraft: Story Mode found in the Nether.


Like their base game counterparts, ghasts attack players via fireballs and are also quite weak. Unlike the base game variant however, they can be summoned, as seen with the giant ghast calling multiple of them with a loud cry. They also possess another unique behavior as if one gets hit by a fellow ghast, they'll go and attack the aggressor, like normal skeletons. This is also seen again with the giant ghast as when it fired a fireball at a normal ghast, the whole horde ended up firing at the giant instead.


Ghasts in Story Mode resemble the normal ghast but instead, they use the old texture which has mostly gray lines and accents. Their eyes, instead of gray, show red irises even in their non-aggressive state. Their mouth is also lowered slightly to add depth.


  • In "The Order of the Stone", some ghasts attack Jesse's Gang in the Nether Minecart System, then get killed by Jesse.
  • In "Assembly Required", a ghast attacks Jesse and Olivia/Axel before the nether portal to Redstonia/Boom Town. Jesse has three choices to deal with it: shooting it with a bow, dragging it down with a fishing rod, or deflecting the fireballs with a sword.
  • In "Order Up!", there are numerous ghasts summoned by the Blaze Rods floating above Sky City.
  • In "Jailhouse Block", Jesse and Petra/Jack run into a ghast while escaping the Sunshine Institute in the beginning of the episode, Later, Jesse battles many ghasts, one of which being the giant ghast, while escaping the maze.


  • Jesse and Reuben launch through the air in front of a ghast in a minecart in the episode: "The Order of the Stone". This is a reference to a scene in the movie E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial when Elliott and E.T. launch through the air in front of the moon on a bike.
  • Some of the ghasts in "Jailhouse Block" are fake billboard sprites.