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This is the list of features that are available exclusively to Minecraft Story Mode. This does not pertain to characters or gameplay.


Mob Facial Movements
  • Zombies sometimes widen/squint their eyes.
  • Creepers sometimes close their mouth (never all the way) and squint their eyes.
Wider Use of Particles
  • The generic smoke particle can be seen used as floating dust, falling dust, and geysers.
  • Snowball particles when iron golems are created.
  • Light acts as it would when using a shader.
  • Colored lighting emits from respectable colored lights.

Random Textures[]

Random Textures
  • Many of the blocks have random textures used on the same kind of block to enhance the environment. Some blocks that have variant textures include the bookshelf, stone, grass, sand, red sand, stone, and other exclusive blocks. Each block with variants use a texture including all of the variants used. These are similar to how Minecraft Dungeons has separate textures of the same blocks.
Helmet design
  • A design similar in style to the Netherite Helmet, except with what looks like gray dyed leather, or iron.
Yellow Grass Color
  • Grass that has a yellow color in the Badlands as opposed to the usual brown.
Alternative white Horse texture
  • A white horse with a dark blue mane and tail, and light blue eyes.
3D Blocks and Items


Ambient Noises
  • Notably frog chirps in swamps, waterfall rushing, and wind. Similar to the unused audio loops
Crafting Sound Effect

This sound was played whenever an item was crafted on a Crafting Table.

Mob sounds
  • Most of the sounds aren't from the base game.
Creeper Track
Idle 1
Idle 2
Idle 3
Idle 4
Idle 5
Idle 6
Alternative Lever and Piston sounds


Clock Tower
Sea Temple
  • Different from vanilla trees. They are shaped in a much more realistic manner while still keeping them somewhat simplistic.
End Islands
  • Story Mode Season One was made before the Combat Update. Other than the main island being much smaller, there were other islands floating around it. The other islands have dark, blocky obsidian-like tentacles sticking out of them similar to Chorus trees.
  • A terrain generation error in Java Edition added as a plot location for Jessie and his gang.
Giant Seaweed
  • Large block-built seaweed can be seen in the background as Jesse swims to the Sea Temple.


Main Page: Minecraft Story Mode:Mob

Eversource Chicken
Calico Cat
  • A texture much different from the calico cat in Minecraft.
Endermite with Silverfish Model
  • An old endermite prototype in Minecraft had a silverfish model. It is used here instead of regular endermites. The endermites in the Minecraft Minifigure Series 3 (official merchandise) also look like this.
Icy Ender Creeper
Icy Golem
Icy Spider
  • A combination of a creeper and a spider. They can climb and explode with the capability to destroy obsidian.
Magma Golem
  • Similar to that of an iron golem but made of magma.
Prison Golem
  • A variant of the iron golem. They are black with purple glowing details and eyes.
Prison Slime
  • A variant of the slime. It is black with a glowing red core.
Prison Zombie
  • A zombie variant. they have red eyes, have part of their rib cage exposed, and have gray and black skin. They wear orange prison outfits similar to the inmates, but are worn. Gray and black zombies can also be found in Notch's game Minicraft, but they are not prison zombies.
Prismarine Foe
  • A humanoid golem mob standing at three blocks tall. They are made from prismarine, have a beard that resembles tentacles, and have glowing green eyes. They wield prismarine weapons.
Prismarine Colossus
Giant Enderman
  • A giant version of the enderman. It has a glowing mouth similar to that of the Enderall (An official skin by Minecraft). A similar yet unused mob in vanilla Minecraft is the giant.
Giant Ghast
  • A variant of the ghast. It's much darker and has two faces on the sides of its main head. It acts as a boss in-game. It has a red spot on the top of it's head similar to that of the green spot on the top of the prismarine colossus head.
Giant Magma Golem
  • A giant magma golem that can launch fireballs and smash players and burn them.
Wither Storm
  • A giant wither created using three wither skulls, three soul sand, and a command block. Unlike the normal wither, it collects blocks to build itself. It can also fire flaming wither skulls (a reference to the normal wither's incapability to do so because it crashed Java itself), split like Slimes when killed, regenerate using blocks, and break through obsidian with its tentacles.
Blue Fireballs
  • Fireballs thrown by Romeo in his golem-in-a-box form.

Blocks and Items[]


Enderman Head on Spike
  • An Enderman head atop a spike with the texture of an endermen arms.
Colored Item Frames
  • Item Frames with the middle colored.
  • Banners have patterns that are almost impossible to create in vanilla. Some notable banners are the Endercon banners and the Item/block banners.
  • Paintings that can't be found in vanilla Minecraft. Notable paintings are Endercon posters, the Golden Apple painting in Ivor's lair, the painting of Reuben, and the paintings in the White Pumpkin's mansion.
  • The paintings in the White Pumpkin's mansion have peepholes in them.
Rocks or Pebbles
  • A decoration block that comes in the form of regular stone for the overworld, and obsidian for the end.
Decorative Tiles
  • Tiles similar in fashion to Glazed Terracotta, but act like paintings. These are most likely supposed to represent mosaics.
Darker Stone
  • A darker version of stone. There are also dark versions of any block that stone can make. It looks very similar to the old background on Minecraft.net and this wiki.
Lighter Stone
  • A lighter version of stone. There are also light versions of any block that stone can make. It looks very similar to the new background on Minecraft.net
Gray Granite
  • A gray version of granite.
Mahogany Colored Smooth Stone and Polished Andesite.
  • Represented as polished wood and roofing.
Yellow Daisies
  • Daisies that are yellow.
  • A singular flower apart from the poppy with the old rose texture.
Shorter Tall Grass
  • Two versions of Tall Grass that are shorter than regular Tall Grass.
Snowy Tall Grass
  • An addition of a removed block called a shrub.
Withered Mushroom
  • A purple glowing mushroom found inside the Wither Storm.
Glowing Mushrooms
  • Teal and blue glowing mushrooms found on Fred's Keep.
Light Blocks
  • An unknown block that emits light. Some can be found in the building at Endercon.
  • Another unknown block that emits rays under armor stands.
Orange Glowstone
Glowing Diamond/Sea Lantern Block
  • Similar to a sea lantern, but with the old texture of a diamond block. These are found in the Sea Temple along with sea lanterns. They emit a more saturated light than sea lanterns.
Eye of Ender Block
Glowing Lapis Lazuli
Glowing Redstone
  • Redstone emits light in all forms unless in an unpowered state.
Redstone Lamps
  • Colored Redstone Lamps which emit colored light. Notable appearances are green lamps in PAMA, blue lamps in Ivor's lair and the Sea Temple, and red lamps in Romeo's creations.
  • Fancy Redstone Lamps that look similar in fashion to a paper lantern. There are multiple patterns on the surface. Blue versions are the only other known colored version.
Redstone Torches
  • A redstone torch that is red without an outline.
  • A Redstone torch that only has a red band at the "neck" of the torch.
More Doors
  • Doors come in many colors and designs. Some notable ones are oak glass doors, dark oak glass doors, green doors, and blue doors.
  • Doors don't position in blocks as they do in the base game. Doorframes create the illusion that they fit in the wall creating what looks like vertical slabs next to the doors and regular slabs on top.
More Bookshelf Woods
  • Bookshelves with other wood types.
  • Some levers have a wooden nob as opposed to a stone one.
Withered blocks
  • Regular blocks absorbed by the Wither Storm that turn black, gray, and purple.
  • A sand-like withered block looks a lot like an old texture for gravel. However, these are not affected by gravity like sand or gravel.
Super TNT
  • A stronger variant of TNT. Can be compared with the charged creeper. The TNT on the texture has an orange glow. It was used to craft the Formidibomb.
  • An even stronger variant of TNT. The texture is purple instead of the usual orange and has command block buttons on two sides. The other two have a glowing white "F".
  • Opaque blocks with a grid pattern. These have dark and lighted states.
Framed Glass
  • Glass with a frame around it.
Terracotta Stairs
Openable Iron Door
  • Iron Doors that can be opened with the hand.
Tall Armor Stand
  • A variant of the armor stand that is three blocks tall. It holds an enderman suit in Soren's end base.
  • Similar to the model of a fence, but has the texture of a rope. Minecraft Dungeons has a very similar block.
Small Stone Bricks
Moss Covered Stone
  • Stone with moss covering it. Distinct from mossy cobblestone. Seen mainly in pathways.
White Pumpkin, White Jack o'Lantern, White Pumpkin Stem
  • A white variant of the pumpkin. Like the pumpkin, it also has a carved form. In The White Pumpkin's mansion, there is a pumpkin that can change one's voice.
  • The White Jack o'Lantern's face glows a pink color. This either suggests it would be made with a redstone torch, or that the inside is pink.
  • The White Pumpkin Stem is similar to a regular one. It's notably white and grows white pumpkins.
Redstone Heart
World Portal
  • Similar to that of the Funky Portal from the April Fool's update 20w14∞. There are various colored portals that take you to different worlds. This is a reference to Minecraft having more than one world that one can play on.
Colored Sand and Sandstone
  • White sand and sandstone (which only uses the bottom texture), and sand the color of jungle planks.
Red Gravel
  • Gravel that is seen in the Badlands. It looks similar to red sand but is lighter in color.
Colored Blocks
  • Because Story Mode Season One was made before the World of Color Update, concrete was not a thing. There are colored blocks that look and act a lot like concrete, but they could be any color for its need, not just the default 16 of concrete. Some notable colors are the base 16, Pine, and Tan.
More Wool Colors
  • Because Story Mode Season One was made before the World of Color Update, most of the wool uses the old colors. However; it also uses a much broader spectrum of colors probably similar to how leather armor works, but they aren't often used. Notable colors are dark pink and golden. Despite Story Mode Season 2 updating the wool colors, the old ones are still used alongside them.
  • Cloth colors are also used in various places.
More Terracotta Colors
  • Similar to wool colors. There is notably a proper white terracotta.
Glowing Obsidian
Purple Ice
More Prismarine
  • In the Sea Temple can be found various prismarine blocks including ones that aren't found in vanilla.
Blocks from the Coral Reef mod by Nandonalt.
  • Since Story Mode Season Two was made before Update Aquatic, they wanted to use coral and oceanic flora for the Sea Temple. They contacted Nandonalt and asked him if they could use his mod Coral Reef in the game. He agreed and they used them.
  • Orange Coral
  • Glowing seaweed. Looks black with white spots
Horizontal iron bars
  • Iron bars running horizontally (similar to carpet).
White Fence
  • Meant to represent a picket fence.
Iron Wall
  • A wall block with an iron texture.
Old Planks
  • Planks with the texture from 0.0.14a to Beta 1.8. It isn't very different from the one used in 1.0.0, but it is used.


Main Page: Minecraft Story Mode:Items

Withered Nether Star
  • A variant of the nether star that is dropped by the Wither Storm. Once it is crafted into a beacon, it can power more beacons around it. One might make a connection to the corrupted beacon from Minecraft Dungeons.
Command Block Enchanted Book
  • An enchanted book that can be put on a tool or weapon to destroy a command block.
Command Block Enchanted Diamond Tools.
  • When a tool is enchanted with the Command Block Enchanted Book it changes its appearance.
  • Notable appearance in Soren's end base. He has blueprints for the enderman to build a pattern.
Eversource Crown
  • A crown worn by Eversource Chickens to tell them apart from regular chickens. They are virtually useless.
Ruby Pendant
  • Worn by the Eversource.
Glowing Flint and Steel
  • A variant of flint and steel that has the properties to open World Portals.
Portal Atlas
  • An atlas that will lead you to the home portal with a trail of particles.
  • A tracking device. If an order member is near, his/her respective color glows. It can also track a member on a map when used in the Order's Temple.
  • A potion made by Ivor to stop the Wither Storm.
Transmigrational Headset
Mind-Control Chip
  • A redstone chip that is implanted in the back of the host's head. This chip gives PAMA control over the host. Water overrides it and causes the chip to fall off.
Prismarine weapons.
Giant Clock
  • A clock that Romeo uses to turn it to manipulate night and day.
Prismarine/Romeo's Gauntlet
  • This is a glove that Romeo puts on his champions. It turns red after he takes it off of Jessie. The glove can knock mobs further than a regular fist can. This can be compared with the Power Glove in some of Notch's games such as Prelude of the Chambered.
Golden/Fred's Gauntlet
  • A glove capable of taking an Admin's powers away.
Sea Shell Soaps
  • Mentioned by Soren as a joke.