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This page documents the events that take place in the sixth episode of Minecraft: Story Mode. 
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One of the portals leads the four (Jesse, Lukas, Petra and Ivor) to a cemetery. On one of the tombstones is a book, which is an invitation to the Host's mansion. The group are then surrounded by hundreds of zombies, but they escape and make it to the mansion.

At the mansion, the front door is locked, so the four go around back and make it in through a kitchen window. Inside, they meet, for some reason, YouTubers TorqueDawg and CaptainSparklez. Suddenly, TorqueDawg dies after being hit by tipped arrows shot from a dispenser. LDShadowLady then greets the group, and they all head to the main hall. There, they meet Cassie Rose (along with her pet cat, Winslow), DanTDM, Stampy Cat, and stacyplays, and they all head to the dining room.

In the dining room, CaptainSparklez tells everyone that TorqueDawg has died, and Jesse may show them the cause of death. Afterward, Jesse can ask anyone for information regarding TorqueDawg's behavior and personality. CaptainSparklez then tells Jesse that TorqueDawg was in search of a "rare item" - the enchanted flint and steel. Jesse may or may not show CaptainSparklez the enchanted flint and steel that he has, and CaptainSparklez informs everyone that they were brought here because someone has it. Suddenly, CaptainSparklez falls into a pit and dies from suffocation. The lights then turn off, and a figure wearing a white pumpkin on it's head appears. The White Pumpkin then informs everyone that he is seeking the treasure that he desires (the enchanted flint and steel), and that he will not rest until he gets it, even if he has to murder others. Cassie Rose tries to escape, but the mansion is surrounded by zombies. Jesse and Lukas then inspect the dining room, and find four buttons on the dining room table. They also find out that the White Pumpkin in said room was made using an armor stand with a jukebox as a voice, likely as a diversion.

Jesse then interrogates four likely suspects of being the White Pumpkin; the suspects being DanTDM, LDShadowLady, Stampy Cat, and Lukas. DanTDM claims that the flint and steel is his, that he had never seen tipped arrows before, and that he is a redstone novice. He goes to Lizzie for potion information and Stampy for redstone information. LDShadowLady wants the flint and steel, claims that she is an intermediate redstoner, and that she knows what tipped arrows are. She thinks that Stampy could steal the flint and steel, and she also goes to him for potion/redstone information. Stampy doesn't want the flint and steel, claims that DanTDM made up his claim, and that he never saw tipped arrows. He goes to LDShadowLady for potion information. However, Stampy lies about redstone, saying that he is a redstone novice, while he actually was the Tri-Block Champion. Afterward, Jesse may accuse someone of being the White Pumpkin, or instead conclude that there isn't enough evidence to suspect anyone of being so. Lukas keeps an eye on the five while Jesse, Petra, and Ivor inspect the kitchen trap.

Inside the kitchen, Jesse punches out a painting on the wall, revealing a passageway with a lever that supposedly controls the dispenser firing the tipped arrows. Jesse realizes that the White Pumpkin uses the passageway to move about the mansion in secret. The three go through the passageway to the library, which is filled with dozens of spiders. Depending on who you choose to attack, either DanTDM or LDShadowLady are killed by spiders or murdered by the White Pumpkin. Jesse and Lukas then race after the White Pumpkin to the east side of the mansion before he puts the mask on Lukas. With Lukas thus adorned, the other people mistakenly accuse Lukas of being the White Pumpkin. Lukas is interrogated, while Jesse and Petra find evidence to prove that Lukas was innocent. Jesse and Petra then find a secret entrance to the basement of the mansion.

In the basement, Jesse and Petra find an item transportation system, a white pumpkin farm, and a central hub for the White Pumpkin. This hub contains information on potions, chests of inventories of the people who died, a lake, and dozens of calico cats. This leads Jesse to conclude that the White Pumpkin is Cassie Rose, who confesses. Just as they are about to attack her, Cassie falls into her own trap and is presumed dead. The seven then leave the mansion, with three people parting ways with the new Order of the Stone. The portal that they light up is a dud, causing them to fall down a pit. In it are several endermites. The White Pumpkin (Cassie Rose) isn't dead at all, and she starts up the trap. Petra, Lukas, and Ivor make it to safety, while Jesse and the White Pumpkin battle for the enchanted flint and steel. Jesse finally gets the upper hand and knocks the White Pumpkin into her own trap. The player may choose whether to throw down Winslow or walk away, and the new Order of the Stone leave through the actual portal.

In a post-episode scene, somehow a probably revived CaptainSparklez informs the player of the group's next adventure.