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Champion City

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If it's really "Champion City" then where are all the Champions, huh? More like Llama City.

Jesse to Petra about Champion City. (Determinant)

Champion City is a city and location in Minecraft: Story Mode: Season 2.


Champion City is located somewhere in the Overworld, vertically opposite to Beacontown.


Champion City is mostly a color scheme of grey, white, orange, and blue. Its buildings consist of tall skyscrapers and apartments. The buildings are shaped similar to that of skyscrapers found in futuristic media.



  • According to Petra, Stella hasn't built anything in Champion City; it was all made by her citizens. She also notes that most citizens live in Champion City against their will.
  • Unlike Beacontown, citizens do not have free building range and their builds have to be approved by Stella.
  • Champion City paintings can be seen in Stella's office in the Sunshine Institute.
  • In "Above and Beyond", if Jesse gives Xara her purple bed, Romeo will destroy Champion City to set an example to Axel and Olivia; otherwise, Xara's death will take the place and Champion City will not be destroyed.
  • According to Eric Stirpe, if Champion City was to get destroyed, there would have been a scene where Romeo teleports all of the Champion City citizens to Beacontown so it could give everyone the reassurance that all of the Champion Citizens are safe and alive, but it was cut due to how expensive it was for the VFX budget, so instead left their fate up for debate.[1]