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Cave Spider
Story Mode Cave Spider.png

Hostile (or presumably Neutral)



Why did it have to be Cave Spiders?

Petra when escaping the Temple of the Old Builders on Order Up!

Cave spiders are a smaller and venomous variant of the spider that appeared in both Minecraft Story Mode - Season One and Minecraft: Story Mode - Season Two where occasional swarms of them attack Jesse's gang on certain occasions.


Like normal cave spiders, they jump at the player and can scale horizontal blocks. Unlike their base game counterparts however is their poison as it can kill the player almost instantly, as opposed to being weakened by it.


Cave spiders in Story Mode resemble their base game counterparts with a slight size difference as they appear smaller than even their base counterparts.


  • In "The Last Place You Look", Jesse's gang fights numerous mobs, including cave spiders, in Minecraft Story Mode:Soren's Fortress.
  • In "Order Up!", Jesse's gang fights several cave spiders while escaping the Minecraft Story Mode:Temple of the Old Builders.
  • In "Jailhouse Block", prison cave spiders can be seen in The Burrows when Jesse and Petra/Jack first attempt to escape Sunshine Institute. They can also be seen when Jesse's Gang escapes the Institute with Xara.


  • Petra's line, "Why did it have to be cave spiders?", is a reference to Indiana Jones's famous quote: "Why does it have to be snakes?"
  • While fighting the mobs in Soren's Fortress, it is possible for Jesse to be attacked and poisoned by a cave spider.
    • Unlike the base game, the cave spider's poison can kill, as opposed to taken down to half a heart.