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Cassie Rose
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Cassie Rose​ is a character in Minecraft: Story Mode and the hidden main antagonist in "​A Portal to Mystery". She has a pet cat named Winslow. She is voiced by Ashly Burch. She also has a persona, the serial murderer known only as the White Pumpkin killer.


Cassie Rose appears to wear a black shirt and blue shorts. She has red hair, green eyes, and wears a blue cap along with black glasses.


Cassie Rose is portrayed to be a grumpy, suspicious individual who seems to be very frightened as well. She also cares very deeply for her cat Winslow.

She also appears to be a somewhat friendly, yet fearful, individual who is good friends with the YouTubers. Her aggressive nature is also hinted at, as shown when she suggests throwing Lukas outside to be eaten by zombies, much to the YouTubers' shock.

White Pumpkin[]

Her persona, the White Pumpkin killer, is shown to lean more into Cassie Rose’s aggressive tendencies by being willing to kill her victims to claim an enchanted flint and steel. When the White Pumpkin is revealed to be Cassie Rose, she states that she was trapped in the YouTuber’s world for a very long time. Her time in their world likely caused her to be in her current mental state.



  • She is one of two new characters in Episode 6 to not be a real-life YouTuber, the other being TorqueDawg.
  • Cassie Rose got her name from Cassie Rose Stirpe, the sister of Eric Stirpe, a Telltale Games staff member.
    • Cassie Stirpe's pet dog is also called Winslow.
  • Cassie Rose might have claustrophobia since she started shaking and threatening everybody when Stampy voted to lock her up.
  • Cassie Rose could possibly be an Old Builder, as suggested by them in "A Journey's End?".
    • This is shown determinately when Jesse reveals a White Pumpkin to Hadrian, Mevia, and Otto. In this scene, Otto mentions, "I haven't seen any of those since Cassie left." While Mevia seems to avoid talking about her since she "gives her nightmares."
      • If Cassie Rose wasn't an Old Builder, she could possibly have been one of the competitors in The Games, or an assistant to The Old Builders.
  • It was confirmed that Cassie Rose's last name is not "Rose"[1]
  • She may have not been assumed by players to have been an old builder, as she is a made-up YouTuber and might have seemed like another traveler.
  • At the end of Above and Beyond, if you choose to stay in Beacontown, Jesse will receive two letters: One, from Aiden, saying that he wants to redeem himself, and the other from "W.P" saying: "Look out!," referring to the White Pumpkin killer.
    • This could also hint at her possible return in any future episodes.