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Benedict the Eversource


Benedict the Eversource is a chicken that has the ability to lay Spawn Eggs of almost any kind of Mob. She once belonged to The Old Builders, but is shown as now belonging to Isa.


The Eversource acts as a normal chicken would with the exception of laying Spawn Eggs. She is mainly seen wandering and pecking the ground.


The Eversource wears the Eversource Crown and a ruby necklace. Benedict on the other hand, is just a normal chicken, but possessing smaller eyes and can move her eyelids. The Eversource Crown was later gifted to Jesse by Isa, and therefore no longer wears it.


  • The name "Benedict" is a reference to real food, eggs benedict similar to how Reuben's name is a reference to pork loin reuben.
  • The Eversource was initially believed to be an artifact.
  • The Eversource's crown can be worn by Jesse in "Access Denied" when escaping from the Mind-Controlled Citizens, however it doesn't distract them and results in Jesse being "made useful" by PAMA.
  • It was revealed by Mevia (determinant) in "A Journey's End?" that there were once multiple eversource chickens owned by the The Old Builders. This means that Benedict is not the only eversource chicken if the others are still alive.
  • It was confirmed that Benedict was born when Isa threw Benedict's egg after finding it.
  • In "Below the Bedrock" Petra mentions her, saying that she met a chicken named "Benedict".