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You just can't stand to see someone else in the spotlight, can you? You just can't let anyone else win!

Aiden to Jesse.

Aiden is a character in Minecraft: Story Mode, who appears as a tertiary antagonist in "The Order of the Stone" and the main antagonist in "Order Up!". He was one of the four members of The Ocelots, a team of builders rival to Jesse's gang. He later forms his own group, The Blaze Rods. He is voiced by Matthew Mercer.

He is the second episodic antagonist of the series, preceding The White Pumpkin, PAMA, Mevia, Hadrian, and Romeo.


His skin is a desaturated white color in the game version, but seems more saturated and darkened in the Netflix version. He has olive green eyes and short brown hair. He wears a black leather jacket with the face of an ocelot (two crossed blaze rods in "Order Up!") on it. Under this, he wears a green Magnus themerd shirt with yellow buttons similar to Magnus' armor. Later in episode five, he wears armor similar to that of a Roman gladiator, which also resembles the arms and legs of Soren's armor.


He is very self-centered and egotistical, being rude to Jesse and their group, and risking Reubens life in the first episode. In episode four, if Jesse lets Lukas leave on good terms and lets him go after the rest of the Ocelots, Aiden will help Jesse's gang destroy the Wither Storm by distracting it with fireworks. Near the end of episode five, if Jesse leads Aiden to safety, Aiden apologizes for his wrong-doings, and then says he will become a writer and start over. Jesse also has the option to instead throw Aiden over the edge of Sky City, which causes Aiden to still hold his grudge. Throughout episode five, he is shown as manipulative, selfish, bitter, and merciless until the very end, in which he shows his true cowardice and determinant repentance for his actions.

if you stay in beacontown in season two tho he writes a letter and it's implied he's grown between 105 and 205. Radar states that "You received a letter from someone named Aiden? Something about wanting to redeem himself."


"Hey! Who are you calling an idiot?"
—Aiden to Jesse (Determinant)

"Shut up!"
—Aiden to to Maya or Gill on multiple occasions. (Determinant)

"Someone ordered eggs?"
—Aiden to Jesse's gang, Isa, and Milo

"I don't give a crap about what you think!"
—Aiden to Jesse (Determinant)

"Back down and get out of my face, Reggie!"
—Aiden to Reginald

"I killed you once and I can do it again!"
—Aiden to Jesse

—Aiden to Jesse

"This was supposed to be my world, and you've ruined it!"
—Aiden to Jesse

"It just drives you crazy to see someone else succeed, doesn't it?!"
—Aiden to Jesse

"Oh uh Hi Jesse I'm so sorry. So sorry to cause all that trouble."
—Aiden to Jesse if he took him.

"Wa... wait! I... I surrender! I surrender! We can talk about this, right?"
—Aiden to Jesse

—Aiden to Jesse if Jesse chooses to walk away. (Determinant)


  • Besides Aiden, Otis, TNT Dustin, and the Schoolboy are also voiced by Matthew Mercer.
  • Aiden is the first antagonist in Minecraft Story Mode who can directly kill Jesse with a sword if they don't react quickly enough. (While Jesse does have a sword fight with Ivor earlier, Ivor won't kill Jesse if they don't react fast enough.)
  • After Aiden is defeated, if Jesse takes him to safety and later tells him to make a new start, Aiden will show interest in building himself a house and becoming a writer.
  • If Jesse chooses to help Lukas instead of Isa, they have the option to knock out one of Aiden's teeth.
  • It is unknown what happened to Aiden after he was arrested.
  • Oddly, if Jesse allows Aiden to help defeat the Wither Storm, in Episode 4 Aiden, Maya, and Gill can be seen, cheering in the crowd.
  • If Jesse decided to stay in Beacontown in "Above and Beyond" and allowed Radar to complete his monologue, Radar mentions that Jesse received a letter from Aiden, asking for a way to redeem himself.
  • Aiden's shirt is supposed to look similar to Magnus' shirt.[1]