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For the online store accessible in Bedrock Edition, see Marketplace.
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This article documents an April Fools' joke. 
This feature was exclusively part of a joke version and is not currently planned for addition to regular Minecraft.
It is documented here on the wiki due to being officially-released content by Mojang Studios, even if not present in a final version.

The Minecraft store was a joke site created by Notch for April Fools' 2011.

Accessing the store[]

Message displayed upon attempting to open the chest. (Сlick to show animation)

Upon clicking use button on a locked chest in Java Edition Beta 1.4, the prompt shown to the left would appear, and clicking on the "Go to Store" button would forward the player to the Minecraft Store at https://minecraft.net/store/loot.jsp.

Store features[]

Sixteen items were "sold" in the Minecraft Store (jump to section), often humorously named.

Upon clicking on the proceed to checkout button, the site would trigger a screamer in which a Velociraptor from the movie Jurassic Park growled proudly and flew across the screen. Once clicked, the "Proceed" button also changed its display name to "Fiddlesticks!!!1" [sic]

Entering items totaling over $10,000 into the cart caused a window pop-up asking if you are prone to seizures. Entering OK made the screen start flashing. When first released, there was no seizure warning label; Notch later implemented it to avoid lawsuits and posts on the forum.[more information needed]

The store page also used the font tf2build.ttf from Team Fortress 2 which is downloadable from here.


On April 2 (the day following April Fools), the store had the addition of a multicolored banner which read "♥ April Fools'! ♥",[1] accompanied by a MIDI instrumental of Rick Astley's 'Never Gonna Give You Up'. Tobias Möllstam stated that this was "the best script he's written to date."[2]

The Minecraft Store was later removed, and now leads to the store to buy Minecraft. An archived version of this page can be found here.

Items "sold"[]

The "Minecraft Store"

Twelve "items" were "available":

  • Steve Co. supply crate key ($3)
  • Steve Co. supply crate key 5-pack ($18)
  • Miner's helmet ($21)
  • Name change ($99)
  • Creeper saddle ($42)
  • Secret griefer identity ($155)
  • Enlargement pill ($2)
  • Response from support ($494)
  • Three "coming soon" items (priced at $75, $7, and $1499)
  • Regular padlock ($8)
    • Used the same image as the "coming soon" items.


  • The store, as well as the locked chests which link to them, are a reference to the Mann Co. Supply Crates[3] from Team Fortress 2. These crates, obtainable through the item drop system, require a key to open; said key must be purchased for $2.49 in the in-game shop called Mann Co. Store in order to open the crate.[4]
  • This may have been what Notch was talking about in his Twitter post about a "silly secret project".[5]
  • The 5-key pack is actually $3 more than 5 single keys.
  • The archived page is available in reduced functionality here.
  • Bedrock and Legacy Console editions, and the Minecraft website each have their own "Minecraft Store". However, they are actual in-game stores used to get downloadable content, purchase Java Edition as well as Minecraft merchandise, and are completely unrelated to the April Fools' joke.
  • The script that caused the Velociraptor to appear contains a reference to the Konami Code:
// Determine Entrance
if(options.enterOn == 'timer') {
	setTimeout(init, options.delayTime);
} else if(options.enterOn == 'click') {
	_this.bind('click', function(e) {
if(!locked) {
} else if(options.enterOn == 'konami-code'){
var kkeys = [], konami = "38,38,40,40,37,39,37,39,66,65";
$(window).bind("keydown.raptorz", function(e){
kkeys.push( e.keyCode );
if ( kkeys.toString().indexOf( konami ) >= 0 ) {
}, true);