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December 9, 2021 – present

Minecraft Now is a series of online livestreams produced by Mojang Studios, where development information regarding Minecraft is presented, alongside community creations, live gameplay, and a Q&A with the developers.[2] The livestreams began with the first edition on December 9, 2021.[3]

List of livestreams[]

Airing/Runtime Presentor(s) Notes
December 9, 2021[4]
60 minutes
Lydia Winters
Nir Vaknin
Henrik Kniberg
Jewel Ifeguni
Showcased Caves & Cliffs: Part II, a building challenge with Iskall85, fan art pertaining to "Caves & Cliffs", news pertaining to Minecraft and Minecraft Dungeons, and community reactions to "Caves & Cliffs: Part II".
February 10, 2022[5]
47 minutes
Lydia Winters
Agnes Larsson
Alexander Östman
Jewel Ifeguni
Showcased frogs, fan art pertaining to the warden, builds on Mojang Studios' Minecraft server, and news pertaining to Minecraft and Minecraft Dungeons.
April 28, 2022[6]
59 minutes
Vu Bui
Laura de Llorens
Nir Vaknin
Jewel Ifeguni
Showcased the allay, fan art pertaining to frogs, the Minecraft Dungeons Luminous Night seasonal adventure, and news pertaining to Minecraft and Minecraft Dungeons.
May 19, 2022[7]
35 minutes
Laura de Llorens
Chi Wong
Mariana Salimena
Showcased concept art of frogs, fan art pertaining to the allay, community reactions to the warden, concept art of the warden, a look at the far lands with AntVenom, and Mariana's drawing of a creeper axolotl.
June 30, 2022[8]
74 minutes
Lydia Winters
Alexander Sandor
Jasper Boerstra
Jewel Ifeguni
Rafael Fritsche
Cameron Thomas
Showcased the warden and the mangrove biome, fan art pertaining to The Wild Update, news pertaining to Minecraft and Minecraft Legends, and a look at the SpongeBob SquarePants DLC for Bedrock Edition.
August 25, 2022[9]


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