Minecraft has become a popular game since it entered its Alpha stages. As a result of its growing popularity, there is merchandise for the game, both official and unofficial. Some examples of official merchandise include LEGO Minecraft sets, T-shirts, and calendars.

LEGO Minecraft

LEGO Minecraft is a LEGO theme that replicates several chunks of a Minecraft world. There are currently 28 sets available. The worlds in the sets can be separated into four parts for customization and playing within the "chunk".

The following is a list of sets released for LEGO Minecraft:

  1. 21102 – Micro World "The Forest" (June 1, 2012)
  2. 21105 – Micro World "The Village" (September 1, 2013)
  3. 21106 – Micro World "The Nether" (September 1, 2013)
  4. 21107 – Micro World "The End" (June 1, 2014)
  5. 21113 – The Cave (November 15, 2014)
  6. 21114 – The Farm (November 15, 2014)
  7. 21115 – The First Night (November 15, 2014)
  8. 21116 – Crafting Box (November 15, 2014)
  9. 21117 – The Ender Dragon (November 15, 2014)
  10. 21118 – The Mine (November 15, 2014)
  11. 21119 – The Dungeon (August 1, 2015)
  12. 21120 – The Snow Hideout (August 1, 2015)
  13. 21121 – The Desert Outpost (August 1, 2015)
  14. 21122 – The Nether Fortress (August 1, 2015)
  15. 21123 – The Iron Golem (March 2016)
  16. 21124 – The End Portal (March 2016)
  17. 21125 – The Jungle Tree House (March 2016)
  18. 21126 – The Wither (March 2016)
  19. 21127 – The Fortress (September 2016)
  20. 21128 – The Village (June 2016)
  21. 21129 – The Mushroom Island (February 2017)
  22. 21130 – The Nether Railway (February 2017)
  23. 21131 – The Ice Spike (February 2017)
  24. 21132 – The Jungle Temple (February 2017)
  25. 21133 – The Witch Hut (February 2017)
  26. 21134 – The Waterfall Base (February 2017)
  27. 853609 – Skin Pack (September 2016)
  28. 853610 – Skin Pack (September 2016)


Minecraft Clothing

There are several pieces of Minecraft-branded clothing, ranging from T-shirts to wristbands, a lot of which simulate certain situations and convey humor. Most clothing products are produced by J!NX and ThinkGeek, and are available at retail stores like Walmart or online retailers like


Minecraft Books

There are several official books for the game, including game guides and fiction books.

Minecraft: The Island

Minecraft The Island Cover

The cover for the Minecraft fiction novel.


The cover for Minecraft Mobestiary.

Minecraft: The Island is a novel by American author Maximillian Brooks, published by Del Rey Books on July 18, 2017. The book can be bought here.

Minecraft: The Crash

Minecraft: The Crash is a novel by Tracey Baptiste, and was published on July 12, 2018.


The cover for "The Crash"

Minecraft Scholastic Books

The Official Minecraft Books are published by Scholastic and are guidebooks for Minecraft written for new players and being high-quality for collectors. There are currently four books in the series:

  1. Minecraft: Essential Handbook
  2. Minecraft: Redstone Handbook
  3. Minecraft: Combat Handbook
  4. Minecraft: Construction Handbook

Several YouTubers have contributed to these books, such as Paul Soares Jr. and Jordan "CaptainSparklez" Maron.

Minecraft Mobestiary

Minecraft Mobestiary is a comprehensive encyclopedia detailing all Mobs currently found in Minecraft. It is marketed as "an essential compendium for any adventurer, and a lovely coffee table book too!"[1]

Minecraft Calendar

Minecraft 2014 Calendar

The Calendar cover.

In February 2013, a contest was held by Mojang to collect work for J!NX to help produce a Minecraft-themed 2014 calendar that featured sixteen months and was filled with fan-art. The contest's category was "Minecraft Humor" where the artist must display a picture that included humor, adventure, or a funny story. The calendar was produced for UN Habitat after Mojang AB officially announced their partnership in September 2012. The contest was for the Block by Block campaign hosted by Mojang for UN Habitat, for which all proceeds went.


The contest ends with twelve winners and the following prize(s):

  • A Glow-in-the-dark Creeper Vinyl autographed by Notch and Jeb.
  • $500 worth in cash.
  • $500 J!NX certificate.

Original idea for contest: "What's the funniest thing that has happened to you in Minecraft?"

A second calendar for 2015 has been produced.


Mojang and J!NX have released have released 2 ranges of figures: large scale, and 3" action figurines. The 3" high range have currently been released in 3 series and several 'core' packs. Each regular set normally includes a figure, block and either a tool or an item, though the Blacksmith is an exception to this rule as his 'item' (apron) is applied during manufacture.

Series 1 was released at the end of 2013/beginning of 2014, with series 2 arriving in July 2014 with a phased introduction. Series 3 "Alex?" arrived in December 2014, and there have been no new announced action figures since.


Set Name Main figure Second figure(s) Block(s) Accessories
1 (Core) Overland Survival Set Steve? Crafting Table; Chest Axe (wood); Sword (wood)
1 Steve? Steve? Coal ore Axe (stone)
1 Creeper Creeper Dynamite Gunpowder
1 Enderman

Enderman Grass Mushroom
1 Zombie Zombie Iron ore Sword (iron)
2 (Core) Animal Mob 1 each of cow, sheep, pig, wolf, ocelot & chicken
2 (large) Steve? and Horse Steve? Horse (white) hay Apple, saddle & reins
2 (large) Spider Jockey Skeleton Spider, 3 Silverfish Saddle
2 (large) Overworld Saddle Pack Steve? Horse (brown), pig 2 x hay, 2 x grass 1 x carrot on rod, saddles
2 (large) Hostile Mobs Pack 1 each of Enderman, Zombie, Creeper & Skeleton Stone sword & bow
2 Diamond Steve? Steve? (in diamond armour) Diamond ore Sword (diamond), Helmet (diamond)
2 Iron Golem Iron Golem Iron poppy
2 Blacksmith Villager Blacksmith Anvil Apron (already attached)
3 Alex? Alex? Slime Blob Sword (Gold), Bow


Tube Heroes

Beginning release in May 2015 was a new line of Minecraft "Tube Hero" figures, which are based on some of the more popular Minecraft YouTubers which included: CaptainSparklez, SkyDoesMinecraft, and TheSyndicateProject. One can read more about them on this news post.



Plushies, some of which produce sound, have also been released. These include various mobs such as the Creeper, Skeleton, and Sheep.

ThinkGeek has released a set of replica tools in real life size, made from foam. They are available at online and in-store retailers.

J!NX has released posters that can be found in various designs and types. They are available at online and in-store retailers.


Mini Figures (Mattel)

In 2014, the toy company Mattel released their first line of Minecraft mini figures. They are about 1–1.5 inches in height and can be bought for around $3–5, depending on how and where one buys them. There are currently eight series: Grass, Stone, Netherrack, Obsidian, Ice, End Stone, Minecart, and Biome Settlers. Each series contains 16 mini figures, 8 of which are exclusive to either 3-packs or 1-packs.

Grass Series 1

This series was the first, and it was released in late 2014. The figures include:

  • Steve? (with pickaxe)
  • Creeper
  • Skeleton
  • Enderman
  • Steve? (with gold armor)
  • Snow Golem
  • Cow
  • Iron Golem
  • Dyed Sheep (red) (1-pack exclusive!)
  • Zombie Villager (1-pack exclusive!)
  • Horse (1-pack exclusive!)
  • Cat (1-pack exclusive!)
  • Spider (3-pack exclusive!)
  • Wolf (3-pack exclusive!)
  • Pig (3-pack exclusive!)
  • Witch (3-pack exclusive!)

Stone Series 2

This is the second series to be released, and it launched in early 2015. The figures include:

  • Chicken
  • Ocelot
  • Steve? (with iron armor)
  • Zombie
  • Electrified Creeper
  • Zombie Pigman
  • Bats
  • Wither
  • Steve? (with TNT) (1-pack exclusive!)
  • Saddled Pig (1-pack exclusive!)
  • Undead Horse (1-pack exclusive!)
  • Tamed Wolf (1-pack exclusive!)
  • Villager (3-pack exclusive!)
  • Magma Cube (3-pack exclusive!)
  • Silverfish (3-pack exclusive!)
  • Fishing Steve? (3-pack exclusive!)

Netherrack Series 3

This is the third series, released in mid 2015. The figures include:

  • Steve? (with diamond armor)
  • Squid
  • Ghast
  • Mooshroom
  • Wither Skeleton
  • Zombie in Flames
  • Blaze
  • Alex
  • Zombie (with iron armor) (1-pack exclusive!)
  • Steve (with minecart) (1-pack exclusive!)
  • Cave Spider (1-pack exclusive!)
  • Skeleton Horse (1-pack exclusive!)
  • Slime Cube (3-pack exclusive!)
  • Black Sheep (3-pack exclusive!)
  • Endermite (3-pack exclusive!)
  • Guardian (3-pack exclusive!)

Obsidian Series 4

This is the fourth series, released in late 2015. The figures include:

  • Slime Cubes
  • Tabby Cat
  • Screaming Enderman
  • Sneaking Creeper
  • Zombie at door
  • Spawning Spider
  • Rabbit
  • Skeleton (with pumpkin helmet)
  • Steve? (with arrow damage) (1-pack exclusive!)
  • Priest Villager (1-pack exclusive!)
  • Alex (with cake) (1-pack exclusive!)
  • Sheared Sheep (1-pack exclusive!)
  • Armored Horse (3-pack exclusive!)
  • Farming Steve? (3-pack exclusive!)
  • Alex (with enchanted armor)(3-pack exclusive!)
  • Elder Guardian (3-pack exclusive!)

Ice Series 5

This is the fifth series, released in early 2016. The figures include:

  • Spawning Zombie Pigman
  • Attacking Ghast
  • Steve? (with mismatched armor)
  • Iron Golem (with flower)
  • Killer Rabbit
  • Alex (with boat). (1-pack exclusive!)
  • Chicken Jockey
  • Teleporting Enderman
  • Donkey (with chests) (1-pack exclusive!)
  • Siamese cat (1-pack exclusive)
  • Wolf (with bone)
  • Skeleton in flames (1-pack exclusive!)
  • Ocelot (with fish) (3-pack exclusive!)
  • Alex (with gold armor and bow) (3-pack exclusive!)
  • Skeleton (with diamond armor) (3-pack exclusive!)
  • Palomino Horse (3-pack exclusive!)

End Stone Series 6

This is the sixth series, released in mid 2016. The figures include:

  • Blacksmith Villager (1-pack exclusive!)
  • Baby Horse (1-pack exclusive!)
  • Steve (with shield)
  • Pig in Minecart
  • Spectral Damage Zombie
  • Shulker
  • Exploding Creeper
  • Potion-Drinking Witch
  • Magma Cubes
  • Alex (with shield)
  • Nether Portal Pigman (1-pack exclusive!)
  • Laser-Firing Guardian (1-pack exclusive!)
  • Spawning Skeleton (3-pack exclusive!)
  • New Endermites(3-pack exclusive)!
  • Skull-Firing Wither (3-pack exclusive)!
  • Cave Spider (in cobwebs) (3-pack exclusive)!

Minecart Series 7

This is the seventh series, released in the early 2017. The figures include:

  • Skeleton in minecart
  • Dyed sheep in minecart (1-pack exclusive!)
  • Diamond Steve in minecart
  • Alex in minecart
  • Creeper in minecart
  • Enderman in minecart
  • Zombie in minecart
  • Pig in minecart (1-pack exclusive!)
  • Iron golem in minecart (1-pack exclusive!)
  • Witch in minecart (1-pack exclusive!)
  • Mooshroom in minecart
  • Wolf in minecart
  • Slime cube in minecart (3-pack exclusive)!
  • Zombie pigman in minecart (3-pack exclusive)!
  • Snow golem in minecart (3-pack exclusive)!
  • Ocelot in minecart (3-pack exclusive)!

Biome Settlers Series 8

This is the eighth series, released in mid 2017. The figures include:

  • Tundra Stray
  • Desert Husk
  • Desert Tamer with Boat
  • Forest Wood Beast
  • Forest Brewer
  • Mushroom Brawler
  • Mushroom Glutton
  • Nether Banished*
  • Nether Explorer*
  • Nether Miner*
  • Nether Tamer*
  • Tundra Hunter Minecarrt
  • Desert Archer**
  • Forest Hunter**
  • Mushroom Hunter**
  • Tundra Engineer**

Spooky series 9

This is the ninth series, released late 2017. The figures include:

  • Steve (with Creeper hoodie)
  • Mummified sheep
  • Spectral Creeper
  • Mutant Squid*
  • Alex (with Enderman hoodie)
  • Werewolf
  • Ghast-o-lantern
  • Village Watcher
  • Black widow spider*
  • Infernal cow*
  • Well wisher*
  • Skele-pig
  • Enderal**
  • The Sham**
  • Farlander**
  • Cyborg donkey**

Wood Series 10

This is the tenth series, releasing as the first mini figures in 2018. They debut mobs from 1.10, 1.11, and other updates, as well as character remakes. The figures include:

  • Steve (with Frostwalker Boots)
  • Vindicator
  • Alex (with Elytra)
  • Evoker
  • Zombie Husk
  • Zombie Pigman Chicken Jockey
  • Skeleton Stray
  • Llama
  • Vexes*
  • Polar Bear*
  • Pig with Carrot*
  • Wither (with Diamond Armor)
  • Toast**
  • Attacking Iron Golem**
  • Green Sheep**
  • Spawning Blaze**

Chest series

This series is a combination of the first 6 series, and it has 72 characters to collect, with 8 gold characters. S1 released around November 2016, S2 released around January 2017, S3 released around March 2017, and S4 released around May 2017. The gold figures include:

  • Ghast-1
  • Creeper-1
  • Dyed Sheep-1
  • Zombie-1
  • Steve (with diamond armor)-1
  • Alex-1
  • Enderman-1
  • Skeleton-1
  • Wither Skeleton-2
  • Mooshroom-2
  • Iron golem-2
  • Skeleton in flames-2
  • Steve (with minecart)-2
  • Slime cubes-2
  • Saddled pig-2
  • Zombie Pigman-2
  • Blaze-3
  • Skeleton Horse-3
  • Alex (with shield)-3
  • Steve (with TNT)-3
  • Chicken-3
  • Skeleton (with pumpkin helmet)-3
  • Blacksmith Villager-3
  • Wolf (with bone)-3
  • Chicken Jockey-4
  • Steve (with shield)-4
  • Magma Cubes-4
  • Alex (with cake)-4
  • Wither-4
  • Pig in Minecart-4
  • Teleporting Enderman-4
  • Cave Spider-4

Other Mini Figures

These figures are still official, but are not in any series.

  • Steve? holding bow- Found in the "Enderdragon vs. Steve? battle set."
  • Creeper (with battle damage)- Found in the "Minecraft Stop Motion Movie Creator."
  • Steve? (with tools)- This figure has swapable tools, and is found in the "Minecraft Stop Motion Movie Creator."
  • Spider Jockey- Found in the "Minecraft Stop Motion Movie Creator."
  • Alex (with diamond pickaxe) Found in the 2nd "Minecraft Stop Motion Movie Creator."
  • Spider Jockey (with enchanted bow) Found in the 2nd "Minecraft Stop Motion Movie Creator."
  • Crawling Zombie- Found in the "Zombie Mob Pack".
  • Charging Zombie- Found in the "Zombie Mob Pack".
  • Rising Zombie- Found in the "Zombie Mob Pack".
  • Spectral Damage Skeleton- Found in the "Skeleton Mob Pack".
  • Skeleton (with leather armor & enchanted bow) Found in the "Skeleton Mob Pack".
  • Sneaking Skeleton- Found in the "Skeleton Mob Pack".
  • Golden Creeper- Given out at Mattle's booth at San Diego Comic Con 2015.
  • Steve? (with Minecon 2015 cape).- Given out in every goodie bag for Minecon 2015.

Collector Cases

These cases are used to both display and serve as a stage for the figures.

  • Overworld Collector Case
  • Nether Collector Case
  • Desert Collector Case


  • The Zombie Husk and Skeleton Stray have "Zombie and Skeleton" in front of their names so they are not confused with the Desert Husk and Tundra Stray
  • Wood Series 10 is the first series to have more new mobs since Netherrack Series 3, with 3 releasing the Squid, Ghast, Wither Skeleton, Blaze, Cave Spider, Skeleton Horse, Slime Cube, Endermite, and Guardian. Series 10 released the Vindicator, Evoker, Husk, Stray, Llama, Vex, and Polar Bear.