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Minecraft: Official Magazine are a series of magazines for Minecraft, which includes news, comics, build features, and exploration guides. It was published by Egmont, which is a partner of Mojang Studios. There are currently 3 issues, each of which has 60 pages.

They were first released in the UK in July 2017.[1] The second issue was released in October 2017. The third issue was released in December 2017. The magazine team, The Official Minecraft Magazine Team is also called TOMMT, for short. One can have their builds featured in the magazine by sending high-quality pictures to Minecraftmag@euk.egmont.com.


First issue[]

Magazine Cover.

The first issue was released on July 27, 2017. It contains 14 pages of hints and tips. It has challenges, a difficult quiz, tips on how to throw a Minecraft-themed party, stickers, a card battling game, a four-page celebration of builds and skins created by the Minecraft community and others. It also gives tips on how to battle elder guardians.

With their creepy staring eye and nasty spikes, these terrors of the deep deserve a good kicking – and with our tips, direct from the magazine's combat experts, you'll have no problem sending these watery beasts crying home to momma.


Second issue[]

Magazine Cover

The second issue was released on October 4, 2017. This issue contains builds, stories, news, scoops and a comic from Trudi Castle, featuring Bear, Monty, Scout and Sparks.

Third issue[]

Magazine Cover

The third issue was released on December 7, 2017. It is based on a winter theme. This issue has a guide to fighting skeletons, medieval snow-themed village builds (and a more general guide to how villages work too), and a feature on enchanting, letters, build-tips, challenges and others.



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