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Minecraft Live 2023 was a live event that was held on October 15, 2023, at 17:00 UTC. It features a mob vote,[1] as well as the revealment of the 1.21 update, and as such, the features included in it.


The event was announced in a video released by Mojang Studios on September 13, 2023, on their official YouTube channel.

Mob Vote[]

The 2023 Mob Vote was an event that begun on October 13th, 2023, at 17:00 UTC. Players could vote for either one of the three mobs mentioned below, with the highest voted one forecasted to be added to the 1.21 update. [2]

As with MINECON Earth 2017 and Minecraft Live 2020, 2021 and 2022, Players with a Microsoft account were able to vote for one of the three mobs announced in the many videos uploaded to the official Minecraft YouTube channel in the days preluding the mob vote.

Players could access, and as such, vote for a mob in three different ways, those being a server on Bedrock Edition, via the Minecraft launcher, or on Minecraft.net.[1] Players couldn't vote multiple times on the different ways of voting, as one Microsoft account could only be linked to one vote. If a player voted using Minecraft.net, some had to verify that they were a human. People who voted through the Bedrock Edition server also received the cherry cape.


  • Crabs - Spawns in Mangrove Swamps, and drops a Crab Claw, which increases the player's building distance by 1 block.
  • Armadillo - Spawns in warm biomes and curls into a ball for protection. Drops an Armadillo Scute, which can be used to craft protective armor for tamed wolves.
  • Penguins - Spawns on Stony Shores. Slow on land but fast in water, while also speeding up nearby Boats.
Armadillo winner!

Mob vote 2023 winner screen.


1st Place: Armadillo

2nd Place: Crab

3rd and Last Place: Penguin

Image 2023-10-16 175429156

Jens Bergensten and Lydia Winters in a Minecart.


The breeze is a planned hostile mob that was announced at Minecraft Live 2023 [1].


  • A change.org petition to add all 3 options received over 400,000 signatures prior to the vote.[3] Of course and unluckly, this failed.