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Minecraft Live 2022 was a live event held on October 15, 2022, at 16:00 UTC. It announced Java Edition 1.20 and Bedrock Edition 1.20.0, the next update after The Wild Update, and contained a mob vote[1] in which the sniffer won over the other two mobs, the rascal and the tuff golem.


The event was mentioned in a Minecraft Now livestream by Agnes Larsson on August 25, 2022, stating that it would take place on October 15, 2022.[2]

The event was later formally announced in a video released by Mojang Studios on September 8, 2022.


Mob Vote[]


The three options for the mob vote.

As with MINECON Earth 2017 and Minecraft Live 2020 and 2021, viewers were able to vote for a new mob to be added to the game in a future update. Each mob received its own video justifying its inclusion.

Unlike previous years, in which the vote was conducted through Twitter during the show, the vote began on October 14 at noon EDT and ended the following day as the show began. The vote took place across three areas: a server on Bedrock Edition, through the Minecraft Launcher, and on minecraft.net. Users were also able to change their vote during the 24-hour period.[3]

The mobs that were on the vote were the sniffer, rascal, and the tuff golem.

  • The sniffer[4][5] is described as an ancient mob, that was thought to have been extinct, that is hatched from sniffer eggs, which can be found in chests in underwater ruins. This means they do not spawn naturally, and are extinct until revived by the player. Upon hatching, the sniffer can find ancient seeds, which can be used to grow new types of plants, which will also come with the sniffer. The sniffer won the vote by over half of the vote, and was added in the 1.20 update.
  • The rascal[6][7] was a mob that would have been found underground in areas below y=0. The rascal would have given the player hints to help search for it, and would have also given the player an item if it was found three times. Once the rascal rewards the player with the item after it is found it will teleport away.
  • The tuff golem[8][9] was a golem that would have been built by the player; if a wool block was included while building it, the tuff golem would have worn a cloak matching the color of the wool block. The tuff golem was described as a statue that would have held and displayed any item, but when it wakes up, it would have also moved around while either holding an item, or pick up an item if it is not holding one. The tuff golem would have returned back to the spot that it woke up from before turning back into a statue. The tuff golem was one block tall so players can also stack them.


The result was announced at the end of the show. It was stated during the show that over 3.5 million votes were cast, with the winning mob, the sniffer, accounting for more than half of the votes. The number of votes for each mob were disclosed after the show.[10]

Mob Votes
Percent Amount
Sniffer 55.1% ~1,928,500
Rascal 27.7% ~969,500
Tuff Golem 17.2% ~602,000

Minecraft Live 2022: Which Mob Gets Your Vote?[]


Minecraft Live 2022 announced the yet-unnamed 1.20 update to Minecraft, which includes the voted-in sniffer, camels, bamboo wood, hanging signs, chiseled bookshelves and rafts. New seasonal adventures in Minecraft Dungeons and new information about Minecraft Legends were also announced. New default skins were announced to arrive in the game in a future update as well, which were later added in Java Edition 1.19.3 and Bedrock Edition 1.19.50, respectively.


Videos can be found here.



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