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Minecraft Live 2020 was a live event held on October 3, 2020, from 16:00 UTC.[1] Originally, it was planned that Minecraft Festival, a real-world event similar to the original MINECON events, would occur; however, because of the COVID-19 pandemic, Minecraft Festival was pushed back to 2022.[1] The live event streamed on YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, and Minecraft.net. Mojang announced the Caves & Cliffs update during the event.


Community Pre-Show[]

There was a 20-minute Community Pre-Show right before the main event which consisted of content creators expressing about Minecraft.

Update announcement[]

Like MINECON Live 2019, there was an announcement relating to the next major update, similarly to how the Nether Update was announced at MINECON Live 2019, with other major updates in the years before. Unlike the last years though, the announcement was held at the beginning of the show. The update that was announced was Caves & Cliffs.

Mob Vote[]

Mclive mobvote header

The three options for the Mob Vote.

Mob vote logo

The logo for the Mob Vote.

Mobs from Minecraft Dungeons and Minecraft Earth were voted on to be added to Minecraft. For the second time, watchers were able to vote for a new mob to be added into the game in a future update. The first time this happened was in MINECON Earth 2017.

Each mob received its own video justifying its inclusion.

The mobs that were on the vote were the Moobloom, Iceologer, and the Glow Squid.[2]

  • Mooblooms would spawn in Flower Forests and would interact with bees in some way.Buttercups would also be added.[3]
  • Iceologers would spawn in Mountains and hurl ice clouds at the player.
  • Glow Squids would spawn in the Ocean in dark areas, illuminating them. Their texture would glow like an Enderman's eyes, but not actually emit light.

The mobs that lost the mob vote are shelved indefinitely, and may or may not be added in the future.[4]


Winner of Mob Vote 2020

Glow squid won the Mob Vote.

Voting took place in two rounds. The losing mob, the Moobloom, was eliminated from consideration in the second round. The winner of the the second and final round was the Glow Squid.

Mob Votes (%)
First Round[5] Final[6]
Moobloom 28.3%
Iceologer 34.8% 47.3%
Glow Squid 36.9% 52.7%
Total Votes 836,759 741,145

Minecraft Live: Vote for the Next New Mob![]


Videos can be found here.