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The Minecraft Legends Live Event was an in-game event server where players could experience a recreation of Minecraft Legends.

The Main Event[]

Jeb's presentation[]

Jeb uses his developer powers to teleport all players on the server to a stage where he would do a presentation with Hannah about Minecraft Legends. The slideshow is exploded by Piglins just as Jeb is about to reveal what he considered to be secrets to the game.

Nether Portal[]

The Nether Portal is a portal at the end of the arena behind Jeb's stage which the Piglins are invading from. The players are tasked by Jeb and Hannah to defend the Well of Fate from a Piglin Horde emerging from it. After repelling a number of waves, the players are tasked by Jeb and Hannah to mount a counterattack in order to destroy the Nether Portal so that no more Piglins can come through. There are many types of Piglins within this event such as the following:

After repelling a number of waves, players can be awarded with a variety of items unobtainable from the Item Shop. These items include the following:


The Cage is an object made of Cage Spikes that is located directly next to the Nether Portal. If a player is defeated, then they respawn within the Cage until they are freed by another player.

Nether Rift[]

A Nether Rift is a instance that can occur which allows Piglins to sneak by players in an attempt to reach the Well of Fate.

Item Shop[]

The Item Shop is a location that is located behind the Well of Fate. Players can obtain Gold from defeated Piglins, which can then be used to buy items from the Item Shop. The items that are obtainable include the following:

Normal Parkour[]

The Normal Parkour, also known as the Plank Golem, is the easiest parkour in the event. The parkour is built around a plank golem.

Hard Parkour[]

The Hard Parkour, also known as the Cobblestone Golem and the Golem of Cobblestones, is the hardest parkour in the event. It is built around a cobblestone golem. The parkour ends at the top of the golem where a red throne awaits.


The Rollercoaster is a Minecart track that can be found near the parkour area where players can ride a Minecart and travel across the map.

Critter hunt[]

Players are tasked with finding four critters hidden around on the server. Finding and clicking on the critters will make the critters release confetti. There is also a Broken Portal that can be found. The four hidden critters include the following mobs:


Nether Portal[]

Destroy Option



Host Voices[]

Tailgate Parkour
Tailgate Greeting
Outro Win
Tailgate Ending
Tailgate Coaster
Intro Presentation
Intro Interruption
Intro Shout
Outro Lose
Outro Win
Arena Exchange
Arena Shout Advice
Arena Shout Horn
Arena Shout Rift
Arena Shout Structure
Arena Shout TNT
Arena Shout TNT Alt
Arena Shout Well
Arena Strong
Arena Retreat
Arena Start
Arena Inbetween
Arena Shout Advice
Arena End
Arena Retreat
Arena Start
Arena End
Arena Retreat
Arena Start


Resource Collected
Rift Spawned
Structure Built
Wall Explodes
Well of Fate Warning
Earned Currency
Tiger Easter Egg Collected
Toucan Easter Egg Collected
Beetle Easter Egg Collected
Badger Easter Egg Collected
Wave Ends
Parkour Checkpoint Reached
Parkour Finish
Parkour Step
Player Dies
Player Freed
Player Loses
Player Wins
Confetti Shoot
Shop Purchase
Target Hit


Bedrock Edition
beta Bedrock Live Event UI.
May 13, 2023Bedrock Live Event was announced.