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Like any other Piglin, the Unbreakable is a power hungry and arrogant opportunist who wouldn't hesitate to take the throne from the Great Hog. However, no other Piglin is as cutthroat and relentless in their pursuit of the highest rank.


The Unbreakable is the piglin leader of the Horde of the Bastion, and one of the secondary antagonists and boss units of Minecraft Legends.


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Before the events of the game. The Great Hog summons all of its Horde generals to his map table, where The Unbreakable watches as the The Beast raises its arm up to give The Great Hog a Horde of the Hunt banner, which The Great Hog takes and smashes into a place in the map. The Beast nods in agreement and sends piglins towards the portal, and The Great Hog then laughs menacingly.

Foresight afterwards senses the evil of The Great Hog and its generals coming for the Overworld where Foresight proceeds to tell Action and Knowledge to come with it to the Overworld to investigate the nether portal. They then recruit the Hero to stop the piglins and the Great Hog and its generals.

After the Hero defeats multiple Piglin Outposts, The Unbreakable is seen in the Nether next to The Devourer at the map table, watching The Great Hog choke The Beast before throwing it into a pillar.

The Unbreakable is later seen with The Great Hog and other generals as they attack the piglin in a fit of rage when hearing the Night Beacon was destroyed, and they proceed to catch the piglin and presumably kill it. The Unbreakable and the other generals then return to their respective horde bases.

During the war the Hero successfully destroys a Horde of the Bastion outpost with a Nether portal in it. A piglin comes through the portal just in time before it explodes, clutching a Portal Guard flail. The piglin struggles but drags the flail towards The Unbreakable's throne, with the other piglins around him are stopping and watching curiously. The piglin arrives in The Unbreakable's throne, and the leader of the Hoard of the Bastion notices the piglin, and gives a jerk of his head. The piglin then raises the flail for The Unbreakable to see. The Unbreakable is infuriated by the outcome of the battle and flings the piglin that is fixing his gauntlet into the lava below and approaches the piglin with the flail, and growls angrily at it.

After the next Horde of the Bastion base falls because of the Hero, we see The Unbreakable instructing a group of Brutes and a Portal Guard leading them. The Unbreakable blasts a piglin imitating the Portal Guard with his gauntlet and gives the Portal Guard the signal, and the Portal Guard leads the piglins into the Overworld. After the piglins enter the Nether portal, it raises his golden gauntlet into the air, spinning it with a maniacal laugh as the portal's glow illuminates its face.

After a third Horde of the Bastion base crumbles, The Unbreakable decides to go to the Overworld to kill the Hero itself. While walking towards a Nether portal, it stops to shoot at captured Overworld animals, a piglin and the Hero replica placed by the piglin on the map table after the Night Beacon base falls. While aiming for the Hero replica, though, its gauntlet malfunctions again and The Unbreakable misses, sending the fireball towards two piglins. The Unbreakable tells the accompanying three piglins to fix its gauntlet, and afterwards, it once again aims for the Hero replica and successfully destroys it before heading through the portal.

After arriving, it sees the Hero looking at it and its base. It roars at the Hero and flings some piglins into the air to try and intimidate the hero. After a ferocious and long battle it is weakened. In its final moments the Unbreakable tries to shoot the Hero with his gauntlet, only for the gauntlet's magma generator on its back to overheat and explode. The Unbreakable attempts to stand back up, but ultimately collapses for the final time.


After successfully destroying all the Horde of the Bastion bases, a final base will appear. This base contains a ring of walled defenses surrounded by lava, with a bridge leading to the portal area, which awaits the Unbreakable.


Once The Unbreakable is defeated, it will always drop the following:


The Unbreakable will idle around in the piglin base it is currently in unless attacked by allied mobs or the player.



  • The Unbreakable stands still for a moment then raises its gauntlet and aims for its enemies. For several seconds, The Unbreakable's gauntlet shoots a torrent of flame in a short radius, heavily damaging any allies nearby, it is also powerful enough to one shot the player with full health if the player didn't move and get constantly damaged by the flames from the start until it reaches near to the end.

Magma Geyser

  • The Unbreakable stabs its golden gauntlet into the ground and starts spewing lava from its back furnace generator. Lava geysers start to appear and shoot out of the ground.

Direct Shot

  • The Unbreakable shoots a magma block towards enemies.

Cube Rain

  • The Unbreakable aims its gauntlet at the air and shoots several large magma cubes.

Melee Swipe

  • The Unbreakable raises its left arm and swipes at nearby enemies, which can knock them back.


Chant Defend
Breathe In
Breathe Out
Battle Cry
Walk Right
Walk Left
Arm Scrape
Arm Shake
Arm Plant
Enemy Spotted
Chest Pound
Flamethrower Attack Windup
Flamethrower Attack Start
Flamethrower Attack
Flamethrower Attack End
Flamethrower Attack End Spin
Flamethrower Attack End Roar
Geyser Attack Mono
Geyser Attack Churn
Geyser Attack Start
Geyser Attack (Foley)
Geyser Attack (Vocal)
Geyser Attack End
Mortar Attack Start (Foley)
Mortar Attack Start (Vocal)
Mortar Attack Fire
Mortar Attack Projectile
Mortar Attack Reload
Mortar Attack
Mortar Attack End
Melee Attack Windup (Foley)
Melee Attack Windup (Vocal)
Melee Attack Hit
Melee Attack Impact
Melee Attack
Direct Shot Attack Windup
Direct Shot Attack Start
Direct Shot Attack
Direct Shot Attack
Direct Shot Attack End
Direct Shot Attack End Roar
Spray Attack Loop
Spray Attack
Reload Windup
Reload Thrust


Icon Achievement In-game description Actual requirements (if different) Gamerscore earned Trophy type (PS)
Defeat The Unbreakable. 40GSilver
No Time for Swine
Defeat 1,000 piglins in a single world. 40GSilver


Minecraft Legends
TU01.17.24827The Unbreakable MCL Added The Unbreakable.
1.17.44512The player's sword attack now deals very small damage against The Unbreakable.


  • The Unbreakable appears within the second Lost Legend, The Breakout.
  • The Unbreakable Some what has a Chain connect on it gauntlet that act like a Iron Fuel hose.
  • The Unbreakable is known to be greedy with gold, this passed on to the current Piglin with it greed when a Player Mines any gold related block.


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