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Legends say that the Great Hog was born from lava, spat out by the Nether itself to feast on the bones of those who dare to show any resistance.


The Great Hog is the leader of the piglins, and the primary antagonist and final boss within Minecraft Legends.


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Before the events of the game, the Great Hog is sitting at his planning map table with the horde generals. The Beast raises its hand to give the Great Hog a Horde of the Hunt banner, which the Great Hog promptly slams onto a place on the map. The Beast nods in agreement of the chosen area the Great Hog had chosen, and sends piglins from the horde of the hunt towards the portal. The Great Hog then laughs menacingly.

Foresight afterwards senses the evil of the Great Hog coming for the Overworld. They proceed to tell Action and Knowledge to come with them to the Overworld to investigate the nether portal. They then recruit the Hero to stop the piglins and the Great Hog.

After the Hero defeats multiple Piglin Outposts, we cut to the Nether again, where the Great Hog has the Beast in chokehold, furious because of its failure. He throws the Beast towards a wall, injuring the Beast. The Great Hog then angrily calls upon the Seer, and points towards a location on the map, which is where his plan to have his next assault. The Seer responds by ordering four piglins to bring it a beacon. After the piglins bring the beacon to the Seer, it corrupts the beacon using the Orb of Dominance, where the Great Hog is mesmerized by the Seer's magic at work. The Seer then tells the piglins to place the corrupted beacon within the Night Beacon. Once it is placed, the corrupted beacon activates, shrouding the Overworld in an eternal night. After the Hero successfully destroys the night beacon, a panicked piglin runs through the nether portal towards the Great Hog and his generals to tell them the night beacon was destroyed. After hearing this news, the Great Hog grows furious and starts to beat the piglin to death with his generals.

While the war in the Overworld rages on, the Great Hog's generals travel to the Overworld one by one to try and kill the Hero, all of them failing and dying in the process. Three piglins of each horde bring the former generals artifacts (The Devourer's back pink spore, The Unbreakable's mortar, and the Beast's bone mask) to the Great Hog's throne room. The Great Hog grows furious, confused at how the hero had taken down some of his strongest allies, and throws the three piglins to the sky. The Seer then approaches the Great Hog and enchants the Great Hog's staff with a magical power. Feeling stronger and more powerful, the Great Hog destroys a replica Well of Fate to show his new dominance. He proceeds to head towards a Nether portal, and enters it, finally seeing the Overworld. The Great Hog immediatley sees the Well of Fate, and now knowing his new target, he roars and break the Nether portal that he came through- using his staff to gather the portal's obsidian to power it. The Great Hog charges towards the Well of Fate, summoning piglins along the way and throwing his spears.

The Hero comes towards the Well of Fate for the final battle, and the Overworld's freedom from the piglins. While trying to break the Well of Fate, the Great Hog notices the Hero approaching it. He stops his rampaging to the Well of Fate to face the hero, and begins to charge at them. After a ferocious and long battle between him and the Hero, the Great Hog is weakened by the overworld allied mobs. The Great Hog defeats most of the mobs by attacking them, knocking them back and with all his remaining strength. As a last resort, he tries to destroy the Well of Fate by throwing his staff towards it, but the magic inside the staff backfires- causing a massive nether rift to appear in the sky. After the rift opened, all of the piglins in the overworld begin to get sucked into it, all of them now being sent back into the nether. The Great Hog then finally collapses in defeat.


The Great Hog spawns at the Well of Fate after successfully defeating The Devourer, The Unbreakable and The Beast, alongside a massive base containing elements of all three hordes. The Great Hog appears near the Well itself, surrounded by a wall with gates.



The Great Hog will idle around in the Well of Fate until attacked by allied mobs.


Spear Throw

  • The Great Hog throws three spears at enemies, with range similar to a Redstone Launcher.

Ring of Fire

  • The Great Hog smashes the tips of his spear and staff into the ground, creating a ring of fire around himself that sets enemies that contact it on fire.

Spinning Charge

  • The Great Hog charges in a straight line while spinning around, with his staff emitting purple light during the move. Used three times in a row.

Spear Swipe

  • The Great Hog raises his staff onto the air and swipes at nearby enemies, causing damage and knockback.

Staff Smash

  • The Great Hog smashes his staff into the ground, causing nearby enemies to be knocked back.

Energy Staff Smash

  • The Great Hog smashes his staff into the ground, causing blocks nearby to emit purple lightning textures for about two seconds, alongside stunning and damaging enemies.


Idle A
Idle B
Idle C
Idle D
Idle E
Walk (Vocal)
Enemy Spotted
Battle Cry
Breathe In
Breather Out
Chants B
Attack Spin Windup
Attack Spin A
Attack Spin B
Attack Spin C
Attack Summon
Attack Ranged Windup
Attack Ranged Attack
File:Piglin greathog dx attack melee a windup 01.wavAttack Melee Windup A
Attack Melee Attack A
Attack Melee Windup B
Attack Melee Attack B
Attack Bash Up
Attack Bash Impact
Attack Bash Windup
Idle Axe Spark
Spin Charge Attack 1
Spin Charge Attack 2
Spin Charge Attack 3
Spin Attack Windup
Ranged Attack Impact
Ranged Attack 1 Projectile
Ranged Attack 2 Projectile
Ranged Attack 3 Projectile
Ranged Attack Windup Throw
Ranged Attack Windup Catch
Melee Attack A
Melee Attack A Windup
Melee Attack B
Melee Attack B Windup
Geyser Attack Intro
Geyser Attack Summon
Geyser Attack Fire
Geyser Attack Impact
Geyser Attack Outro
Bash Attack
Bash Attack Windup
Bash Attack Windup Weapon Impact Large
Bash Attack Windup Weapon Impact Medium
Walk (Foley)
Fly Impact
Fly Medium
Fly Short


Icon Achievement In-game description Actual requirements (if different) Gamerscore earned Trophy type (PS)
Defender of the Overworld
Defeat The Great Hog.60GGold
Legendary Hero
Defeat the campaign on Legendary.100GGold
No Time for Swine
Defeat 1,000 piglins in a single world.40GSilver


Minecraft Legends
TU01.17.24827The Great Hog Render MCL Added The Great Hog.
1.17.44512The player's sword attack now deals very small damage against The Great Hog.


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