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The Devourer rules over the Horde of the Spore from their wretched royal soup-bath. They are feared for their ferocity and their insatiable hunger to consume anything in sight - runt, mob and villager alike.


The Devourer is the piglin leader of the Horde of the Spore, and one of the secondary antagonists and boss units of Minecraft Legends.


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Before the events of the game. The Great Hog summoned all his horde generals to his planning map table where the Devourer watches as the the Beast raises its arm up to give it a Horde of the Hunt banner then the Great Hog takes it and smashes it to a place in the map. The Beast nods in agreement and sends piglins towards the portal, the Great Hog then laughs menacingly.

Foresight afterwards senses the evil of the Great Hog and its generals coming for the Overworld where Foresight proceeds to tell Action and Knowledge to come with it to the Overworld to investigate the nether portal. They then recruit the Hero to stop the piglins and the Great Hog and his generals.

After the Hero defeats multiple Piglin Outposts we cut to the Nether where see the Devourer and the Unbreakable watches the Great Hog choking the Beast then he throws the Beast towards a wall. The Great Gog afterwards calls upon the Seer and the Great Hog points towards a place in the map, the Seer then asks four piglins to bring it a beacon, after the piglins bring the beacon to the Seer it corrupts it with the Orb of Dominance. The Seer tells the three piglins to place the corrupted beacon on top of the nether portal within the Night Beacon. After the Hero successfully destroys the night beacon a piglin comes through the nether portal and rushed towards the Great Hog and his generals to tell them the night beacon was destroyed. After telling them it was destroyed the Great Hog gets angry and with his generals proceeds to catch the piglin and presumably kills it. The Devourer and the other generals return to their respective horde bases.

During the war the Hero successfully destroys a piglin outpost with a nether portal in it. We then cut back to the Nether where we see the Devourer in a soup bath eating spores, Overworld food and animals, a piglin approaches the Devourer to tell it that the Hero successfully destroyed a portal but it is too busy eating and a piglin with a purple flower approaches it and eats the flower along with the piglin carrying it, the Devourer spits out a spore and the piglin from the destroyed Nether portal catches it and admires then a group of piglins pile on the piglin trying to steal it. We then cut back to the Devourer eating and laughing.

Once again the Hero successfully destroys a piglin outpost with a nether portal in it and a piglin approaches the Devourer which it is still eating in the soup bath. The piglin gets the attention of the Devourer and it roars at it and the piglin tells the Devourer what has happened and the Devourer calls upon three Sporebacks and the Devourer tells one Sporeback to pluck an explosive mushroom from its back and throw it causing piglins near the mushroom to be flinged into the air. The Devourer then tells the same Sporeback to give it one explosive mushroom, the Devourer proceeds to eat this mushroom causing it to be flinged into the air a bit and smoke to come out of its mouth and nose. The Devourer then tells the three Sporebacks to go the Overworld.

The Devourer rised from its soup bath and jumped towards a clear field where a group of piglins are and it rallied those piglins and the piglins cheered on. Meanwhile in the Overworld the Hero successfully destroyed the Horde of the Spore's final piglin outpost with nether portal and a injured piglin went back into the nether with bandages and tried to get the Devourer attention to tell it that the another nether portal had been destroyed, but the piglin was not successful as the Devourer was still rallying it's troops, after the Devourer rallied its piglins it puked on them, afterwards it charged into the portal the injured piglin was near, entering into it, though one of the devourer's pink spores fell onto the the injured piglin's back, causing the piglin to try to eat it. The Devourer then comes through the portal and into the Overworld though it struggled to get a out of the portal for a bit. Once the Devourer was out of the portal it noticed one of its pink spores are missing so it grew it back. The Hero travels to the piglin outpost to defeat the Devourer, after a ferocious and long battle the Hero weakened the Devourer, it starts puking everywhere, before all of the spores on its back combust and explode. It then falls over backwards and lets out one final burp. The base's portal self-destructs shortly afterward.


Once all of the Horde of the Spore's bases have been destroyed, a final base will appear, with The Devourer inside.

The Devourer appears on a platfrom about a third of the way to the portal. At approximately 70% and 30% HP, The Devourer will use Rocket Pustle to retreat to a platform about two-thirds of the way up and at the portal, respectively.


Once The Devourer is defeated, it will always drop the following:


The Devourer attacks any allied mobs it sees within range. When the Devourer is not being attacked it will idle around the platform it is currently in. While using its spitting attack the Devourer's tusks will be replaced by its cheeks and its mouth becomes wider. Once its health is down to about 70% and 30% it will beat its chest and use rocket pustle to propel itself towards another platform in the base.


The Devourer when attacked by grindstone golems will stun it where it looks up into the sky and groans.


The Devourer performing its spitting attack in game.

The Devourer performing its spitting attack in game.

Melee Smash

  • The Devourer raises its arms before slamming them on the ground, damaging anyone close to it.


  • The Devourer stands still for a moment in preparation, and then spits a glob of goo at its target, with a range similar to a redstone launcher.


  • The Devourer stands still for a bit then groans looking towards the sky then damages every mob near it killing them instantly.

Pustule Spew

  • The Devourer bends down to charge up the attack, after which the cyst on its back spews green liquid around it in a circle, damaging nearby targets.

Rocket Pustle

  • The Devourer beats its chest with its arms and sits down, before the cysts on its back explodes and sends it flying deeper into the base. This move is only used after The Devourer is brought to 70% and 40% HP.


  • The Devourer vomits three times in succession, damaging any close-range targets in front of it.


Flop Landing
Jump Launch Swelling
Jump Launch
Walk Roar
Jump Landing
Big Jump Landing
Big Jump Hard Landing
Big Jump Soft Landing
Big Jump Landing Verb
Big Jump Verb
Idle Hunch Balloon
Idle Roar
Idle Hunch
Idle Spores
Breathe In
Breathe Out
Chest Beat
Short Aggro Roar
Enemy Spotted
Arm Land
Attack Vomit (Foley)
Attack Vomit Projectile
Attack Vomit Spit
Attack Vomit Stop
Attack Vomit Windup
Attack Vomit (Vocal)
Attack Vomit Wipe
Attack Spores Build
Attack Spores Explode
Attack Spores (Foley)
Attack Spore Windup
Attack Spore (Vocal)
Attack Spit Windup
Attack Spit
Attack Melee
Attack Melee Windup A
Attack Melee A


Minecraft Legends
TU01.17.24827The Devourer MCL Added The Devourer.
1.17.44512The player's sword attack now deals very small damage against The Devourer.


Icon Achievement In-game description Actual requirements (if different) Gamerscore earned Trophy type (PS)
More Than It Could Chew
Defeat The Devourer. 40GSilver
No Time for Swine
Defeat 1,000 piglins in a single world. 40GSilver


  • In the game files, the Devourer is referred to internally by the name RotterBoss.
  • The Devourer is Known to be a Zombiefied piglin along with it Horde and brought back to life by the Seer Magic
  • The Devourer Can be cannibal and the Minecraft Piglins will hunt hoglins and collect there drop Porkchop and could Eat it.




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