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The Beast's ferocious speed is only matched by their petulance and pride. But more than anything, this piglin lives for the hunt.


The Beast is the piglin leader of the Horde of the Hunt, and one of the secondary antagonists and boss units of Minecraft Legends.


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Before the events of the game. The Great Hog summoned all his horde generals to his planning map table where the Beast raises its arm up to give it a Horde of the Hunt banner then the Great Hog takes it and smashes it to a place in the map. The Beast nods in agreement and sends piglins towards the portal, the Great Hog then laughs menacingly.

Foresight afterwards senses the evil of the Great Hog and its generals coming for the Overworld where Foresight proceeds to tell Action and Knowledge to come with it to the Overworld to investigate the nether portal. They then recruit the Hero to stop the piglins and the Great Hog and his generals.

After the Hero defeats multiple Piglin Outposts we cut to the Nether where see the 2 horde generals watches as the Great Hog was choking the Beast then he throws the Beast towards a wall. The Great Gog afterwards calls upon the Seer and the Great Hog points towards a place in the map, the Seer then asks four piglins to bring it a beacon, after the piglins bring the beacon to the Seer it corrupts it with the Orb of Dominance. The Seer tells the three piglins to place the corrupted beacon on top of the nether portal within the Night Beacon. After the Hero successfully destroys the night beacon a piglin comes through the nether portal and rushed towards the Great Hog and his generals to tell them the night beacon was destroyed. After telling them it was destroyed the Great Hog gets angry and with his generals proceeds to catch the piglin and presumably kills it. The Beast and the other generals return to their respective horde bases.

During the war the Hero successfully destroys a piglin outpost with a nether portal. Meanwhile in the nether we see the Beast chasing the Ancient Hoglin and several hoglins with Pigmadillos and Seekers shooting blaze rods at it. A piglin from the destroyed piglin outpost returns to the Nether with a broken Horde of the Hunt banner and runs towards the Beast, seeing the Beast shouts at it telling it about the defeat but the Beast hits the piglin with its hammer and the piglin gets trampled by the piglins following the Beast. The piglin is then saddened by the fact their leader is oblivious that they were defeated in a battle.

Once again the Hero successfully destroys a piglin outpost with a nether portal we see the piglin from earlier that was whacked by the Beast being angry and complaining to the Seer that the Beast doesn't know their defeat while the Beast and pigmadillos are still chasing the group of hoglins. The Seer summons a purple shockwave that gets the attention of the Beast and the pigmadillos forcing them to stop their pursuit of the hoglins. The Seer orders the Beast and pigmadillos to go to the Overworld but the Beast only sends the pigmadillos and the Beast with a few remaining pigmadillos continue their pursuit of the hoglins. The Seer is angered by this.

Once again after the Hero destroyed another piglin outpost with a nether portal the Beast is still pursuing the Ancient Hoglin with pigmadillos but the Seer steps in and with its magic let's the Ancient Hoglin escape ands sends the Beast and pigmadillos to the direction of the nether portal and they enter the Overworld. Once in the Overworld a pigmadillo gets scared and the Beast tries to whack the pigmadillo but it turns to a ball and escapes the Beast's hammer. The Beast and its army of piglins run towards a Village.

Once near the village the piglins blow on their Piglin Invasion Horn making their presence known and the villagers cower in fear, after a ferocious and long battle the Hero and allied Overworld mobs weaken the Beast and it's bone mask falls off, revealing that the beast was actually riding a warboar and was not a centaur. The warboar then proceeds to buck the Beast into the sky before plummeting down upon the warboar, crushing it beneath it's rider's weight. Immediately afterwards, the Beast's Bone Cudgel hits the Beast's on the head, thus defeating the Beast's.


Once all of the Horde of the Hunt's bases have been destroyed, The Beast will begin appearing in the Horde's village attacks. Its HP saves from each encounter, but it will retreat either when the village fountain is destroyed or shortly before the night ends.


Once The Beast is defeated, it will always drop the followng:


The Beast attacks villages at night. If the timer runs out without killing the Beast, it will disappear and attack another village the next night. The Beast can get stunned if grindstone golems attack it.



  • The Beast points in a certain direction, rears up, and charges in that direction for a long distance, instantly destroying any buildings in its way without protection. This attack leaves it exhausted and immobile for a few seconds afterward.


  • The Beast roars before slamming its club on the ground, instantly destroying any buildings without protection and dealing about 17% damage to a Fountain.

Double Swing

  • The Beast rears up, holding its club, before swinging its club twice, instantly destroying any buildings without protection.


  • The Beast roars before slamming its club on the ground three times.


  • The Beast retreats to a point slightly outside the village, before spawning more piglins.


Idle B
Idle C
Idle C Left (Vocal)
Idle C Right
Idle C Left (Foley)
Idle C Right Back
Idle D Down
Idle D Up
Idle D Hit A
Idle D Hit B
Idle D Hit C
Idle D Look Left
Idle D Weapon Up A
Idle D Weapon Up B
Idle D In
Idle D Out
Breathe In
Breathe Out
Enemy Spotted
Walk (Vocal)
Walk (Foley)
Tired Exit
Melee Pre-Swing
Melee Swing Double
Attack Swipe Windup
Attack Swipe (Vocal)
Attack Swipe (Foley)
Attack Smash Windup
Attack Smash Roar
Attack Smash
Melee Smash
Melee Smash Impact
Attack Charge Windup
Attack Charge
Attack Directional Windup
Attack Directional


Icon Achievement In-game description Actual requirements (if different) Gamerscore earned Trophy type (PS)
Became the Hunted
Defeat The Beast. 40GSilver
No Time for Swine
Defeat 1,000 piglins in a single world. 40GSilver


Minecraft Legends
TU01.17.24827The Beast Render MCL Added The Beast.
1.17.44512The player's sword attack now deals very small damage against The Beast.


  • The Beast wields the Bone Cudgel from Minecraft Dungeons, though its appearance has small differences.
  • The Beast's legs are connected to the hoglin's tusks.
    • The Beast controls the hoglin by using its legs to tug on the hoglin's tusks to tell which direction it should go.
  • Despite the fight takes place at night, the Hoglin's eyes still remain white instead of being red.
  • The Beast Hunting Pride Passed onto the Minecraft Piglins keeping the hunt on Hoglins around the nether.



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