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The story in Return of the Piglins treats the happenings in Minecraft Legends as if they are just that: legends. These are things that happened so long ago that the stories about them are iffy and impossible to confirm but still fill the people of the present with both cautionary tales and hopeful heroics. In a way, it was freeing because I didn’t have to attach my story directly to Minecraft Legends. I got to treat it not as dictation but inspiration. That’s kind of how regular Minecraft players can approach Minecraft Legends too, I’d think.

Matt Forbeck, author of Minecraft Legends: Return of the Piglins[1]

Minecraft Legends: Return of the Piglins is a Minecraft Legends novel. It is authored by Matt Forbeck and was published by Random House Worlds on March 7, 2023.[2] An audiobook was released the same day, with narration provided by Sean Patrick Hopkins.[2]

The novel is set after the events of the game, acting as a sequel, however, the author was told by an unidentified employee that it was not considered canon.[3] That being said, however, no further details regarding this matter is currently known, therefore the canonical status of the book is still debatable.


Farnum dreams of running a famous zoo. But though the mobs he keeps are adorable, none of them draws anything close to a crowd. Farnum needs something strange and new—but he’s the furthest thing from an adventurer. It takes a lot of convincing from his friends, but Farnum finally takes a chance and goes with them to explore a lush new biome... which is how he ends up falling down a waterfall and washing up in front of a mysterious purple portal.

Kritten has advised many powerful piglins. Few have been as fearsome or demanding as the Great Bungus. If Kritten wants their head to stay on their shoulders, the pint-sized piglin advisor is going to need to find their clan more land. And fast. At their most desperate point, they discover a cavern filled with ancient piglin carvings, depicting a legend that may have all the answers they’re looking for. Once upon a time, three fabled piglin hordes left the Nether behind and made war on the Overworld. And Kritten thinks they might just have a way to do the same now. All they need is the help of someone in the Overworld foolish enough to trust them... someone like Farnum.

Together, zookeeper and piglin are about to carve out a legend of their own. And the Overworld may never be the same![2]



Character Section
Farnum Yes
Grinchard Yes
Mycra Yes
Cow Yes
Creeper Yes
Donkey Yes
Ender Dragon Mentioned only
Fox Yes
Great Bungus Yes
Great Grungert Yes
Great Kritten Yes
Great Uggub Yes
Hoglin Yes
Piglin Yes
Rabbit Yes
Reynard Yes
Sheep Yes
Skeleton Yes
Turtle Yes
Zoglin Yes