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A Piglin Base is a piglin structure that can be found within Minecraft Legends.


Piglin bases generate in groups of three, or five (depending on difficulty), each group with it's own horde type, and each base with a difficulty level from easy to medium to hard, with three types of the hordes in total. They can be located with on your map, with a nether portal icon. and are destroyed when the portal in the middle is destroyed. Once destroyed, all piglins will vanish along with most of the structures at that outpost.

If the maximum amount of Piglin bases is reached (three to five per horde depending on difficulty), and a base tries to build another one, the Piglins will "make an error" and damage it.


Piglin bases will sometimes upgrade itself during the nighttime. If a piglin base successfully upgrades itself, it will become stronger and get more structures. If a base attempting to upgrade itself is disturbed by attacking it, destroying it or staying near it will cause the base not to be successful at upgrading.

Types of Bases[]

Outpost Type Style Structure
Horde of Bastion Stronghold Defensive Walls around the portal, attack structures strategically placed
Horde of The Hunt Stronghold Offensive Various attack structures spread out, so prepare to be surprised
Horde of The Spore Stronghold Area and Spores-related Tall netherrack elevations that you access through ramps and ramp over to the next elevation



Minecraft Legends
1.17.24827Added Piglin Bases.



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