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This article is about the portal within the piglin bases of Minecraft Legends. For the portal to The Nether within the original game, see nether portal.
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PORTAL – At the centre of every piglin base stands a portal. These imposing structures are a direct link to the Nether and are used to transport armies of piglins to join their invasion of the Overworld. Once a portal is destroyed, the whole base will fall.

Minecraft Legends:
A Hero's Guide to Saving the Overworld

A Nether Portal,[2] also known as a Portal[1] and an Obsidian portal,[3] is a piglin structure that can be found within the various piglin outposts of Minecraft Legends.


Nether Portals spawn within piglin bases.


Nether Portals allow the piglins to travel from the nether to the overworld.


Icon Achievement In-game description Actual requirements (if different) Gamerscore earned Trophy type (PS)
Are These Made of Nether Wart?
Destroy 250 piglin buildings in a single world. 40G


Minecraft Legends
TU01.17.24827Added Nether Portals.



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