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The Horde of the Bastion are elite defenders renowned for their strength and barbarity. Getting past their defenses is a battle in itself.


The Horde of the Bastion is a Horde of Piglins led by The Unbreakable within Minecraft Legends.


Of the three hordes, the Horde of the Bastion has the most fortified bases, which typically consist of multiple layers of walls containing a few Gates surrounding the Nether Portal, with Piglin Pits, Blaze Rod Towers, Nether Spreaders, and other defenses spread around the base and between the walls.

At higher tiers, the Horde's bases include more types of buildings, including Patchers, Siegeworks, and Spike Towers, alongside lava moats that require building a Ramp to cross. One of their bases will also incorporate Lava Coils.

Typically, the Horde of the Bastion prefers to upgrade its bases at night.


During the Return of the Piglins, a novel set during the modern Minecraft era, the character Kritten mentions a clan of piglins who enjoy constructing structures intended to collapse in on themselves. Presumably, they are the descendants of the Horde of the Bastion.

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