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1.17.49848 (Windows, Xbox, Steam, Playstation) or 1.17.50310 (Nintendo Switch), also known as the August Update and Title Update 1, is a major[1] update for Minecraft Legends released on August 16, 2023[2], which introduces a variety of gameplay improvements.


  • The types of available world map markers have been expanded to allow for more descriptive communication.
    • On the Map screen you may cycle through the four types of markers:
      • Attack (eg: “Let’s attack at the Orange Base!”)
      • Defend (eg: “Let’s defend at the Blue Base!”)
      • Gather (eg: “Let’s gather at the swamp biome!”)
      • Default (eg: “PLAYER NAME has pinged the swamp biome.”)
    • New map marker messages will be displayed in the chat log to help attract your teammates' attention
  • A new UI feature has been added beside the hot bar when placing a structure which allows players to communicate several important phrases. A player can:
    • Say that they intend to build the selected structure
    • Request that a teammate build the selected structure
    • Quickly say “Yes” or “No”
  • Players who wish to play in a certain style can now select from several presets to convey that intent to their fellow team members. Selecting a role doesn’t impact gameplay, but it’s a good way to tell your team what you intend to do in the upcoming match. Roles include:
    • Builder: Focused on building and defending your home base
    • Explorer: Scouting piglins or the enemy team for information and gathering resources for your team
    • Fighter: Primarily focused on attacking the enemy team
    • Piglin Hunter: Focused on gathering Prismarine from Piglin bases
    • Flexible (Default): A flexible role with no specific goal in mind
  • Three new accolades can now be awarded to players at the end of a match:
    • Prismarine Pillager - Awarded to the player who collected the most Prismarine
    • Fantastic Fortifier - Awarded to the player who built the most walls
    • Runts’ Worst Nightmare - Awarded to the player who defeated the most piglins
Game Options
  • Added Custom Campaign and Custom Versus modes to give players more freedom and control over their game experience.
    • These new modes allow you to customize a whole range of different settings that can result in a completely different spin on the game.
    • When choosing a custom campaign, you will skip over the tutorial and prologue and start immediately in the main campaign when the piglin invasion is in full swing.
    • Most settings can be changed between saves. The only exceptions are for settings that must be set when the world is created such as world size or starting resources.
    • Custom game options are also available in private versus matches. Invite your friends and craft your ideal match!
  • Available settings are:
    • World: Change the overall size of the world, the number of rare resource veins, and bonus settings like gravity, knockback, and fall damage.
    • Resources: The amount of resources you start with and the max number you can hold. Includes a bonus challenging option that makes you lose a % of resources when a player character dies.
    • Player: Change your character's health and damage or give them bonuses like always on speed, jump, or invulnerability.
    • Player Tools: Change your mob & structure health, damage, and construction speed. You can unlock all melodies for use or even restrict some melodies from being used in a game (e.g. no creepers, no redstone launcher, etc).
    • Piglins: Change the amount of health & damage of piglin units, structures, and bosses.
Auto lure
  • A new gameplay option has been added that makes mobs automatically follow the player after being spawned
  • This feature can be enabled in the Controller Settings and Keyboard/Mouse Settings screens by turning on “Auto luring”
Mob refund
  • The player now has the ability to refund lured mobs at any player-built mob spawner
    • This allows the player to remove mobs from their spawned army one at a time and replace them with different mobs. The resource price of the spawned mob will be refunded back to the player directly into their resources
    • Mobs the player finds around the world cannot be refunded
Structure health bars
  • Player and Piglin structure health bars are now visible in Banner View
    • Only structures that are in range of Banner View will have health bars visible
    • The last game update made enemy structure health visible, but now your own structures also show health bars
    • Only structures that are in range of the Redstone Launcher will have health bars visible
  • Piglin structures hit by the player sword will display their health bar for a short time
  • The most recent Piglin structure in range of the player that has been damaged by player mobs will display its health bar for a short time
    • If player mobs are actively attacking two structures, whichever the player is closest to will have its health bar displayed
Mob health bars
  • Piglin health bars are now visible while using the Redstone Launcher
  • You can now pet animals by pressing and holding the “Pet Animal” button when you are beside them.
    • Added new animations for the animals.
Fall damage
  • Players, their mounts, and their mobs fall a greater distance before taking fall damage. This results in fewer frustrating, fall-related deaths
  • Reduced time interval between structures being upgraded by the Stone Mason
    • Structures do not upgrade faster, but the time between a structure finishing the upgrade and the next starting has been reduced
    • This is further reduced with the Well of Fate mason upgrade
Mob combat
  • The combat effectiveness of player mobs and piglin units has been updated. These changes were done to make each unit more unique and effective on the battlefield and to better highlight the differences between each unit
    • Individual golems have more unique roles on the battlefield, and players will have to be more careful that they pick the right mob to counter specific piglin units or structures
Banner view
  • The banner view visuals have been updated to provide the player with a more accurate representation of where their mobs will go when given a banner view order
    • Mob pathfinding has been improved so that they are more reliable in getting to their predicted destination
  • Banner view presentation has been completely overhauled
    • Aiming with banner view now presents a rectangle path that better reflects the actual width of the path mobs will follow. This change is intended to better align player expectations with the mob’s pathfinding reality
    • The mob navigable rectangle updates its position in near-real time to better communicate where mobs will actually end up after being given an order, while still maintaining the independent targeting reticle for ranged mobs
    • When either Charge or Focus Target is activated, confirmation dotted lines and arrows appear briefly before fading out - those show the projected path that mobs will navigate
    • Blue flags that were placed at the end of the banner view path have been removed to improve visual clarity of banner view use
Resource visibility
  • Rare resource deposits in the world will now glow, or gleam, occasionally to make them easier to spot when moving through the world
  • Improved Map legend to more accurately communicate which resources can be found in which biome
User interface
  • A new welcome message now appears that details new content when first logging in after applying a patch
  • New menus and options to set up a Custom Game in Campaign and Versus Mode
  • The Lost Legends tab in Marketplace has been vastly improved! Players can now see the latest monthly legend and reward, as well as a list of previous Lost Legends
  • Improvements to the visibility of icons on the compass
  • Streamlined the length of the prologue to almost half what it used to be by removing some repetitive beats and unnecessary travel.
  • Fast travel is now enabled for all the villages once the player defeats the first group of piglins at the village in the prologue
  • Updated piglin compositions throughout the prologue to better highlight the strengths and weaknesses of the player’s golems compared to the various piglin units
  • Updated prologue objective messages to better guide players and highlight what roles the starter golems fill on the battlefield
  • Updated the tooltips for mob spawners to better show the strengths and weaknesses of all the different player mobs
  • Added mob descriptions while using Type Select in banner view to better show the strengths and weaknesses of player mobs
  • The carpenter hut flow in the prologue has received a lot of polish and now dynamically reacts to the player’s actions and guides them to complete the objective more consistently
  • The banner view tutorial during the Piglin Outposts beat in the prologue has been updated to better guide players through the different functions of banner view
  • The player's objectives in the prologue are now highlighted with beacons of light that can be seen from anywhere in the world. This makes it easier to find these locations
  • Prologue objectives now have an identifying decal and beacon on the world map to better guide the player to their locations
  • Flashing icons on the compass no longer fade out on the edges of the compass. This makes it easier to track and follow those icons
  • A large arrow is now shown on the right or the left of the compass depending on where the flashing icon is in relation to the player’s position. This helps players know which way to turn to find these locations
  • The flashing icons’ outlines have been thickened to improve visibility
  • The flashing icons’ animation has been improved to improve visibility
  • The middle arrow in the compass now becomes larger when underneath a flashing icon to better indicate to players that this is the direction they need to go
  • Players’ map markers on the compass will pulse after exiting the map screen to improve their visibility
  • Updated the videos and descriptions for several tutorials
  • Added a new tutorial for the new Mob Refund feature
  • Players who have not completed the tutorial and attempt to join a co-op session are now prompted with a pop-up to suggest they finish the tutorial first before joining a co-op game
  • A timer has been added on-screen during the “Build Defenses” objective to help communicate the amount of time left until the piglin attack begins


  • Improved mob behavior around ledges and cliffs to reduce the frequency of mobs accidentally falling or getting lost
  • Mobs can no longer forcibly or accidentally push each other off ledges
  • They will follow players down jumps that are within mob fall height
  • Creepers detonate more reliably on their assigned target when given orders by the player
  • A message now appears when players are approaching the structure limit (MCLG-288)
  • Fixed village chests sometimes missing in some villages (MCLG-52)
  • Allays no longer get stuck building steep ramps (MCLG-361)