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The Minecraft Hour of Code is a campaign in which players can learn basic programming. It was created in November 16, 2015.[1]

On November 1, 2018, a new version of Minecraft Hour of Code was released.[2]


Hour of Code is focused on introducing basic programming skills in a simple, accessible way. It was created by Mojang Studios and Microsoft. The Minecraft Hour of Code takes about 1 hour to complete and will introduce the player to programming logic like Repeat Loops and If Statements. The tutorial is designed for ages six and up, and the player can choose to play as either Steve or Alex. It does not need to be downloaded or installed, and it is completely free.


The player can pick one of three scenarios. First, the player will have the option to watch a short video, and then the player will be able to begin. In each scenario, there is an objective for the player to complete in order to complete the first level. There are 12 - 14 levels in each scenario, which are more complex the higher the level. The final level is always a freestyle level, in which the player can do whatever they want.


There are 3 scenarios in Minecraft Hour of Code: Minecraft: Hero's Journey, Minecraft Designer, and Minecraft Adventurer.

In Minecraft: Hero's Journey, there is an agent in every level. The player can program the agent to help Steve in the levels. For example, in the first level, the game tells the player how to move the agent to a pressure plate, which will open an iron door for Steve, so that he can escape from a tiny house that he's in. Minecraft: Hero's Journey has 12 levels.

In Minecraft Designer, the player must perform in action on an mob, or have the mob perform an action, in order to complete the level. In higher levels, the player has to spawn mobs in a certain way. Minecraft Designer, like Minecraft: Hero's Journey, has 12 levels.

Minecraft Adventurer is the remaining scenario for Minecraft Hour of Code. In this scenario, the player must perform certain actions that interact with the world around them, such as shearing a sheep, planting crops, or building a house. This scenario, unlike the previous two, as 14 levels.

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