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Notes: Data values
Viler Witch
Viler Witch.png
Health points

30♥ × 15



Attack strength

Lingering Potion of Harming:
Lingering Potion of Poison (maximum duration): duration varies with proximity
1♥ per 0.72 sec
Poison for 11 sec (♥♥♥♥)

Hitbox size

Height: 1.95 blocks
Width: 0.6 blocks

Give this witch some space, or prepare to be in the splash zone. It is not a fun zone to be in.

Player Journal Description

The Viler Witch is a more devious-looking variant of the witch found only in Minecraft Earth.


Viler witches are a more devious-looking variant of the witch, they are also noticeably bigger than the normal witch. They are often seen wearing a wide dark-greyish witch hat, just like normal witches would look like, and a dark blue-black tattered robe with grey stripes on the end of their shoulder sleeves, black around the end of its sleeves, a stylized grey pattern on the front, and the ends of the robe ripped. It is also noticeable that the robe's collar covers their neck upwards. It also wears dark-purple boots. Unlike normal witches, their wart is not flesh-toned, rather it is deep dark purple in color.


The Viler Witch can be obtained as a reward in Season 12. They are a rare mob drop obtained from stone tappables. To get it in Season 12, the player must drink milk twice in adventures. They can also be obtained as a reward in Season 17.


Viler witches act similarly to normal witches, but they are also able to use lingering potions of harming and poison in combat. They will usually drink an invisibility potion before attacking, and will drink a potion of healing if hurt. They are also immune to poison and damage from harming potions. Their hat is also observed to float above its head every time the viler witch uses a lingering potion, differing it from normal witches.

Data values[edit]


NameNamespaced IDNumeric ID
Viler Witch??


When killed, viler witches can drop:


Minecraft Earth
0.28.0Viler Witch.png Added viler witches.


  • Its journal entry reveals that viler witches spawn in dark forests.