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Since the beginning of Minecraft Earth's development, there were a number of features added to the game that had no actual use in-game. Some of these features were removed in an update, or were left over from removed features, or were only mentioned in teasers, trailers, or promotional materials, or were simply placeholders for other features. The features are as follows in alphabetical order:


Goodbye poster[]

These mobs appear on the goodbye poster[1] from the Minecraft Earth twitter account, but were not present in the game.

Pink moobloom[]

Main article: MCE:Pink Moobloom
link=https://minecraft.fandom.com/wiki/File:Pink Moobloom.png

The pink moobloom was an earlier version of the moolip that was later removed from the game files. The pink moobloom is, like its name suggests, a pink recolor of the moobloom. Nothing else is different, with even the flowers on the back being the same except for color.

Magma cow[]

Main article: MCE:Magma Cow
link=https://minecraft.fandom.com/wiki/File:Magma Cow Concept Art 1.png

The magma cow is a scrapped mob that only has a few concept art pieces[2] to prove its existence. It did not appear in the game files.

Hyper rabbit[]

Main article: MCE:Hyper Rabbit
link=https://minecraft.fandom.com/wiki/File:Hyper Rabbit Concept Art 1.png

The hyper rabbit is a scrapped mob that, like the magma cow, only has a few concept art pieces to prove its existence. It also did not appear in the game files.

Reverse chicken jockey[]

The reverse chicken jockey is a scrapped jockey or mob. It was part of Mattel Minecraft Earth series 19.

Not present in the journal[]

These items could be obtained, but they did not appear in the Journal.


Spawn Eggs[]

link=https://minecraft.fandom.com/wiki/File:Wooly Cow spawn egg (MCE).png

The wooly cow spawn egg can be found next to the Wooly Cow texture in the game files. It is the only inventory icon representing a spawn egg that can be found.

Cluckshroom Spawn Egg.pngHorned Sheep Spawn Egg.pngJumbo Rabbit Spawn Egg.pngMoobloom Spawn Egg.png Spawn egg textures for Cluckshrooms, Horned Sheep, Jumbo Rabbits and Mooblooms can also be found next to each mob's texture in the game files.

One of the game's artists also shared the inventory icons of several unimplemented spawn eggs:

Old Experience reward[]

link=https://minecraft.fandom.com/wiki/File:Experience Reward old (MCE).png

This is the old icon for the experience orb. It was replaced but remained present in the game files.

Menu icons[]

Three unused menu icons are present in the game files. The first two are the old icons for Settings and Adventures, but the third, Skilltree, seems to be a placeholder for the seasons.

Planned items[]

Due to Minecraft Earth shutting down, a lot of items never made it into the game. Some already had an inventory texture that went unused.

Minecraft Earth: Apple WWDC Gameplay Reveal[]

During the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference of 2019[3], an early version of Minecraft Earth was showcased. Some of the items or mobs that were shown didn't make their way into the game or were changed since.

Player head[]

link=https://minecraft.fandom.com/wiki/File:Minecraft Earth Player Head.png

A player head is present in Saxs Persson's inventory. It is unknown who the head belongs to.


link=https://minecraft.fandom.com/wiki/File:Plains Armorer.png

A blacksmith villager can be seen on the top of the tower. They couldn't be obtained in the game and were absent from the files.

Baby mobs[]

A baby muddy pig can be seen at the end of the presentation. In Minecraft Earth you cannot spawn a baby mob, even if you throw a chicken egg an adult chicken will hatch instead of a baby one.

One of the game's artists also shared the inventory icons of several unimplemented baby mobs:

Other items[]

Other smaller items seen in the events are:

Texture changes[]

Mob of Me[]

link=https://minecraft.fandom.com/wiki/File:Agent Spawn Egg BE1.png

The mob of me summoned in the event has the agent spawn egg texture instead of its inventory icon.