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Minecraft Earth was discontinued due to outdoor restrictions as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. 
It can no longer be downloaded or played, but the contents of this page are kept for historical interest.

The chest that symbolised the inventory

A tappable was an object on the map in Minecraft Earth that a player tapped several times to extract items that went into the inventory.

Types and rarity[]

The tappables encountered within the player's reach radius were any of:

  • Chest
  • Grass
  • Pond
  • Stone
  • Animals: Chicken, Cow, Pig, Sheep
  • Trees: Birch, Oak, Spruce

Each tappable contained items that were collected in the player's inventory. Up to three different blocks or items from the following lists were able to be collected from each tappable. There were five tiers of rarity for all blocks, items, and mobs available in tappables. The rarity was identified by the colored outline around the item.

  • Common = gray
  • Uncommon = green
  • Rare = blue
  • Epic = purple
  • Legendary = yellow

Chest tappables[]

Chest tappables contained resources that were either crafted or unobtainable through other tappables. They also contained high tiered loot from adventures. Up to three unique items appeared from a Chest tappable.

Item Rarity % drop chance Amount
Adventure Crystal Common.png Adventure Crystal Common common 62 1-4
Acacia Wood Planks uncommon 17.4 1-5
Beetroot Seeds common 10.3 1-2
Bricks uncommon
Bone Meal common 2.2 1
Brown Dye common 0.7 1
Bucket rare 1.6 1
Bucket of Mud rare 0.6 1
Clay Ball common 29.6 1-8
Clay Block common 5.8 1-2
Cobblestone Wall common 0.1 2
Cobweb uncommon 0.3 1
Cocoa Beans common 22.5 1-2
Flint and Steel rare
Flower Pot uncommon 3 1
Glass uncommon 3 2-4
Glowstone Dust common 0.1 3
Gunpowder common 2.5 1-3
Ink Sac common 19.6 1-2
Iron Bars rare 0.3 1
Iron Door rare
Lever common 1.3 1
Minecart epic 0.1 1
Mob of Me.png Mob of Me rare 0.1 1
Nether Quartz epic 1.2 1-4
Note Block rare 0.1 1
Oak Door common 1.4 1
Oak Fence common 9.3 1-2
Oak Fence Gate common 2.6 1
Oak Pressure Plate common 0.6 1
Oak Stairs common 2.8 1
Oak Wood Planks common 19 1-5
Oak Wood Slab common 3.9 1-2
Polished Andesite rare 13.6 1-2
Polished Andesite Slab rare 1.0 1
Polished Andesite Stairs rare 0.9 1
Polished Diorite rare 12.1 1-2
Polished Diorite Slab rare 0.4 1
Polished Diorite Stairs rare 0.7 1
Polished Granite rare 11.6 1-2
Polished Granite Slab rare 0.9 1
Polished Granite Stairs rare 0.7 1
Powered Rail rare 0.4 1-2
Rail rare 2.2 1-3
Redstone Lamp epic 0.4 1
Redstone Repeater epic 0.4 1
Redstone Torch epic 0.1 1
Slimeball common
Stone Bricks uncommon 0.3 1
TNT rare 0.7 1
Torch uncommon 2 1-5

Grass and Pond tappables[]

Blocks and items that were available:

Item Rarity
Acacia Sapling uncommon
Allium common
Azure Bluet common
Bold Striped Rabbit.png Bold Striped Rabbit uncommon
Buttercup common
Creeper.png Creeper common, pond
Coarse Dirt common
Dandelion common
Dirt common
Fern common
Freckled Rabbit.png Freckled Rabbit uncommon
Glow Squid MCE.png Glow Squid uncommon, pond
Grass common
Harelequin Rabbit.png Harelequin Rabbit uncommon
Jumbo Rabbit.png Jumbo Rabbit uncommon
Jungle Sapling rare
Lily of the Valley common
Lily Pad common
Melon Golem.png Melon Golem uncommon
Melon Seeds common
Muddy Foot Rabbit.png Muddy Foot Rabbit uncommon
Mycelium rare
Orange Tulip common
Oxeye Daisy common
Pumpkin uncommon
Pumpkin Seeds common
Pink Tulip common
Poppy common
Red Mushroom common
Red Tulip common
Rose Bush common
Salmon.png Salmon common, pond
Slime.png Slime common, pond
Squid.png Squid common, pond
Sugar Cane common
Sunflower common
Tropical Slime.png Tropical Slime rare, pond
Vested Rabbit.png Vested Rabbit uncommon
White Tulip common
Water Bucket rare
Witch.png Witch common

Stone tappable[]

Blocks and items that were available:

Item Rarity
Andesite uncommon
Brown Mushroom common
Cobblestone common
Diorite uncommon
Flint uncommon
Furnace Golem.png Furnace Golem rare
Granite uncommon
Gravel uncommon
Redstone common
Sand common
Skeleton.png Skeleton common
Skeleton Wolf.png Skeleton Wolf rare
Stone uncommon
Viler Witch.png Viler Witch rare

Tree tappables[]

There were three types of tree tappables, each of which yielded logs, leaves, and/or saplings which corresponded to the type of tree tapped:

Tree Item Rarity
Birch tree Birch Leaves
Birch Log
Birch Sapling
Oak tree Oak Leaves
Oak Log
Oak Sapling
Spider.png Spider
Spruce tree Spruce Leaves
Spruce Log
Spruce Sapling

Mob tappable[]

Tapping one of these mobs put the mob in the player's inventory. The player was able to place them on a buildplate.

Mob Item Rarity
Chicken Chicken.png Chicken common
Amber Chicken.png Amber Chicken uncommon
Midnight Chicken.png Midnight Chicken uncommon
Stormy Chicken.png Stormy Chicken uncommon
Bronzed Chicken.png Bronzed Chicken uncommon
Cluckshroom.png Cluckshroom rare
Fancy Chicken.png Fancy Chicken rare
Skewbald Chicken.png Skewbald Chicken uncommon
Gold Crested Chicken.png Gold Crested Chicken uncommon
Cow Cow.png Cow common
Albino Cow.png Albino Cow uncommon
Ashen Cow.png Ashen Cow uncommon
Sunset cow isometric.png Sunset Cow uncommon
Cookie Cow.png Cookie Cow uncommon
Wooly Cow.png Wooly Cow uncommon
Pinto Cow.png Pinto Cow uncommon
Moobloom.png Moobloom rare
Moolip.png Moolip rare
Cream Cow.png Cream Cow uncommon
Dairy Cow.png Dairy Cow uncommon
Umbra Cow.png Umbra Cow uncommon
Pig Pig.png Pig uncommon
Pale Pig.png Pale Pig uncommon
Piebald Pig.png Piebald Pig uncommon
Spotted Pig.png Spotted Pig uncommon
Pink Footed Pig.png Pink Footed Pig uncommon
Muddy Pig.png Muddy Pig epic
Mottled Pig.png Mottled Pig uncommon
Sooty Pig.png Sooty Pig uncommon
Sheep White Sheep.png White Sheep common
Flecked Sheep.png Flecked Sheep uncommon
Inky Sheep.png Inky Sheep uncommon
Rocky Sheep.png Rocky Sheep uncommon
Patched Sheep.png Patched Sheep uncommon
Horned Sheep.png Horned Sheep rare
Rainbow Sheep.png Rainbow Sheep epic
Fuzzy Sheep.png Fuzzy Sheep uncommon
Long Nose Sheep.png Long Nose Sheep uncommon
  • Chickens also dropped one or more feathers or eggs when collected.